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         continued from previous page       that are interchangeable. The original   check  that components  are  genuine
         cations — C20838  and  F8258 during   modular and pin-ended design concept   Modulift products!
         the 2020 ConExpo-Con/Agg show, to be   that Modulift came up with provides   Modulift also pride themselves on
         held March 10-14 in Las Vegas.     an efficient and flexible lifting system   their experienced team of in-house engi-
           “We are excited to have multiple lo-  that can be adjusted to adapt to meet   neers - they are the perfect technical ex-
         cations on-site for this important con-  varying project requirements.  pert partner to support companies that
         struction and concrete equipment show   This efficient modular space-sav-  don’t have the right expertise in-house.
         to provide easier access to contractors   ing design also makes their products   Modulift’s specialist engineers can
         who use cranes, truck-mounted aerials,   perfect for exporting components   come up with custom-designed solutions
                                            around  the  world  using  standard   for complex lifts, utilising the latest de-
                                            shipping containers or via  road-  sign software available to offer with the
                                            freight, helping to keep the carbon   most cost-effective designs. This custom
                                            footprint as low as possible.      design  service  also  includes  designing
                                              Standing the test of time        complex rigs and producing detailed
                                              Modulift’s long-proven core products   rigging drawings. Modulift can help ev-
                                            are well known throughout the indus-  ery step of the way from the initial de-
                                            try, having an exceptional reputation   sign concept through to manufacturing /
                                            for quality and endurance. Due to the   sourcing of equipment required.
                                            high level of QA and tightly-held in-  Modulift  can  also  provide products
                                            house  manufacturing  processes,  Mod-  suitable for the industries that re-
                                            ulift’s  products  have  stood the  test of   quires  enhanced  levels  QA,  providing
         DICA Outrigger Pads and Training Pole Barri-  time – therefore customers can be as-  extensive verification for even the most
         ers have been selected for use at Lift Safety   sured  that any  product  bought  today   challenging  project  specification.  Ser-
         Zone, hosted by National Commission for the
         Certification of Crane Operators.  will fit any product of the same MOD   vices include individual proof load test-
                                            size that was built nearly 20 years ago,   ing  of  products  and employing third
         digger derricks, and concrete pumping   and with the same level of high quality.   party verification from design through
         equipment,” said Kris  Koberg, CEO.   Therefore,  consumers  should  always   to materials and manufacturing.
         “We’re equally excited to have our en-                                  Innovation and knowledge all
         gineered Outrigger Pads, Crane Pads,                                  under one roof
         Cribbing Blocks,  and Training  Pole                                    As the demand for custom solutions
         Barriers  on  display in  more  than  15                              grow, Modulift are not only expanding
         OEM booths across the 2020 show.”                                     the team, but are also enhancing its op-
           DICA Outrigger  Pads and Training                                   erations by building a new state of the
         Pole  Barriers  have been  selected for                               art manufacturing facility. This has
         use at Lift Safety Zone, hosted by Na-                                not only improved their manufacturing
         tional Commission for the Certification                               processes to expand their capacity, en-
         of Crane Operators. NCCCO’s flagship                                  abling them to increase  their support
         exhibit will be located at the Las Vegas                              to partners,  it also offers  even faster
         Festival Grounds (F-9107).
           The following products can be
         found at both DICA booth locations:
         FiberMax Crane Pads, SafetyTech
         Outrigger Pads, FiberMax Outrig-
         ger Pads, ProStack Cribbing Blocks,
         TrainSmart Pole Barriers, and Work-
         force Pole Hole Covers. Look for ad-
         ditional new product announcements
         from DICA at the show.
           Learn more about DICA products
         Modulift Modular Spreader
         Beams – the genuine article!
           When Sue Spencer, Technical Direc-
         tor for Modulift, designed the first ever
         modular spreader beam nearly 20 years
         ago, she knew that she had a market
         leading  product  on  her  hands,  and  so
         began the rise of the Modulift brand.
           Modulift are well known  across the
         globe,  through  their  worldwide  net-
         work of distributor partners, for their
         core range of high quality off-the-shelf
         products, which  include the popular
         originally designed modular spreader
         beams  and modular spreader frames   Modulift Modular Spreader Beams.

         72     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2020
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