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Wire Rope Sockets

Choosing the right one for the job

Some of our wire rope socket suppliers have provided some information that might help you determine which type of wire rope socket is right for the job. If you need more infomation about wire rope sockets, feel free to search our Suppliers Directory and locate a wire rope socket supplier to speak with directly.

Wedge Socket

wire rope wedge sockets
A wedge socket is used for an application where the wire rope wears quickly. The wedge socket can be removed, the rope trimmed, and the socket attached again. Here’s how it works: The end loop of the wire rope is pushed through the socket opening. As the load is gradually increased, the wedge grips the rope tighter.

Poured Socket

wire rope poured socket
When you need a high strength, permanent application, use a poured socket. The wire rope is inserted into the narrow end of a cone-shaped cavity and the wires are separated and splayed out inside. Then the cone is filled with either zinc (called a spelter socket) or an epoxy socketing material.
wire rope swage sockets - open and closed

Swage Socket

A swage socket is another option for a permanent termination. Here, the wire is inserted into a swage terminal, and then pressed with high force using a swaging machine. Two different types of terminations, or fittings, can be used: a closed socket has an eye shape at the end of the fitting. An open socket has a basket and two ears with a pin.

Click to our Online Suppliers Directory and search for “SOCKETS: SPELTER,” “SOCKETS: SWAGE,” and “SOCKETS: WEDGE.”

Find some of the best suppliers of wire rope sockets in the industry in the Suppliers Directory!

Wire Rope industry Supplier Directory

Click to our Online Suppliers Directory and search for “SOCKETS: SPELTER,” “SOCKETS: SWAGE,” and “SOCKETS: WEDGE” .

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Suncor Stainless
All Material Handling
Yoke Industrial Corp.
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SlingMax Rigging Solutions
Campbell Chain & Fittings
Advantage Sales & Supply
Wirop Americas
Landmann Wire Rope Products
Alpha Premium Magnetic Lifters
Chant Engineering
Ken Forging - industrial hardware
Bilco Wire Rope & Supply Corp.

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