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         which  can include wireless  communi-  ing  process,  requiring  limited  human
         cation, positioning components, and   interaction beyond initial setup. Accu-
         diagnostics and analytics for efficient,   rate, repeatable processes reduce idle
         precise operation. The Company’s   time, provide consistent operation, and
         Magnetek® brand semi- and fully au-  improve  cycle  times.  This  higher  level
         tomated control systems are integrated   of automation provides continuous ana-
         to minimize wasted operator effort and   lytics and diagnostics to keep operators
         enable efficient manufacturing process-  informed of system status at all times.
         es. Each ProPath Automated Worksta-  System feedback means maintenance
         tion Crane is configured per the appli-  can be planned to minimize downtime.
         cation to maximize performance.    Variable frequency drives monitor pa-
           “The  ProPath  Automated  Worksta-  rameters such as hook height, load sta-
         tion Crane is easy to install with ergo-  tus, and speed throughout the process.
         nomic components, making it the ideal   Most importantly, manufacturing pro-
         solution for aerospace, automotive, and   cesses become more efficient.
         general  manufacturing  applications,”   For more information about the Uni-
         said Tony Alessi, Product Manager for   fied  Industries  brand  ProPath  Auto-
         the Unified Industries brand. “With our   mated Workstation Crane, visit www.
         modular components, our application  To  learn  more  about
         experts customize each system to match   all of Columbus McKinnon’s crane so-
         our customers’ project needs, choosing   lutions products, call Columbus McK-
         from an extensive product portfolio, in-  innon  Channel  Services  at 800-888-
         cluding variable frequency drives, pow-  0985 or visit
         ered chain and wire rope hoists, radio
         remote controls, articulating arms, ver-  Harrington Hoists, Inc.
         tical reaction lifters, and much more.”  Introduces Their New TCL
           In  its  semi-automated  configuration,   Series Lube Free Air Hoists
         also  known  as  auto-dispatch, the  Pro-  Harrington Hoists, Inc. has recently
         Path enables automated movement,   introduced their new TCL Series lube   TCL Series Lube
         while also utilizing human assistance for   free air hoists. These hoists operate   Free Air Hoists from
         precise actions. Movement is initiated via   without  air  supply lubrication,  which   Harrington Hoists
         Magnetek brand radio remote controls   leaves  the  surrounding  environment
         or pendant pushbutton stations, while   free  of  oil  mist  from  the  air  exhaust,
         IMPULSE® Variable Frequency Drives   and  are  recommended for  the  food,
         power the bridge, trolley, and hoist mo-  chemical or pharmaceutical industries.
         tions. As the crane travels to designated   Harrington’s  TCL  Series  hoists  are
         locations, operators are free to work on   available  in  ¼,  ½  and  1  Ton  capacities
         other critical tasks rather than manually   with either cord or pendant controls. They
         guiding the crane and its load.    have an unlimited duty cycle for continu-
           Intelligence built into the fully au-  ous operation and extremely fast lifting
         tomated  ProPath  manages  the  flow  of   for applications where speed is critical.
         materials throughout the manufactur-  Standard features include, a spring-

                                                                               loaded multi-vane motor design for fine
                                                                               feathering  control,  adjustable lifting
                                                                               and lowering speeds and an external
                                                                               speed adjustment screw that does not
                                                                               require tools to set specific speeds. The
                                                                               TCL lube free air hoists are extreme-
                                                                               ly compact and are equipped with a
                                                                               heavy-duty disc motor brake system for
                                                                               reliable load support.
                                                                                 Harrington  Hoists,  Inc.  is  a  KITO
                                                                               Group Company located in Manheim,
                                                                               PA, Elizabethtown, PA, South Holland,
                                                                               IL and Corona, CA and is a leading
                                                                               manufacturer of electric and air powered
                                                                               chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists,
                                                                               lever hoists, manual hand chain hoists,
                                                                               push  and  geared  trolleys,  overhead
                                                                               cranes, crane accessories, below-the-
                                                                               hook and material handling equipment.
         The new Unified Industries brand ProPath Automated Workstation Crane combines industry-  For  information  about Harrington
         leading Enclosed Track Aluminum (ETA) Rail with semi- or fully automated “smart” material han-  Hoists products, visit their website at
         dling solutions in a unique package to increase the safety, productivity, and uptime of facilities. n

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