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Know Your Center of Gravity

In the early stages of dialogue about a lift, even before the planning begins, make sure to verify the center of gravity.

Always the goal: a stable load, rigged correctly.

The fact is, if a crane’s hook is not directly above the center of gravity, the load will be lifted at an angle. Remember that the center of gravity will always try to end up as far away from the hook as possible. It’s OK to raise a tilted load, as long as it’s stable and rigged accordingly. But “Plan A” should always be for a balanced, level load.
crane systems

Know what you’re lifting.

  1. Find out as much as possible about a load before the rigging team arrives.
  2. Research the equipment used between the load and crane hook. Depending on the load, you might have to go to various sources to gain information - sometimes the customer, other times the manufacturers of the engine, part, container, etc.
  3. And has anything changed since the load was manufactured? For instance, a container may have been altered by a user who has installed an air conditioning unit. Or it may be loaded with equipment, the majority of which is at one end of the load.

Ask a competent person.

  1. A competent person should test and inspect before rigging the load to the crane or hoist.
  2. It might be possible to attach rigging gear to part of the load not necessarily manufactured for that purpose, but the appointed person must verify that the load bearing part is sufficient to take the weight.

No surprises, please!

  1. Safety first: position lifting equipment in such a way to avoid harm in the event that the load free falls or is unintentionally released.
  2. Take measures to reduce the risk of load drift (e.g. spinning, swinging, etc.)
  3. Don’t use guesswork, even if the load seems uncomplicated and straightforward.
  4. Consider performing a trial lift. It will provide valuable intelligence when there are no drawings and the center of gravity is hard to calculate.

Content provided by Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS), www.ropeandsling.co.uk

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