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         continued from previous page       to succeed  and develop their  skills  so
         also an ALL branch.                they can grow with our company.”
           Wicklander  began his  career  with   The company pairs new hires with
         the ALL family 19 years ago as a parts   seasoned veterans to give them a foun-
         runner  for  Central  Contractors  Ser-  dation like no other. That support, said
         vice. Over the years, he also worked in   Liptak, is the reason their employees
         operations and dispatch and spent a   stay and thrive.
         decade and a half in sales before most   Wicklander said the ALL name is
         recently serving as manager of the Al-  strong in the market, and he plans to
         sip, Illinois, location.           build on that success  with the com-
           In addition to the insight gained   pany’s  patented  mix  of  fleet  breadth,
         from having served in multiple capaci-  crane know-how, rent-ready condition,
         ties  with  the ALL  Family  of  Compa-  and world-class  service  and  support.
         nies, Wicklander’s promotion is owed,   “This  is a market where  jobs are big
         in part, to his long tenure in sales and   and ever-changing,”  said Wicklander.
                                            “The Orlando area has seen sustained,
                                            explosive growth  for years,  and I’m
                                            looking forward to digging in.”
                                              For more about The ALL Family of
                                            Companies go to
                                            Keith Shepherd Joins DCL
                                            Mooring & Rigging as CEO/
                                            President                                     Keith Shepherd
                                              DCL  Rigging  &  Mooring  (DCL)  has   at DCL, are excited about the future
                                            strengthened its management team by   with a quality and forward-looking pro-
                                            welcoming the addition  of Mr. Keith   fessional such as Keith!”
                                            Shepherd as CEO & President.  Mr.    For more information about DCL go
                                            Shepherd was formerly North America   to their website at
                                            Senior Sales Manager of the Cortland
                                            Company and has 30 years of experi-  New LEEA Chair Heralds
                                            ence creating and growing markets &  Association’s Future
                                            companies  in  the  Rigging,  Aerospace,   Richard Money becomes Chair of The
                                            Defense,  Heavy Lift and Mooring  In-  Lifting Equipment Engineers Associa-
                                            dustries.                          tion (LEEA) from January 2020, taking
                    T.J. Wicklander           Keith Shepherd commented: “DCL   over from Paul Fulcher, with Kat Moss
                                            has  envisioned  aggressive change  &   of Catena replacing Richard as Vice
         his battle-tested experience in compet-  growth  with  an agenda intended to   Chair. Keen to be a key player in driv-
         itive construction markets. All told,   move it forward as our industry em-  ing LEEA forward, Richard introduces
         Wicklander is well-prepared to lead   braces changing technology and chal-  some of the initiatives to propel the as-
         ALL Sunshine Crane Rental in Or-   lenging  regulatory &  market condi-  sociation into the new decade.
         lando, one of the fastest-growing cities   tions.  DCL  has  been  a valuable and   At  the  end  of  2019,  as  we  reflected
         in the U.S.                        quality-orientated  partner to our cus-  on our 75-year history and how far we
           “Working  with [Central Contractors   tomers and we look forward to improv-  have come, it is clear that LEEA is an
         Service  General  Manager] John Mar-  ing  and growing  these  partnerships.   association in a great place.   But, in
         tello was an amazing education in the   DCL intends to rapidly bring new prod-  taking  on  the  role  of  Chair  of  LEEA
         crane business,” said Wicklander. “The   ucts  & services  online,  add new  mar-  for the next 2 years, I am particularly
         ALL Family is a place where the sky’s   kets, and increase our customer base.   excited about the future – not only to
         the limit on your success  if you take   We  are increasingly  optimistic about   improve ‘business  as usual’,  but also
         advantage of the opportunities given to   2020 and I look forward to connecting   in developing new initiatives.  LEEA’s
         you. We have the top talent, the best   with DCL’s customers and vendors as   leadership team  is looking to deliver
         equipment, and a well-earned reputa-  the weeks go by.”               more training, shorten the waiting
         tion for excellence that I’m proud to be   Hans Jonassen,  Sr.  Vice President   time for exam results,  conduct more
         a part of.”                        of DCL and industry veteran, added:   meaningful audits and provide even
           Wicklander’s path is not uncommon;   “Anyone in this industry can see that   better levels of technical support.
         in fact, he’s a great example of the com-  the magnitude and severity of the   Most  members will  know  about
         pany’s commitment  to developing ex-  changes impacting all involved are ac-  LEEA’s work  to develop the Lifting
         cellence from within.              celerating.” Hans elaborated that: “The   Apprenticeship in  England, which  is
           “T.J. is a crane industry veteran with   addition of Keith as our CEO/President   expected to go ‘live’ in 2020.  This will
         a wealth of knowledge to share,” said   is a very visible demonstration that   form  the  basis  for  rolling  out  similar
         Michael  L.  Liptak,  President  of the   DCL will  not be standing still!  DCL   pathways across the globe, including in
         ALL Family of Companies. “His  path   has a fabled 75-year history of provid-  other parts of the UK.
         is what makes ALL an industry leader.   ing  customers  with  safe,  high-quality   The  association’s  first  Think  Lift-
         We know that the best employees are   solutions in the rigging, heavy-lift, and   ing  film,  created  to  encourage  young
         the best problem solvers. So those are   mooring markets and we look forward   recruits into our sector, has received
         the people we hire. Then we train them   to doing the same in new markets. We,   a tremendous response and a second

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