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       For over 75 years J.C. Renfroe has manufactured the most reliable and              FOR THE MOST RELIABLE
       durable clamps in the industry. Now we are proud to introduce our latest           CLAMP ON THE MARKET,
       clamp the Model TLC Curved Surface Lifting Clamp, the right clamp for your         CALL 904-356-4181.
       Our new curved surface lifting clamp is a vertical lifting clamp incorporating a
       "Lock Open", "Lock Closed" feature that facilitates attaching and removing the
       clamp from the curved plate/pipe with ease.
       The TLC clamp is recommended for lifting and turning of a single curved
       plate/pipe from horizontal to vertical to horizontal. The specially designed cam
       jaw is made to safely lift curved surfaces of plate and pipe as well as flat plate  IT'LL TAKE A LOAD OFF YOUR MIND
       The TLC is available in various sizes and capacities   Scan to watch
       for your application needs, along with Renfroe’s       the TLC Clamp video.
       Lifetime Warranty! For more warranty details,          Or go to
       please visit our website at           /44sKJhy8eM8               O U R   I N N O V A T I O N   W I L L   M O V E   Y O U

            J.C. Renfroe & Sons, Rockford, IL 61109 USA   •   Phone 904.356.4181 •    Fax 904.354.7865  •
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