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The New ASME B30.30 Ropes

                                              by Dennis J. O’Rourke, CSP
         ASME B30 standards have lost some of their importance due to fast-changing
         technology  and building methods – but still a necessary  reference  tool and a
         training requirement for a safe work area.

              he  influence  of  the  B30  safety   at that time) as an apprentice certify-  to act as a guide. Then, communicating
              Standards on the OSHA crane   ing Navy cranes at Port Canaveral,   the path they are guiding the public
         Tand rigging regulation cannot be   FL. They were required reading. These   toward is paramount! My consensus
         overstated. Initially, these Standards   standards do provide a consistent out-  association,  CCAA,  publishes  specific
         were adopted in total and made “law”   line to follow and are easily commu-  inspection procedures for various com-
         by there inclusion in OSHA. Now, how-  nicated for  review  to the  appointed   ponents. It is a tricky business to dis-
         ever, they are reference material to be   person.  All B30 standards start with   cuss  how to perform an action (mea-
         used as a guide introducing the various   scope and definitions, getting everyone   sure  the  diameter  of  a rope),    versus
         topics. There is plenty of good informa-  on the same  “page”  from the start. It   an interpretation of a condition (proper
         tion within their pages, a lot of “what”   allows uniform conversation required   intervals between inspections.) To be-
         but not much “how” for accomplishing   for communication. As ASME states in   come a guide, the standard must be
         a safe workplace. They are no more or   their scope, “a coordinated set of rules   applied to physical activities under the
         less important  than mandatory  read-  that may serve as a guide.”    guidance of an experienced advisor.
         ing and understanding for the prelimi-  Definitions  seem  like  a  straightfor-  I  have  noticed  more  definitions  in-
         nary phase of one’s safety career.   ward and innocuous subject; however,   cluded in the later B30 standard and
                                            meanings can be misunderstood and   OSHA revisions, and more used in the
         IT’S USE                           need explaining themselves. In recent   connotation  of the  word’s  idea or  the
           A new National Crane Services em-  decades, lawsuits spend hours defining   actions the word invokes. When some-
         ployee is  required to study  and  pass   what actions should or should not have   thing  goes wrong,  people (especially
         written tests on the various topics (now   been taken based on “words.” And,   lawyers) want to know what you were
         thirty-two) of the B30 series. For exam-  these  somewhat  casual  descriptions   thinking of when you got that idea?
         ple, a young apprentice electrician just   (definitions) written in the past by old   Words  that required  action or  denot-
         out of school must “digest” B30.2 before   school engineers don’t stand up to to-  ing responsibility such as “competent”
         beginning a career in certifying over-  day’s needed  instructions  and  were   person,  “authorized” person,  or  “des-
         head cranes,  Fig. 1. This standard, of   never intended to do so. This reminds   ignated” person carries with it a legal
         course, is one of many along their path   me of the ole saying, “Meanings are in   meaning  and not  just  a  casual  inter-
         to understanding what is necessary for   the people, not the words.” How many   pretation. This might have something
         the proper and reliable operation of this   times have you heard: “What do you   to do with  the  fact that Florida had
         type of weight handling equipment.   mean by that?”                   12,000 lawyers  in  1970, but  now  has
           In 1962, I studied the B30 series (ten   ASME wants its consensus standard   over 120,000 lawyers. More people are
                                                                               interpreting  the  actions  of  others  for
                                                                               monetary consideration.
                                                                               ASME B30.30
                                                                                 People like me have long-awaited
                                                                               the American Society of Mechanical
                                                                               Engineers’ new rope standard. Why
                                                                               for goodness sake? At our annual
                                                                               conferences, we were told that there
                                                                               would be technical  answers  to  the
                                                                               crane community questions. Ques-
                                                                               tions such as; what types and inspec-
                                                                               tion criteria of synthetic ropes are to
                                                                               be installed on cranes; what types of
                                                                               materials and categories of rotation
                                                                               resistant wire rope are there; recom-
                                                                               mended replacement criteria for all
                                                                               ropes; and new rope designs and ma-
                                                                               terial. The rope changes in the last
                                                                               decades have been dramatic to keep
                                                                               up with modern production demands.
                                                                               The response needs to be well thought
                                                                               out from all sides and affected par-
                                                                               ties. This is done well by B30.30.
                                                                     Fig. 1
                                                                                 The  B30 Committee (sponsored  by
                                                                                                continued on page 10
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