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                                            continued from previous page       ular system offers practically unlimit-
                                            porary transformer is mounted to a   ed component combinations to produce
                                            carbon steel platform with forklift skid   ideal application solutions for our
                                            pockets, locking casters and top located   Channel Partners,” said Carlos Bassa,
                                            eyelet for easy lifting and transporta-  North America product manager, wire
                                            tion. The unit is ruggedly constructed   rope hoists. “Minimal-maintenance
                                            to withstand tough working environ-  components are optimally  matched to
                                            ments during operational use. The unit   provide continuous  productivity, high
                                            is compliant with the NFPA 70 Nation-  efficiency, and long service life.”
                                            al  Electric  code,  certified  to  UL  1640   The AS7 is assembled with German-
                                            and has a NEMA 3R rating that pro-  made components in two designs, a
                                            vides protection against dirt and water   deck  mount  configuration  for  station-
                With USA load chain,        in open or confined spaces.        ary hoisting or towing equipment and
                    assembled &               “This  portable  power  distribution   a  double  girder  trolley  configuration
                  tested in the USA         system  is  a  very  reliable  option  for   for double girder overhead traveling
             Optional self-locking hooks    remote or temporary worksites  where   cranes. Both designs have a maximum
                                                                               load capacity of 85 tons, with custom-
                                            external power sources are needed for
                                            equipment,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO   ization available for higher  capacities
                                            of Larson Electronics LLC. “This inno-  upon request. The AS7 is also available
                                            vative transformer gives operators the   in  a  twin  drum  configuration,  which
                                            flexibility  to  power  equipment  on  240   serves the same applications, but offers
                                            and 120 volts, so a variety of equipment   a load capacity up to 135 tons, greater
                                            can be used with this one system.”  lifting  height,  faster  hoisting  speed,
                                                                               and precise load positioning.
                                            STAHL AS7 Electric Wire              Also available, the ASR7, a smaller
                                            Rope Hoist Expands                 version  of  the  AS7,  is  designed for  a
                                            Columbus McKinnon’s                safe working load range from 20 to 35
                                            Advanced Product Portfolio         tons. Providing a compact construction
                                            Designed for strength and          and short approach, the AS7 and ASR7
                                            outstanding performance            are ideal for use in restricted spaces.
                                                                                 A  variety  of  models  and trolley  op-
                                              Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a   tions for the AS7 and ASR7 wire rope
                                            leading designer and manufacturer of   hoist systems can be tailored to specific
                                            motion  control  products,  technologies,   requirements for stationary hoisting or
                                            and services for material handling, of-  towing equipment. Options to further
                                            fers the AS7 electric wire rope hoist as   customize these wire rope hoist systems
                                            an addition to its advanced hoist prod-  include  pendant pushbutton controls,
                                            uct portfolio. STAHL CraneSystems, a   radio remote controls, emergency hoist
                                            wholly owned subsidiary of Columbus   limit switch, SMC multicontroller, load
                                            McKinnon,  developed  the AS7 as a   display, signal  transmitters,  brake
                                            cost-effective, specialized solution  for   release device, rope drum brake, and
                                            users,  crane  manufacturers,  and sys-  adjustable frequency  drives. These
                                            tem manufacturers.                 options boost productivity,
                                              “As part of  Columbus  McKinnon’s   extend service  life,
                                            wire rope hoist product fami-      and custom-
                                            ly, the AS7 mod-

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