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         used in a suspension assembly such as suspension assembly
         36 and suspension assembly 62 as illustrated in figures 5
         and 6 respectively.
           Figure 8 illustrates a side view of an embodiment of the
         boom insert 300 having a pendant 360 coupled to the lower
         cross member 346 and to a strap assembly 364. FIG. 5 illus-
         trates a detailed view of connection of the pendant 360 to the
         three-way connector 367, while FIG. 6 illustrates a detailed
         view of the pendant coupled to the tab of the lower cross
         member 346. In this embodiment the pendant is a flexible   Figure 11: Second photographic images of a sliding cable safety
         rope tensioning member. The flexible rope tensioning mem-  device.
         ber has a connector at each end with a parallel tab pair 380,   secure  conduits,  pipes,  ducts,  organs,  elements,  systems,
         shown in figure 9 having an aperture 382. The parallel tab   equipment, machines, such  as compressors,  and similar
         pair 380 is spaced apart by a distance greater than a width   equipment and structures, subject in the operation to very
         of the tab 350 on the lower cross member 346 and the width   high pressure due to a pressurized fluid, such as air, water,
         of the three-way connector 367.                      oil, steam which circulates or in general is present and oper-
           As illustrated in figure 9, the connector 378 at the lower   ates in such elements and similar equipment, is indicated in
         end of the pendant 360 is coupled to the lower cross member   its whole with 10.
         346 by placing the tab pair 380 over the tab 350 of the lower   In  detail,  the  safety device  10,  often  also  called  “whip
         cross member 346 such that the aperture of the tab pair 380   check” by the people working in the field of the invention,
         aligns with the aperture of the tab 350 of the lower cross   comprises a flexible cable, indicated with 11, which forms
         member  346. A pin (not shown) is then inserted through   with two respective end portions 11a and 11b a first attach-
         the apertures coupling the pendant 360 to the lower cross   ment eyelet 12 and a second attachment eyelet 13, wherein
         member 346. As illustrated in figure 7, the upper end of the   these two attachment eyelets 12 and 13, formed by the flex-
         pendant is coupled to the three-way connector 367 by a tab   ible cable 11, allow to apply and attach the safety device 10,
         pair 384 of the upper connector 386 that overlies the three-  at its two opposite ends, to two elements or parts, generally
         way connector 367 and is aligned with the aperture of the   indicated in the drawings, which are connected to each other
         tab pair 384 and with an available aperture of the three-way   in a respective connection area Z of the conduit, pipe, pipe-
         connector 367. A pin 387 is inserted though the apertures   line,  system,  equipment  or  structure,  subject  to  pressure,
         coupling the pendant 360 to the three-way connector 367.
                                                              that is secured by the same device 10.
                                                               Therefore the safety device 10 of the invention has to be
         Sliding cable safety device for conduits or similar
         equipments subject to pressure and corresponding     considered as an essential part of a more general installa-
         installation including such safety device            tion, including in addition to the safety device 10 also the
         Pat. 10,480,703                                      two specific parts connected between them in the connection
         Inventor: Davide Gamba, Biella, IT.                  area of the conduit, pipeline and similar equipment under
         Assignee: Davide Gamba, Biella, IT.                  pressure which is secured and made safe by the same safety
                                                              device 10.
           This patent presents a safety device with a sliding cable   These two parts, connected between them, of the conduit,
         and a corresponding installation, to secure conduits, pipes,   pipe, structure or the like which is made safe by means of
         piping and similar equipment subject to high pressure due   the device 10, can be for example constituted by two tubes
         to  fluid  under  pressure  circulating  in  such  conduits  and   in which circulates a fluid, such as air, water or oil, at high
         equipment. The safety device includes a flexible cable which   pressure, or a tube and a machine such as a compressor or a
         forms a first and a second attachment eyelet for attaching   hydraulic machine, or still other parts and elements subject
         and connecting the safety device to two parts of the conduits   to a high pressure due to a pressurized fluid circulating or in
         and equipment under pressure. A first and a second sleeve   general operating in these parts.
         which close two end portions of the flexible cable form, at the   The safety device 10 further comprises: a first sleeve or
         ends of the safety device, the first and second attachment   clamp or collar 14 and a second sleeve or clamp or collar 15
         eyelets. Two terminals are provided at the opposite ends of   which bend and close, in a sliding way as better explained in
         the flexible cable.
           With reference to figures 10 and 11, a sliding cable safety
         or security  device, according  to the present invention,  to

         Figure 10: First photographic images of a sliding cable safety device.

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