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              Roebling’s early suspension bridges, brought to our attention       contact information for people to
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         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
         Across                                                    15  One revolution around the sun
           1  Evaluated as to quality                              16  Be mistaken
           4  Bars that slide into grooves                         20  Bold show of unnecessary courage
           8  All nations’ org.                                    21  Held onto securely
           9  Weighing equipment                                   22  Depletes, 2 words
           10  Construction area                                   23  Wind onto a drum
           13  ___water rigs                                       26  Little Rock’s state
           14  Small hole for threading rope                       27  Series of crossing parallel and perpendicular lines
           17  “___ #1!”                                           30  Main or Wall, abbr.
           18  Symbol for iron
           19  Capable of holding and lifting cargo
           23  Distance a bridge covers
           24  Series of connected metal links
           25  Space
           28  World’s first rotating cable car system
           29  Essential supports in bridge construction, wire ___
           31  Professional suffix
           32  Scotish engineer who built suspension bridges in the
               early 19th century
           33  Suddenly drop down before climbing, as an airplane
           1  Lifting and transporting equipment made from high
               strength nylon or polyester yarn
           2  Super Bowl score
           3  Nautical platform
           4  Internet laughter
           5  Trademark, for short
           6  Raise
           7  Pulley with a grooved wheel
           11  Assoc. for lifting equipment engineers, abbr.
           12  He built the Table Mountain aerial tramway
           14  Lady sheep

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