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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products are according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims. Any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
                                                                               (UHMWPE  fiber,  invention  of  the
                                               RY Series Electric Wire Rope Hoist   Dutch  company DSM)  yourself,  you
                                                   from Harrington Hoists      will soon be convinced of the advantag-
                                                                               es of the system. But what does the use
                                                                               of this textile chain from the German
                                                                               sling  manufacturer  Dolezych  actually
                                                                               mean for daily work?
                                                                                 During the rigging process, the user
                                                                               typically has to deal with heavy steel
                                                                               chains or ropes, which are time and en-
                                                                               ergy consuming to attach. He must en-
                                                                               sure that the hard steel does not cause
                                                                               damage to the load.
                                                                                 Feather-light working ergonom-
                                                                               ics ensure speed
                                                                                 For these challenges of daily work the
                                                                               textile sling chain DoNova® PowerLift
                                                                               (WLL 4 leg: 23,000 lbs) comes into play.
                                                                               Due to its low weight it simplifies the
                                                                               handling enormously. One meter of the
                                                                               innovative chain  weighs  just  1.3 lbs,
                                                  warranty. They are available in
                                                  voltages of (208-230)-3-50/60 or
         Harrington Hoists,                       (460)-3-50/60.
         Inc. Releases                             For more information about
         Additional                               Harrington  Hoists  visit  their
         Capacities in                            website  at www.harrington-
         Their RY Series                
         Electric Wire Rope
         Hoist Line                         Times Are Chainging
           Harrington  Hoists,  Inc.        The textile chain DoNova®
         has recently released two          made of high-performance fibers
         new  capacities,  7.5  Ton         revolutionizes lifting
         and 10 Ton,  in  their  RY           A lifting chain made of textile fibers
         Electric Wire Rope hoist line. Designed   and yet just as powerful as high-tensile
         for safety, reliability and performance,   steel?  That  sounds  incredible  at  first.
         these ultra-low headroom trolley hoists   But if you test the DoNova® made
         have an H4 duty rating for  high  de-  of the high-performance  Dyneema®
         mand  applications and standard  con-
         figurations  are  certified  and  listed  to
         UL 1340 “Standard  for Hoists” and
         CSA 22.2 No. 33. The company had
         introduced 3 Ton and 5 Ton RY series
         hoists in May of 2019.
           These hoists come standard with
         dual speed variable frequency drive
         (VFD) control on both hoist and trol-
         ley  for  optimum  speed  adjustability.
         Also standard is a no load high speed
         function that allows hoist operation
         at 1.5 times the standard high speed
         with a load less than 25% of rated ca-
           Additional features include: premi-
         um IWRC wire rope, a full 360° rope
         guide, a durable deep grooved rope
         drum, and externally adjustable up-
         per and lower limit switches to easily
         set the desired range of operation. The
         7.5  Ton  and  10  Ton  RY  electric  wire
         rope  hoists  have  a  high  performance
         Magnetic Disc brake with a 5-year   DoNova® textile chain made of high-performance fibers.

         70     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2020
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