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         forms,  that  are  first  inner  module  and  second  inner  mod-
         ule; first inner module is composed of supporting plate and
         top drawbar, second inner module is composed of supporting
         plate and top drawbar, in addition knockout pin of hydraulic
         jack, can commendably solve “Hula-circles” problem.
           Looking  at  figures  25-29,  the  device  for  horizontally
         winding and unwinding wire strand of the invention, in-
         cluding: guiding device 1 of strand 10, rotating platform 2,
         rail flat wagon 3, strand winding and unwinding device 4,
         tray 5, several transmitters and programmable controllers,
         wherein, said guide frame 11 which is constituted by base
         111 and supporting frame 112, electric wire hoist 13 fit on
         base 111, fixed pulley 14 mounted at the top of the support-
         ing frame 112. This  includes crane 16 and lifting appliance
         12 composed of the strand transfer control mechanism set
         in the crane, a wire rope 15 which connects from electric
         wire hoist 13 to the top surface of crane 16 bypass around
         fixed  pulley  14, wherein the said strand transfer control

                                                              Figure 27: :Left view of the guide device.

                                                              mechanism includes roller 17 and spacing wheel 19, where-
                                                              in there are three rollers 17 installed in the crane 16, and
                                                              arranged in a character pattern, that is to say, the three
                                                              connecting lines from each center of circle of three rollers
                                                              17  make  up  of  a  triangle  (according  to  common  practice,
                                                              there should remain a pore space which is overpassed by
                                                              cable strand between three rollers), said guiding device 1
                                                              is vertically installed on the ground through guiding frame
                                                              11; said spacing wheel 19 of cable strand transfer control
                                                              mechanism is fitted at one side leading strand 10 by three
                                                              rollers 17 of crane 16.
                                                               The  rotating  platform  2  includes  the  under-chassis,
         Figure 26: Front view of the guide device.
                                                              turning axle 21 vertically fixed on under-chassis center,

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