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                                                                               same type of development work  that
                                                                               he’s excelled in previously, backed by
               I would like to thank our readers for letting us share our
              40 Year Anniversary during the last 6 issues. Yes, we’ve         the full breadth of our product range.”
                                                                                 He added: “I like to think of it as de-
              been publishing News about this great industry since 1979!       mand created the role for Malcolm; we
              Some people ask me how we could find forty years worth of        were just fortunate to be able to take
              material on the subject of wire rope. But as you and I both      advantage of his skills and experience
              know, there’s always something innovative happening in           in addressing that demand. As we con-
              this industry. Likewise, the history of wire rope isn’t as well   tinue to work with our customer part-
              known as it should be ... so there’s new and old discoveries     ners around the world, exposure to the
              all the time! And it’s our job to print it!                      full range of our lifting solutions helps
               This issue starts with Dennis O’Rourke’s field accounts         create additional business.  Further,
              of the use and misuse of equalizer sheaves (page 8). Then,       Caldwell and Renfroe are very active
              we conclude the historic account of the French engineers’        in developing new and innovative prod-
                                                                               ucts and services. Of course this adds
              contribution to the invention of wire rope, written by Jean      to our total solution set of products and
              Marc Teissier and the late Don Sayenga (page 16). Our third      the cycle continues.”
              article (page 26) gives us an economic forecast of what to         Peacock  said: “It’s apparent that
              expect in 2020. We also take a special look at Dave Frieder’s    Caldwell’s success is built on listening
              newly published book about his historic photography atop         to the customer, but I’m keen to learn
              the bridges of New York City (page 70).                          as much as possible from my new sales
               Thank you for reading Wire Rope News!                           colleagues  before returning  to Abu
              Happy New Year to all!                                           Dhabi and starting work in earnest.”
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         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
         Across                                                    17  Bridge-like overhead crane
           1  Bar that slides into a catch or groove               19  Dock boxes
           4  Grapnels                                             21  5th __, NY
           8  Environmental org.                                   22  Bookkeeping word used for a client
           9  Material for synthetic or natural slings             24  Sunlight shaft
           10  Institute famous for its engineering                26  Buddy
           11  Apple computer                                      27  Syllable before fix that means before
           12  Penn State web address ending                       28  Weight measure, for short
           13  Signal for help                                     29  One who specializes in the lifting and placing of
           15  Rowing need                                            heavy objects
           16  Zodiac cat                                          32  Mistake
                                                                   33  Science of matter and energy

                                                                   1  Raises
                                                                   2  Cylinders
                                                                   3  Lady referred to
                                                                   4  Family that operates Scenic World offering great
                                                                      views of the Blue Mounatins of Katoomba,
                                                                   5  Furthest from centre
                                                                   6  Equipment for training crane operators
                                                                   7  Fixes firmly and stably
                                                                   14  Computer generated 3D environment to teach
                                                                      skills for real-life situations (with 20 down)
                                                                   17  Tool for grasping and holding
                                                                   18  Kind of power plant
                                                                   19  Comprehensive and detailed resume, for short
                                                                   20  See 14 down
                                                                   21  Off-road going vehicle, for short
                                                                   23  Railway vehicle
                                                                   25  Railway areas
                                                                   30  Phone trio
                                                                   31  Skyward
         78     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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