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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products is according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims and any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
                                                                               improve the efficiency, reliability, and
                                                                               productivity of Columbus McKinnon’s
                                           Shaw-Box® SK™                       wire rope hoists.”
                                         Wire Rope Hoist from                    To learn more about the Yale YK,
                                         Columbus McKinnon                     Shaw-Box SK, or any of the Com-
                                                                               pany’s crane solutions products, call
                                                                               Columbus McKinnon Channel Ser-
                                                                               vices at 800-888-0985 or visit www.
                                                                      For additional informa-
                                                                               tion about Magnetek’s IMPULSE ad-
                                                                               justable  frequency  drives,  visit  www.
                                                                               Crescent JOBOX® Safety
                                                                               Cabinets set New Standards
                                                                               for Flammable Material
         Yale® YK™ and                      proves load control, offers high duty   Storage
         Shaw-Box® SK™                      cycles,  and  increases  hoist  life.  The   With UL Certification, Crescent
         Wire Rope Hoists                   IMPULSE·G+ Mini offers a compact   JOBOX® Flammable Storage
         Offer Enhanced,                    design with standard programming   Cabinets provide next-level
         Intelligent Solutions with         for basic applications or advanced   safety with industry-leading heat
                                            programming for  high-performance
         Magnetek Adjustable                environments.  The  IMPULSE®·VG+
                                                                                 Storing  flammable  or  combustible
         Frequency Drives                   Series  4  adjustable  frequency drive   materials is entirely about safety,
         Engineered by Columbus             paired with a continuous duty hoist   and in the worst-case scenarios, it’s
         McKinnon for the next generation   motor provides reliable, user-friendly   critical to have the best protection
         of crane performance               control and industry-leading features   available. The new Crescent JOBOX®
           Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a   to keep operators working safely.   Flammable Storage Cabinets—devel-
         leading designer and manufacturer of   Both  the  IMPULSE·G+  Mini  and   oped by Apex Tool Group—are UL
         motion  control  products,  technologies,   IMPULSE·VG+ Series 4 drives are   certified  after  not  just  passing  heat
         and  services  for  material handling,  is   available  on  Yale  YK  and  Shaw-Box   tests but surpassing the standards
         now offering additional Magnetek IM-  SK  monorail  configurations  up  to  15   for certification.
         PULSE®  adjustable frequency  drives   tons,  as  well  as  crane  kit  configura-  In burn tests with exterior tem-
         for multiple motions on its Yale® YK™   tions  up to 15 tons.  Columbus McK-  peratures between 1,250 and 1,500
         and Shaw-Box® SK™ electric wire    innon’s U.S. Channel Partners can   degrees, any cabinet looking for certi-
         rope hoists, available for the U.S. mar-  configure  and  quote  Yale  YK  and   fication  has  to  hold  an  internal  tem-
         ket. Combining Magnetek’s adjustable   Shaw-Box SK on Compass™, the Com-  perature of under 350 degrees for 10
         frequency drives with Yale YK and   pany’s online product configurator.  minutes. The new Crescent JOBOX
         Shaw-Box SK  monorail units  creates   Standard hoist motion features in-
         a one-of-a-kind, intelligent solution for   clude  Encoder  Feedback  for  safe  load
         lifting applications.              control,  Dynamic  Braking  to reduce
           Magnetek,  a  wholly  owned  subsid-  brake pad wear and tear, Torque Prov-
         iary of Columbus McKinnon, specially   ing at Start and Brake Check at Stop
         designed the  IMPULSE series  of  ad-  for  added safety, Load Float™ to in-
         justable frequency drives with a com-  crease  hoist lift response  time, Short
         plete package of crane-specific capabili-  Circuit Protection to assist with failure
         ties  far beyond general  purpose  drive   prevention, and Phase Loss Detection
         functionality.  Magnetek’s IMPULSE   to maintain safe hoist states. Addition-
         adjustable frequency drives are smart   al features for hoist motion can be con-
         solutions  that can continuously  moni-  figured by users, such as Load Check
         tor many environmental and function-  II™, Programmable Limit Switches,
         al components on a crane, such as mo-  Ultra-Lift™, Anti-Shock,  Slack  Cable
         tor temperature, end of travel and slow   Detection, and Micro-Speed™.
         down limits, brake functionality, motor   “Integrating Magnetek adjustable
         speed, and more. Continuous system   frequency drives into the Yale YK and
         monitoring reduces  the potential for   Shaw-Box SK allows us to provide a
         failures, minimizes downtime, and pro-  more complete crane solution to our
         vides additional safety.           Channel Partners,” said Carlos Bas-
           For the Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK   sa,  North  America  Product  Manager,
         trolley motion, the IMPULSE®·G+    Wire Rope Hoists. “IMPULSE ad-
         Mini  adjustable  frequency  drive   justable  frequency drives offer  smart   Crescent JOBOX® Safety Cabinets
         expands  speed  adjustments,  im-  safety and performance features that       from Apex Tool Group
         72     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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