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         confusing  name changes.  The Goethals Bridge, one that I
         recall as never seeming to have a visible landing place in
         Staten Island, is actually no longer in existence. But Dave’s
         photos remain to remind us that the bridge, begun in the
         year that the Brooklyn Bridge’s chief engineer died, is defi-
         nitely no Brooklyn Bridge. It did serve its purpose during
         the 70 plus years it existed.
           For example in 2002 alone, over 15.68 million vehicles crossed
         over the shallow waters of the Arthur Kill below on Goethals
         Bridge. New twin bridges opening in 2017 and 2018 now stand
         at the old bridge’s location. Dave would like to someday get a
         second edition of his book out with photos of those new bridges.
           As James Starace, P.E. Chief Engineer with the Port Author-
         ity of New York and New Jersey relates, it’s quite easy to take
         the bridges of NYC for granted. “They are often seen merely
         as structures whose sole purpose is to get us from one place to
         another as part of our daily travels, while the details of their
         grandeur goes unnoticed,” says Starace. “Dave Frieder’s photo-
         graphs bring New York City’s bridges to life by capturing the
         inherent beauty of these historic civil engineering landmarks.
           “Othmar Ammann, master bridge designer and builder of
         many New York bridges Dave has photographed said ‘It’s
         not enough for a bridge to be functional, safe, and durable;
         it must also be beautiful.’ Dave Frieder’s photographs reflect   Triborough Bridge, Lift Span, View of Randall’s Island Tower and
         the magnificence in these timeless structures.”      Clouds, Looking East, 1998.
           Dave is adamant about a few final points being included.   cents, all of this work was done legally, by the book as well.”
         “I would mention that I do not like, nor will ever use these   The Magnificent Bridges of New York City is one book I
         political name changes for the bridges. I have made over 100   will  return  to many times both to learn more about New
         Bridge climbs. That is all the bridges.              York’s bridges and to recognize how photography  can ex-
           “Moving up a bit north of the Metropolitan Area, I have   plain, enrapture, and capture the essence and mystery of a
         climbed and photographed the Bear Mountain  bridge and   man-made structure, all at the same time.
         the Mid-Hudson Bridge. But they are in New York State, not   The book can be ordered directly from Amazon (make sure you
         New York City. Bridge climbing, obviously, is not something   search with the correct title of the book) — and Dave welcomes
         too many people do. Despite this infrequency  of span as-  any reviews — or from his website:  WRNWRN

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