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         cabinet maxed out at only 270 de-  arounds, shipyards and other tempo-
         grees. What this means is that, in the   rary industrial applications.
         event of a disaster or potential disas-  The  MPD-480D-30KVA-240.120-
         ter  where  flammable  materials  are   1X3P.30-2X2P.50-6X1P.20-50C  is
         vulnerable to explosion, the Crescent   a  480V to 240D/120V 3  phase  por-
         JOBOX Flammable Storage Cabinets   table power distribution substation
         stay cooler longer to allow people to   that converts three  phase 480V AC
         address and extinguish a potential   to 240D/120V AC from a single power
         threat or evacuate as needed.      source. The primary side of this 30KVA      LIFETIME
           “Protecting people, products  and   unit distributes 480V using  a 50-foot   WARRANTY
         property was the guiding force behind   #8 SOOW power cord to connect to a
         us  as  we  developed these  new  safety
         cabinets,”  said product manager Sam
         Sansel. “We looked at the various ways
         that safety cabinets can fail and devel-
         oped  innovative solutions to those is-
         sues. The result is a flammable storage
         cabinet that’s unmatched.”
           Some highlights of the Crescent JO-
         BOX Flammable Storage Cabinets
           • Outperformed the leading competi-
         tor cabinet by over 100% in an indepen-
         dent UL 10-minute Burn Test                                                5X
           • EZ Level™ bolster makes leveling                                     DESIGN
         simple and safe                                                          FACTOR
           • Hi-Viz  Safety  Information Labels
         provide a reminder and reference  for
         users to follow proper safety and usage
           • Anti-tip feature on the EZ-Level™
         bolster extends the base foot print be-
         yond the width of the cabinet for im-   Three Phase 480V to 240D/120V
         proved stability                         Power Distribution Substation
           The cabinets will be available in De-    from Larson Electronics
         cember 2018 in five sizes and three col-
         ors for the specific contents. For more   variety of power sources including gen-
         information, go to  erators or direct grid power. The 60-
                                            amp primary disconnect contains three
         Larson Electronics LLC             4-amp time delay fuses.                     USA Tested
         Releases Three Phase                 On the secondary side, the unit has       and Assembled
         480V to 240D/120V Power            nine receptacles to power a variety of      from imported
         Distribution Substation            applications  which  include:  one  50-      Components
           Larson Electronics LLC, a leader of   amp 250V CS8369 receptacle, protect-
         industrial lighting, released a portable   ed by one 30-amp 3-pole 250V breaker,
         power  distribution sub-station that   two 50-amp 125/250V CS6369 recepta-
         gives operators the flexibility to utilize   cles protected by two 50-amp 2-pole 5V
         480V AC three phase electrical current   breakers, and six 20-amp 125V 5-20R
         to power 240 volt and 120 volt equip-  GFCI duplex receptacles protected by
         ment on a single system. This 60-amp   six 20-amp 1-pole 125V beakers. All
         30KVA power distribution panel con-  receptacles have a weatherproof cover
         tains three 40-amp  time delay fuses,   to  protect  against  unpredictable  out-  ONE STOP SHOP
         one  30-amp 3-pole 250V breaker,  two   door conditions.
         50-amp 2-pole 250V breakers, and six   The  MPD-480D-30KVA-240.120-               HOISTS
         20-amp 1-pole 125V breakers, ideal for   1X3P.30-2X2P.50-6X1P.20-50C  tem-       RIGGING
         indoor and outdoor use in plant turn-              continued on next page

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