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         platform 22 set on turning axle 21, platform rails 23 which   Said rotating platform 2 still including a hydraulic brake
         are laid on platform 22 and connected to external rail T   24 installed around turning axle 21 and a brake pressure
         outside the platform, several backup pieces surrounding   transmitter 26 installed at one side of hydraulic brake 24,
         said turning axle 21 vertically set on the under-chassis,   the brake pressure transmitter is also connected with said
         said backup pieces are installed at the bottom surfaces of   programmable  controller.  So, the winding of cable strand
         platform 22 to constitute revolving wheels 25 which as-
         sume contact connect and rolling support function to as-
         sist platform 22 smooth running; rotating, platform 2 is
         fitted on the ground by the side of guiding device; in this
         embodiment, when platform 22 of rotating platform which
         is rotating round turning axle 21, the surface of platform
         22 should keep flush with ground.

                                                              Figure 29: Structure schematic for straightening of the wire strands
                                                              when unwinding strand.

                                                              is  set  bounds  through  management of  programmable con-
                                                              troller, to prevent cable strand out of control, bring about
                                                              cable strand damage or  people injuries  and deaths; when
                                                              in unwinding cable strand operation, line shape will keep
                                                              relatively straighten, to protect cable strand and prevent
                                                              breakdown;  when  the speed of unwinding  cable strand is
                                                              slowed down or stop, gradually control hydraulic brake 24 to
                                                              lock turning axle; the induction of brake pressure transmit-
         Figure 28:  Structure schematic for extraction of the  inner module   ter can more easily control hydraulic brake 24 by program-
         when winding strand finished.                        mable controller. WRN

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