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Crosby Middle East                 worked  in  Abu Dhabi  for  two  years   Townsend, will step down from his ex-
         Distributor Retires                before  joining  GMES.  He  went  on  to   ecutive duties, but will remain actively
           The Crosby Group, the global leader   transform a multifaceted operation   involved with WireCo as Lead Indepen-
         in lifting, rigging, and material  han-  into two distinct business segments—  dent Member of the Exec. Committee of
         dling hardware, has said farewell to   oil and gas and industrial—and de-  the Board of Directors.
         longtime partner K.M.  Shetty, Senior   vised a marketing  strategy for  each   Mr.  White,  a resident  of  Kansas,
         General  Manager at distributor Gulf   division.  Shetty  believes much  of  the   most  recently  served  as  Senior  Vice
         Mechanical  Engineers  and Suppliers   success was built on securing optimal   President of Industrial at Kiewit Cor-
         (GMES),  who  retires  this  month  (De-  inventory on the ground in the region,   poration, a leading construction  and
         cember). He will be succeeded by Deep-  which is bolstered by a monthly replen-
         ak Bhatkal, another 30-year veteran at   ishment order, ensuring a fast and reli-
         the company.                       able service to customers.
           Shetty will  relocate  back  to India   He said: “There have been many ups
         with his wife, where he looks forward to   and downs during three decades but ul-
         spending time with family and friends.   timately we are all very proud to have
         His retirement concludes 34 years with   built a growing and stable business
         the Dubai,  UAE-based company, hav-  with  a great reputation.  It’s notable
                                            that Crosby has become much more
                                            active and visible  in  the  market  over
                                            time, supported by many product intro-
                                            ductions, training and ongoing promo-
                                            tional endeavors.”
                                              Shetty is  proof that through hard
                                            work, dedication and commitment, the
                                            rigging industry presents an opportu-
                                            nity for anyone to be successful, if they
                                            are willing to learn the trade. Notably,
                                            he  did not  come from  a lifting back-
                                            ground  and  spent  the  first  five  years
                                            dedicating much of his time to training
                                            and understanding the products. He
                                            remembers attending  many offshore
                                            conferences,  for  example, to  gain  an       Keith White
                                            appreciation of how the marketplace
                                            applies lifting and rigging tools.  engineering company to the transpor-
                                              He  added:  “We  anticipate  that  the   tation,  power,  oil  &  gas  and chemi-
                                            market is set for revival, which is good   cal end-markets.  Prior  to Kiewit, Mr.
                                            news for GMES and Crosby because   White was President of the Industrial
                                            the emphasis will be placed further on   Air Platform, Parker Filtration Group
                                            quality products versus lower prices. I’ll   at  Parker  Hannifin  Corporation,  hav-
                                            maintain an interest in the company but   ing  come  to  Parker  Hannifin  from  its
                                            I do not intend to be actively involved. Of   acquisition  of Clarcor  Corporation in
                     K.M. Shetty
                                            course, after 30-plus years, if they need   2017. While  at  Clarcor,  Mr.  White
         ing joined as marketing manager back   my support I will be available.”  served as President of Clarcor’s Indus-
         in 1985. Shetty, a mechanical engineer,   GMES, formed in 1969, has a Dubai-  trial Group, was a member of Clarcor’s
         was later general manager before step-  based warehouse  stocking  facility in   Executive Leadership team, and an Of-
         ping into his current role six years ago.  Rashidiya and a showroom in Deira. A   ficer of the company since 2014.
           He said: “I am looking  forward to   further branch office is located in Abu   Earlier in  his  career,  Mr.  White
         retirement and I know the leadership   Dhabi specifically to cover the oil and   worked  at General  Electric  Compa-
         of the company is in good hands. Mr.   gas sector.                    ny’s Energy Division for twelve years,
         Bhatkal has years of experience and a   For  more information  about The   where he had successive  leadership
         vast knowledge of the customers and   Crosby Group,  visit their website at   roles,  most recently  leading GE’s Air
         the products we provide for them. My        Filtration division which was acquired
         journey with GMES and Crosby is com-                                  by Clarcor in 2013.
         pleted but I expect the two businesses  WireCo WorldGroup               Mr.  White  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Sci-
         to enjoy a long relationship built on a  Appoints Keith White as      ence in Physics from the United States
         great history.”                    Chief Executive Officer            Naval Academy and served in  the
           GMES, a division of The Al Hathboor   WireCo  WorldGroup  (“WireCo”) an-  United States Navy for approximately
         Group, has been a Crosby distributor   nounced  that Keith  White has been   seven years.
         since the mid-1970s but only flourished   appointed  Chief  Executive  Officer  ef-  Keith White commented, “I’m  very
         into one of the company’s leading deal-  fective  January  1,  2020, and will  be   excited to be joining WireCo as its CEO.
         ers under Shetty’s guidance. Having   serving  on the Board of Directors.   This is an extraordinary opportunity to
         moved to the Middle East in 1983, he   Interim  Chief  Executive  Officer,  Jay   become part of a world class industrial

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