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                                            Board at such  an important time for   Southwest Wire Rope, Doug decided
                                            the Association,”  said Curry,  who   to  explore  other  opportunities  within
                                            brings tremendous experience to the   the industry. He met with David Bish-
                                            Board – including 20 years of purchas-  op and the rest is  history.  Doug has
                                            ing and selling all over the world but   been with Bishop Lifting Products for
                                            particularly in Africa, the Middle East   17 years and has been an extremely
                                            and the Far East.                  valuable asset to the sales team. Doug
                                              He added: “I look forward to working   Wetzel said “I’ve sold miles and miles
                                            with the LEEA team. Their vision in-  of wire rope… High Performance boom
                                            cludes continuing to develop as a global   and hoist ropes, to standard drill lines,
                                            entity through engaging not only with   to barge pre-slinging ropes. When  I
                                            non-traditional user markets, but also   started there were only 6x26, 6x36 &
                                            with highly skilled and technical com-  19x7 non-rotating. Man has wire rope
                                            panies in emerging countries.  This   come along easy since then!”
                                            bodes well for a great future for the As-  Harold King, current President of
                                            sociation.”                        Bishop Lifting, says “I remember giving
                                              Ross  Moloney,  LEEA CEO, said:  “I   Doug his first tour of the Bishop facility
                                            am delighted to have Marcus  joining   on Harris drive.  He wouldn’t  agree  to
                                            the Board, I am confident that he will   work for BLP until he saw the facility!”
                                            be a key voice in representing the mem-  Your family at Bishop Lifting is go-
                     Marcus Curry           bership as we look to further improve   ing  to miss  you Doug.  Happy birding
                                            the offering of the Association and con-  and enjoy retirement!
         company. I was  attracted to  WireCo’s
         well-respected, market-leading, brands   tinue to make and win the argument   Learn more about Bishop Lifting
         globally synonymous  with  delivering   around lifting standards globally.”  Products at
         premium quality to its customers over   For  more information about LEEA    T.J. Wicklander Named
         many decades.”                     visit their website at  GM of ALL Sunshine Crane
           Regarding Mr. White’s appointment,   Doug Wetzel Retires from
         Manish Srivastava, Managing Director   Bishop Lifting                 Rental
         at Onex and Chairman of the WireCo                                    Two-decade veteran of Central
         Board said, “On behalf of the Board, we   Bishop  Lifting  Products  is  proud  to   Contractors Service in Chicago
         are thrilled that Keith will be joining   announce the retirement of one of our   heads south
         WireCo as its Chief Executive Officer.   outside  salesman,  Doug  Wetzel.  Doug   A veteran of the ALL Family of Com-
         Keith  has a demonstrated and con-  made his career in the wire rope and   panies, T.J. Wicklander, has been
         sistent  track  record  of value creation   rigging industry.         named general manager of ALL Sun-
         through  commercial and operational   After moving to Houston  in  1981   shine  Crane  Rental  Corp. of  Orlando,
         excellence  across  several leading in-  from Cleveland, he  started work  for   Florida.  Wicklander  brings  two de-
         dustrial organizations,  which  makes   Otis  Dufrene  with  SW  Sling  Center.   cades of crane experience forged in the
         him  well-qualified  to  drive  WireCo’s   After about 5 years and multiple lay-  highly  competitive Greater  Chicago
         growth  over the coming  years.  After   offs due to the oil and gas downturn   area, where he served in a multitude
         running an extensive CEO search over   in  Houston,  he  moved to Southwest   of roles at Central Contractors Service,
         the past six months, we are pleased to   Wire Rope in 1986. After 17 years with       continued on next page
         have  found  someone  who  has  strong
         ties to the Kansas City community and
         has a strong global mindset, having ex-
         perience across the Americas, Europe,
         Middle East and Asia. Additionally, we
         are thankful  for Jay’s leadership and
         the organizational improvements he
         implemented while  acting as Interim
         Chief Executive Officer. We and Keith
         look forward to continuing to work with
         Jay in his new role.”
           For more informatino about WireCo
         WorldGroup  go to their  website at
         Marcus Curry Joins LEEA
           Marcus Curry, Managing Director of
         George Taylor Lifting Gear – one of the
         premier brands of lifting, hoisting and
         mechanical handling products – has
         joined the Board of the Lifting Equip-
         ment Engineers Association (LEEA).
           “I am proud to be joining the LEEA                    Doug Wetzel (left) with Harold King

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