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                                                                               trucks,”  said Kris  Koberg,  CEO.  “The
                                                                               combination  of  variable height,  inter-
                                                                               locking  stackability and compatibility
                                                                               with SafetyTech Outrigger Pads gives
                                                                               operators the safety, stability, and ver-
                                                                               satility needed when working in unlev-
                                                                               el environments.”
                                                                                 The setup of a SafetyTech Base Pad
                                                                               and two ProStack Blocks has a 100,000
                                                                               lb. working  load limit and a max al-
                                                                               lowable pressure of 500 psi. Slot Lock
                                                                               flanges interlock with a DICA Safety-
                                                                               Tech® base pad and with each subse-
                                                                               quent  block  layer  when  positioned  in
                                                                               alternating directions. Each layer in-
                                                                               creases cribbing height by five inches,
                                                                               and the surface allows room for outrig-
                                                                               ger feet measuring up to 18”x18.”
                                                                                 Each ProStack Slot Lock block weighs
                                                                               less than 30 pounds, which minimizes
                                                                               operator fatigue and provides quick
         The product can be rigged with Crosby’s remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) shackles.  setup and breakdown times. Molded
         continued from previous page       replicated the extreme water pressures   grips make it easy for one person to
         accurate load monitoring is required.   at depth; and students could engage with   carry and position blocks, even when
         However, the advantages of a standard   a real-life product that will add safety   wearing  gloves. TuffGrip®  handles
         product where a fully engineered solu-  and efficiency to the operations that they   can be added as an option to facilitate
         tion has been the only option to date   may one day be responsible for.”  carrying two blocks at once. DICA’s
         will endear the concept to a much wid-  SP’s Subsea Link  is available with   Hi-Viz orange TuffGrip handles are
         er audience.                       immediate effect. Visit their website at   waterproof and resistant to UV light,
           David Ayling,  Global  Business  De-        hydraulic fluids, and road chemicals.
         velopment Director for load monitoring                                  Unlike most cribbing solutions com-
         solutions,  said: “Until now,  oceanog-  DICA Debuts Addition to      monly deployed in the field, ProStack’s
         raphy and navigation project decision   ProStack Product Line         engineered material is extremely strong
         makers,  or  aquaculture  professionals,   DICA debuted a new addition to the   and impervious to weather and jobsite
         might have had to engage in lengthy di-  ProStack® Cribbing product line at the   conditions. ProStack Cribbing is made
         alogue with a load monitoring special-  International Construction and Utility   from a combination of post-consumer re-
         ist to acquire an engineered solution   Equipment Expo (ICUEE), Oct.  1-3,   cycled material and additives to produce
         that might arrive on site many weeks   2019, in Louisville, KY. ProStack Slot   a strong, reliable, and environmentally
         down the road. With the Subsea Link,   Lock Cribbing Blocks are engineered   friendly solution. All ProStack cribbing
         they can effectively source an ROV load   to stack and lock together, giving users   products are warrantied for 25 years
         shackle as they would any other stan-  the ability to safely gain needed crib-  against rot, insect infestation, splitting,
         dard product in our portfolio.”    bing height in unlevel conditions. De-  cracking or splintering.
           Renewable energy  and offshore per-  veloped with customer input, the new
         sonnel will be among those to note the   lighter weight and lower cost ProStack   Revolutionary Unified
         Subsea Link’s construction from 17-  product is designed for use with the   Industries ProPath™
         4PH  stainless  steel  and  resistance  to   types of equipment used in utility, tree   Automated Workstation
         saltwater,  temperature  variations  and   care, concrete construction, and crane   Cranes Increase
         the  incredible  water  pressure  experi-  and rigging markets.       Productivity and Safety
         enced at such sea depths. As stated, it   “DICA’s ProStack Slot Lock Cribbing   High-quality hardware and
         can be handled and rigged via an ROV   is a perfect fit for aerial devices, digger   software maximize performance
         where a location may be inaccessible or   derricks, concrete pumpers, and boom   and safety
         it deemed cost-prohibitive to use divers.                               Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a
         Several output options are available:                                 leading  designer  and  manufacturer  of
         mV/V to the SP Handheld plus, 4-20mA                                  motion control products, technologies,
         or 0-10v analog to a PLC or data-logger;                              and  services  for  material  handling,  to-
         and the multi operation survey system                                 day announced the availability of their
         (MOSS), RS485 or an integral data-log-                                new Unified Industries brand ProPath™
         ger, powered by an internal battery all                               Automated Workstation Crane. The Pro-
         located with the load cell itself.                                    Path is unique to the industry, combin-
           SP worked closely with the local Ports-                             ing lightweight Enclosed Track Alumi-
         mouth University, where a testing labo-                               num (ETA) Rail Systems and semi- or
         ratory supports diving and underwater                                 fully  automated  “smart”  material  han-
         engineering courses. Ayling said: “The                                dling solutions to increase the safety,
         benefits  were  twofold  in  that  we  were   Each ProStack Slot Lock block weighs less than   productivity, and uptime of facilities.
         able to utilize the world-class, underwa-  30 pounds, which minimizes operator fatigue   Two  automation  configurations  are
         ter  testing  facilities,  which  principally   and provides quick setup and breakdown times.  available for varying levels of control,

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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