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G.W. Becker, Inc. Hires  Re-       Johnson Joins SP in Sales          sales,  up-selling packages, and over-
         gional Sales  Manager, East  and Customer Support Role                seeing the smooth operation of every-
         Coast Region                         Straightpoint (SP) has named Lauren   day procedures at the facility.”
           G.W.  Becker,  Inc.,  a  custom  design   Johnson sales and customer support ex-  At SP, Johnson, who started in No-
         manufacturer  of  overhead cranes  in   ecutive, as the load cell manufacturer   vember, will  principally look after
         North America, is pleased to announce   continues to expand its team based at   quotations, orders,  and general  cus-
         the hiring of Fred Pokrywka for the po-  Havant, UK headquarters in line with   tomer service enquiries.  She will also
         sition of Regional Sales Manager, East   an ongoing gazelle growth strategy.  be responsible  for managing relation-
         Coast Region. Fred will be responsible   The appointment represents a move   ships  with  global partners  in  Europe,
         for continual profitable sales growth by   into the industrial sector for Johnson,   the Middle East, Asia, and Australia,
         creating new strategic business rela-  who was previously assistant man-  as the force  measurement equipment
         tionships,  establishing  and expanding   ager / events coordinator for a venue   specialist works  with these strategic
         a sales network and working  directly                                 local distributors to provide product for
         with major accounts.                                                  lifting and many other applications in
           With over twenty-six years of expe-                                 their respective marketplaces.
         rience in the crane and hoist industry,                                 Johnson  said:  “They’re  both  com-
         Fred  recently  spent the  previous  two                              pletely different ends of the spectrum
         years with Williamson & Wilmer, Inc.                                  in respect of products, but the concept
         as  a  Regional  Sales  Manager  special-                             of the sale is similar. Also, great cus-
         izing in large Federal, State and Local                               tomer service was important in my
         Government  contracts  for  cranes  and                               previous role, as that is how we se-
         lifting equipment as well  as private                                 cured repeat business and recommen-
         industrial crane sales. Prior to that,                                dations.  It’s  already  clear  to  me  that
         Fred  spent 24 years  in  various  posi-                              SP is willing to go above and beyond
         tions  with  ACCO Material Handling                                   the call of duty for partners and end
         Solutions. Fred’s positions at  ACCO                                  users alike, so there is a great deal of
         included Chain Production Manager,                                    common ground between my previous
         MRO  Buyer,  Plant  Manager,  Chain                                   and new employers.”
         Products Manager and lastly District                                    Ever-growing SP is familiar with the
         Sales Manager for lifting products.                                   on-boarding process—Kizzie  Cordwell
         Fred brings with him his vast knowl-                                  stepped  into the previous position to
         edge and expertise in the manufacture                                 be filled in inside sales only this sum-
         and application of overhead lifting                                   mer—and Johnson has already started
                                                                               to learn about the extensive product
                                                                               range, from the best-selling Radiolink
                                                                               plus  load cell  to  equipment for  more
                                            David Ayling, director at SP, welcomes Lauren   niche, specialized applications.
                                            Johnson, sales and customer support execu-
                                            tive, to the company.                She said: “There are so many products
                                                                               and I’ve only been here a week so I’m still
                                            on  the  nearby  Hampshire  coastline.   touching on some of them. But I have a
                                            Moreover, it completes  a  transition   great  teacher,  so  I’m  picking  them  up
                                            into a sales / customer service posi-  quick—I  think!  My  first  impressions
                                            tion  more closely aligned with  her   are excellent; everyone is friendly and
                                            core strengths and abilities.      has  welcomed  me  into  the  SP  family
                                              She  said:  “I  was  determined  to  find   with great warmth. The whole building
                                            the right role; this job appeared on a re-  runs with efficiency and staff carries out
                                            cruitment site where I was registered   their jobs with enthusiasm and dedica-
                                            and I had no hesitation in making an   tion. The customers I’ve encountered so
                                            application given the breadth of skills I   far have been equally engaging.”
                                            could transfer to meet the key criteria.   David Ayling, Director at SP, said: “It’s
                    Fred Pokrywka           My previous job involved creating and   fitting  that  Lauren  completed  her  first
                                            following up leads on events, closing   week as other members of the team were
         products. The last 10 years as a District
         Sales Manager,  Fred worked  closely
         with distributors in training, applying
         and quoting highly engineered prod-
         ucts such as hoists, crane components,
         patented track systems, vacuum lifters
         and below the hook lifting products.
           Fred resides in Lebanon, PA and is
         married to his wife Debra of 24 years.
         His  hobbies  are  photography, garden-
         ing and sporting clays.

         76     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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