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         instalment is due to be launched in                                   inaugural LiftEx Lite in Cairo, as well
         February.                                                             what is anticipated  to be the biggest
           The same month will see the launch                                  ever  LiftEx taking  place in  Liverpool
         of the LEEA App, which will give the                                  on October 13–14, 2020 is going to be
         association better and more direct                                    non-stop. The LEEA team will be keep-
         means to share information and in-                                    ing you in touch throughout 2020 with
         sight with our members. The app is a                                  everything discussed here – and more.
         result of the team listening to mem-                                  I’m  looking forward to both support-
         bers and shows their continuing com-                                  ing and challenging the team to ensure
         mitment to being proactive in sharing                                 that the association continues to move
         communications.                                                       forward,  raise standards and deliver
           The military transition project, which                              real value for LEEA members and end
         has been successfully piloted in the UK                               users in all sectors, wherever they are
         during 2019, is  ready for full  roll  out                            in the world.
         in  2020.    Relationships  have  been  es-                             Learn more about LEEA by visiting
         tablished and we’re currently in discus-                              their website at
         sions with military partners about a tie
         up at LiftEx in October. This will see                                Yoke Appoints Vimal Pokar
         military leavers attending the show to                                  YOKE Industrial Corp of Taiwan is
         meet exhibitors and discuss career de-                                excited to announce the appointment of
         velopments.                                                           Vimal Pokar.
           A further  result of  listening  to our                               Vimal is  based in  Ahmedabad, Gu-
         members is  a brand new  idea: the                                    rat, and is focused on development of
         launch in 2020 of the association’s first     Richard Money           the distribution and end user training.
         Global Awareness Day. LEEA and its                                    Vimal will be working with the exist-
         members  will  flood  social  media  with   taining the value of the LEEA logo.  To   ing sales team and our partners in the
         adverts,  films  and  case  studies  that   further underwrite  LEEA’s gold stan-  distribution channel.
         highlight to end users the importance   dard, the association is in discussions   Vimal’s career has been working for
         of high quality lifting equipment part-  with international partners to increase   a global lifting points manufacturer.
         ners.  This is a prime example of how   levels of collaborative working. In ad-  Vimal will work with the YOKE sales
         LEEA is working for its members and   dition, LEEA is conducting a full-scale   team to continue to strengthen the re-
         is reaching out to end-users.      review of how the association can have   lationships with our channel partners
           There will also be a roll out in 2020   greater impact globally.    in the India and Middle East region,
         of the new  process  for  joining  the as-  With the arrival of association’s first   and further develop our product and
         sociation. This will be crucial for main-  Middle East LiftEx in Bahrain and the   training offering. n

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                                      Deadline: Friday March 6

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