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         ize the hoist to specific requirements.   portable LED flashlight rated for Class
           Columbus McKinnon also offers    I, Divisions 1 & 2 and Class II, Divisions
         custom-made AS7 designs with lifting   1 & 2 hazardous locations that is capa-
         technology and components that comply   ble of illuminating distances up to 383
         with ATEX and IECEx approvals for   feet. The MSHA-rated mining flashlight
         EX Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, or Zone 22   is battery powered and features air-free
         hazardous locations. ATEX compliance,   heat sink and a lockable on/off switch to
         required in the European Union, certi-  prevent unwanted activation.
         fies that the AS7 is safe to use in poten-  The EXP-LED-401-MSHA intrinsi-
         tially  explosive  areas  with  flammable   cally  safe  LED  flashlight  offers  high
         gases or dust. IECEx equipment certi-  intensity illumination  for mining   MSHA Rated LED Flashlight
                                                                                     from Larson Electronics LLC
         fication signifies that the AS7 conforms   sites, gas processing facilities and oth-
         to international safety standards for en-  er hazardous locations. This flashlight   safety in environments with methane-
         vironments where a potential exists for   supports three beam settings: low,   air mixtures only – and is also ATEX/
         explosions. All equipment for the AS7 is   high and flash. The low setting emits   IECEx  approved  and  holds  an  IP68
         available in an explosion-proof design.   62 lumens reaching 272 feet with a 13-  waterproof rating with a T4 tempera-
           To learn more about the AS7 electric   hour runtime, high emits 157 lumens   ture code.
         wire rope hoist, or any of the company’s   reaching 383 feet with 6.15 hours of   “Sometimes all the lighting you need
         crane  solutions  products,  call  Colum-  runtime,  and  the  flash  emits  157  lu-  is the most simple, compact flashlight,
         bus  McKinnon  Channel  Services  at   mens reaching 383 feet, also with 6.15   but not  many hold  all  the necessary
         800-888-0985  or  visit  www.cmworks.  hours of runtime.              ratings  and approvals to be used  in
         com. For additional information about   The  EXP-LED-401-MSHA comes   extremely hazardous environments,”
         STAHL CraneSystems, visit www.     with several safety  including an air-  said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson                   free heat sink design, which  helps to   Electronics LLC. “That’s why we have

         Larson Electronics LLC             improve heat dissipation during opera-  a  wide  variety  of  LED  flashlights,  in-
                                                                               cluding this one, that can be used in
                                            tion, thus reducing potential overheat-
         Releases Intrinsically             ing malfunctions, as well as a special   some pretty rough worksites.”
         Safe MSHA Rated LED                valve design that prevents the buildup   For more information email Larson
         Flashlight                         of hydrogen gas.                   Electronics  LLC at sales@larsonelec-
           Industrial lighting expert, Larson   Most  importantly,  this  flashlight  or visit www.larsonelec-
         Electronics LLC, released a compact,   is  MSHA  rated  -  tested  for  intrinsic n

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