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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products are according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims. Any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
         Columbus McKinnon Offers           cast aluminum frame, as well as corro-  the  bulk  container  sack  and  allows
         Range of Hoist and Lifting         sion-resistant stainless-steel springs and   for a straight-line connection to lifting
         Products for Construction          frame shafts, the 322C/344C strap hoist   slings.  Additional features include:  a
         and Utility Equipment              offers increased reliability and improved   Standard  Sling Keeper design to im-
         Durable, rugged products provide   operation.” Built  with safety  in mind,   prove  sling  containment  during  the
         improved reliability and safety    the handle bends to alert operators of   lift, a machined radius cut into the top
           Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a   possible overloads and includes pegged   inside edge of the bail to ensure a bet-
         leading  designer  and  manufacturer  of   thumbscrews for added security.   ter connection  between the saddle of
         motion control products, technologies,   The Magnetek brand MHR Radio   the hook and the upper radius  of the
         and services for material handling, offers   Controller combines the components   bail, smooth edge cross-beams to re-
         a wide array of hoist and lifting products   of a radio receiver and hydraulic valve   duce wear  on lifting straps, and can
         for construction and utilities equipment,   controller into a single convenient unit,   be ordered in Stainless Steel and Low
                                            saving  money  and  freeing  up  valuable   Headroom designs.
                                            real estate on a vehicle. Magnetek brand   The FPSL is engineered and manu-
                                            wireless  controls,  including  the  MHR,   factured to ASME B30.20  & BTH-1
                                            Flex VUE® handheld transmitter with   Design Category B Service Class 2 and
                                            graphic display, and feature-rich XLTX   has  a  specified  fatigue  life  of  100,001
                                            bellybox transmitter are designed to   to 500,000 load cycles. All FPSL, Four
                                            meet  customer  specifications,  reducing   Point Sack Lifter Beams are Proof-
                                            internal engineering and manufacturing   Tested to 125% capacity.
                                            costs, improving time to market, and en-  Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. has
                                            hancing equipment performance.     been innovating successful products
          Hoist and Lifting                   Magnetek brand cable reels, designed   for over 100 years. Today, as a world-
           Products from                    to be mounted on moving machinery and   wide provider of lifting solutions, uti-
             Columbus                       used to supply power for the automatic   lizing our exceptional design, engi-
             McKinnon                       winding of flexible power or control ca-  neering, manufacturing, and quality
                                            bles, will be on display. Paired with any   teams, we continue to develop crucial
                                            of the Magnetek brand power and mo-  products for the wide variety of mar-
                                            tion control products, they make it easi-  kets we serve. Peerless is part of KITO
                                            er for customers to customize systems to   Corporation’s global network provid-
                                            their exact needs. Spring-driven, as well   ing our customers access to overhead
                                            as motorized electric cable reels and slip   lifting, below-the-hook and material
                                            ring assemblies, are available.    handling,  cargo  control,  hardware,
                                              To learn more about Columbus McK-  marine and traction products.
                                            innon’s entire line of hoist and lifting   For more information about Peerless
                                            products, call Columbus McKinnon   Industrial Group, Inc. visit them online
                                            Channel Services at 800-888-0985  or   at
                                            visit For more in-
                                            formation about Magnetek brand wire-  Straightpoint Launches
                                            less controls and cable reels, visit www.  Subsea Link
                                           Force measurement equipment man-
                                            Peerless Industrial Group,         ufacturer Straightpoint (SP), a Crosby
                                                                               Group company, has launched the
         including the new Little Mule 322C/344C   Inc. introduces Model FPSL   Subsea Link,  a standard product for
         strap hoist and Magnetek® brand wire-  Four Point Sack Lifter Beams   applications up to 2,000m (6,562 feet)
         less controls and cable reels.       Peerless  Industrial Group,  Inc. in-  beneath the water’s surface.
           “As the next generation in a long line   troduces their FPSL, Four Point Sack   The product can be rigged with
         of dependable Little Mule products, the   Lifter Beam designed to lift bulk con-  Crosby’s remotely operated underwa-
         322C/344C Series is designed for durabil-  tainer sacks. The FPSL is available in   ter vehicle (ROV) shackles  (tested to
         ity and ease of use,” said Craig Kaufman,   1 and 2 Metric Ton capacities with out-  the same depths) and the company’s
         Application and Product Specialist for   side spreads of 36 and 48 inches.  Trawlex  shackle  range,  amongst oth-
         industrial products. “With a rugged and   The  FPSL  Four  Point  Sack  Lifter   ers.  The  IP68  /  NEMA  6P-rated  Sub-
         durable design featuring a lightweight   Beam features an X-Style design that   sea Link also boasts components from
                                            provides  a  natural  fit  over  the  top  of   SubConn, a specialist manufacturer of
                                                                               pluggable electrical  connectors  to the
                                                                               demanding underwater industry.
                                                                                 SP staged a soft launch of the product
                                                                               at the Offshore Energy Exhibition and
                                                                               Conference  (OEEC) in Amsterdam,
                                                                               where attendees noted its potential in
                                                                               subsea and submersible projects where
                         Model FPSL Four Point Sack Lifter Beam                                continued on next page
                          from Peerless Industrial Group, Inc.
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