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         tions. In the first configuration, the crane further includes   the crane 10 are in the form of two crawlers 14, only one of
         a live mast; a first counterweight support frame; and a first   which can be seen from the side view of figure 21. (figure 21
         movable counterweight unit moveably connected to and sup-  is simplified for sake of clarity, and does not show the boom
         ported by the first counterweight support frame. In the sec-  and mast.) The other crawler 14 can be seen in the perspec-
         ond configuration, the crane further includes a lattice mast;   tive view of figure 24 and in the rear view of figure 25. In the
         a second counterweight support frame; a moveable counter-  crane 10, the moveable ground engaging members could be
         weight support beam coupled to the second counterweight   multiple sets of crawlers, such as two crawlers on each side,
         support frame and operable to move relative to the second   or other moveable ground engaging members, such as tires.
         counterweight support frame; and a second moveable coun-  In the crane 10 the crawlers provide front and rear tipping
         terweight unit moveably connected to the moveable counter-  fulcrums for the crane. Figure 21 shows the rear tipping ful-
         weight support beam.                                 crum 16 and the front tipping fulcrum 17 of crane 10.
           In the first embodiment, shown in figures 21-26, the mo-  The rotating bed 20 is mounted to the carbody 12 with a
         bile lift crane 10 includes lowerworks, also referred to as a   slewing ring, such that the rotating bed 20 can swing about
         carbody 12 (best seen in figures 24 and 25), ground engag-  an axis with respect to the ground engaging members 14.
         ing members elevating the carbody off the ground; and a ro-  The rotating bed supports a boom 22 pivotally mounted in
         tating bed 20 rotatably connected to the carbody about an   a fixed position on a front portion of the rotating bed; a live
         axis of rotation. The moveable ground engaging members on   mast 28 mounted at its first end on the rotating bed; and a
                                                              moveable counterweight unit 35 having counterweights 34
                                                              on a support member in the form of a counterweight tray
                                                              33. The counterweights in this embodiment are provided in
                                                              two stacks of individual counterweight members 34 on the
                                                              counterweight tray 33 as shown in figures 24 and 25. The
                                                              rotating bed has a rearmost fixed portion. In the crane 10,
                                                              since the counterweight is moveable, it does not constitute
                                                              the rearmost fixed portion of the rotating bed, even though
                                                              when the counterweight is moved to a rearward position the
                                                              outside corner of the counterweights 34 will be the furthest
                                                              from the rotational centerline and thus define the tail swing
                                                              of the crane. However, when the counterweight unit 35 is
         Figure  21: Side elevation view of  a  first embodiment of a  mobile   pulled forward, as in figure 21, the rearmost fixed portion of
         lift crane with a  variable  position counterweight, shown  with the   the rotating bed will define the tail swing of the crane.
         counterweight in a far forward position.                                              continued on next page

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