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         below-the-hook solution, but also it al-
         lowed RUD to tap into the vast rep net-
         work and many of the current Caldwell
         distributors.  Additionally, Caldwell
         has had a bigger impact on the rigging
         industry over the years and that added
         additional credibility to the RUD line.”
           He added: “I will be responsible for
         ongoing support of our sales rep force
         and of the end users. I will be charged
         with  finding  new  markets  and  grow-
         ing current markets with the Caldwell
         portfolio; we are always striving to find
         new opportunities to provide solutions
         to customers’ lifting needs.”
           Schroeder  acknowledged that im-
         mediate challenges  include  building
         up a thorough knowledge of the entire
         Caldwell range. “I understand the lift-
         ing industry, but Caldwell has so many
         products to help the end user find a so-
         lution to their needs. That said, we have
         a great support staff at Caldwell and
         everyone  is  excited to help  you  learn   Doug Stitt (left), President and CEO at Caldwell, welcomes Malcolm Peacock, Business Devel-
         about the offerings,” he explained.  opment Specialist.
           “Longer  term,”  he  continued,  “Not   with those requirements. We have the   and product application further afield.”
         only is growth of sales a target, but we   ability to offer standard products and   Peacock’s primary area of expertise
         want  to  raise  the  profile  of  the  RUD,   specialty one-off, custom solutions.   is adjustable spreader beams but he
         Caldwell and Renfroe  brands in the   Both are important, as no two lifts are   will represent the entire range, in-
         marketplaces we serve. We have so   the same. Currently business  is very   cluding lifting beams, vacuum attach-
         many great products and people behind   good; manufacturing has continued to   ments, remote releasing hooks, and
         those products—it is important that we   remain  steady and construction  has   gantry cranes, from his prime location
         get out and tell people about that.”  experienced a boost. Caldwell is strong   in the Emirates.
           Among  those  products  are  RUD’s   across the board and we are lucky that   Stitt said: “There  are a handful  of
         German-made hoist chains and TEC-  when one industry hits a lull, other sec-  companies globally that make adjust-
         DOS range, which is a broad portfolio   tors keep on moving up.”      able spreader beams but we feel that,
         of components, from chains to drives,                                 based  on our analysis and testing,
                                            Caldwell Appoints Peacock to       we’ve created a better product with an
                                            Business Development Role          improved design—and more customer-
                                              Rockford,  Illinois,  U.S.-based The   friendly  programs and service.  Mal-
                                            Caldwell Group Inc.  has  named lift-  colm  can  certainly  help  us  leverage
                                            ing and spreader beam expert Malcolm   that in the marketplace.”
                                            Peacock business development special-  Peacock said: “I was in a transition
                                            ist, effective October 7, 2019.    period and the Caldwell opportunity
                                              Caldwell, a manufacturer of below-  met and exceeded the criteria I was
                                            the-hook lifting solutions for crane and   looking for in my next challenge. I
                                            material handling  applications,  con-  wanted to remain in the lifting in-
                                            ducts the majority of its work in North   dustry and have made a home here
                                            America but, supported by the Renfroe   in Abu Dhabi. Combined with my
                                            range  of  products,  is  targeting  global   existing knowledge of the below-the-
                                            growth.  Peacock,  who  will  continue   hook industry, it’s exciting to repre-
                                            to work  from  his  base in  Abu  Dhabi,   sent a  much broader  product range
                                            United Arab Emirates (UAE), is  per-  that can help existing  and future
                                            fectly placed to capitalize on demand   partners  with  their  varied  lifting-
                                            generated by the oil and gas market in   related challenges.”
            Jay Schroeder, Regional Sales Manager  the Middle East, while targeting other   Stitt said: “First and foremost, Mal-
                at The Caldwell Group Inc.  hotbeds around the world.          colm’s a good guy. Culture is very im-
                                              Doug Stitt, President and CEO at   portant at Caldwell so we want people
         for  technically demanding material   Caldwell, said: “Malcolm’s appointment   that are going to be positive additions
         handling and industrial applications.   allows us to extend our existing plans   to  that culture.  Malcolm  checks  that
         New  products will also  be an  impor-  to leverage our Caldwell and Renfroe   box.  Beyond  that,  he  brings  a  signifi-
         tant component of continued growth,   intellectual  property  in  lifting  applica-  cant amount of lifting experience. He’s
         Schroeder said.                    tions globally. Over  the past  50 years   travelled the world, working with cus-
           He added: “Customers’ needs are con-  we have developed great business in   tomers in a variety of industries and
         stantly changing and, being an innova-  North America but would like to take   applications. He’s now  able to do the
         tive company, our  growth will align   that renowned expertise in engineering         continued on next page

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