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BROOKLYN BRIDGE                    dition  is  more  than  a billion  dollars  PEOPLE IN THE NEWS
         continued from page 16             = $1,083,600,000!  Obviously such  an   continued from previous page
         has been displaced by Portland cement   incredible  cost  cannot  be  justified  in   as the leading representative body for
         in  modern times but the bridge (and   the long run for a bridge as old as this   all those involved in the lifting sec-
         also the base for the Statue of Liberty)   one when several other ways of getting   tor  worldwide,”  said  Moloney.  Inspec-
         was built using the older form of so-  across  the  East River are  available.   tors and engineers from across the UK
         called “natural” cement. It decomposes   The essay you are reading provides   and our 70 member companies come to
         and washes out of the joints.      comments about the longevity of the   Huntingdon to be trained by LEEA.
           The bizarre European addiction for   steel wire cables. Other examples  of   Ross Moloney also explained to Mr.
         attaching  padlocks  to  adorn  bridges   anticipated deterioration of the materi-  Djanogly the importance  LEEA  at-
         also  has  become  an  added  affliction   als used for the structure, such as the   taches to maintaining the gold standard
         for the promenade of Brooklyn Bridge.   Rosendale cement in the masonry, may   that membership represents. “It sends
         New  York  City  DoT  attempts  to  cur-  become more  critical  than  the  steel   a clear signal of excellence in lifting ser-
         tail  the  locks  by  issuing  fines.  It  is   wire in the cables as the bridge ages.   vices to those who use and work with
         extremely  difficult  to  catch  someone   Civil and mechanical  engineers,   cranes and lifting equipment in a vari-
         in the act of affixing a lock. It is even   chemists, metallurgists, and civic plan-  ety of sectors,” said Dr. Moloney. Other
         more  difficult  to  remove  the  locks.   ners, all will benefit when the world’s   matters discussed during the visit in-
         Hopefully, like all other similar ju-  largest metal fatigue experiment comes   cluded  the  vital  subject  of  safety  and
         venile fads, this one will cease to be   to an end. An analysis of the main ca-  mitigating  risk  of  accidents;  how  the
         popular with future generations.   bles will allow a final report to be writ-  Middle East is showing the way in how
                                            ten.  Between  now  and then  it is  safe   public procurement can drive the rais-
         Conclusion                         to say world history has shown us how   ing of standards; developing an appren-
           Commissioner Trottenberg’s 2017   scientific changes and political changes   ticeship standard for the industry; and
         minimum estimate of all the expendi-  can alter our attitudes. When the time   the association’s determination to work
         tures to completely rehabilitate every   comes to read it, we may not care what   with schools and colleges to encourage
         aspect of  the  Brooklyn  Bridge’s con-  the report tells us!  WRN    new talent into the industry.  n
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
         Across                                                16  Protuberances on a level surface
           1  Trusted name in hooks for 99 years               19  Slingmax’s ___ Core Yarn, hyphenated
           6  Identity, for short                              21  Vane direction
           8  ‘’Mamma __!’’                                    22  Link
           10  Very large ray of warm seas with fins that                         25  Common soccer score
               resemble wings                                  26  Fixed in position
           12  ____ eye sleeves                                27  Distribute (with “out”)
           14  British politician                              28  Rd. or hwy., for short
           15  Duties                                          29  re___ (steel reinforcing rod in concrete )
           16  Company that created the wire rope system for tourists     30  Debt slip, abbr.
               visiting the peak of the Predigtstuhl in the German Alps    32  Owing
           17  ID for parts                                    35  Football score, abbr.
           18  To email the same message to another person at the same
               time, abbr.
           20  Attitude
           22  Businesses, abbr.
           23  Snakelike shape
           24  What fatigue testing measures
           28  Company that made wire rope for the US Navy in World
               War 1 to counter the German submarine threat
           31  Magazine content manager, abbr.
           33  Tantalum symbol
           34  Slice off
           36  Rigid bar pivoted on a fulcrum
           37  Modernized
           1  Alloys, for example
           2  Be stationed at (or operate) a piece of equipment
           3  It provides support
           4  “___ Abner” (Capp comic strip)
           5  Danger
           7  Uncover
           8  Light fog
           9  Expressions of understanding
           11  Dawn time
           12  Zeroed in
           13  President of the OIPEEC, Jean-___ Teissier

         78     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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