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         Figure 6: schematic view showing the cable advanced to the left, and
         the swaged barrel positioned in a spacing fixture.
         ularly to figure 5, the apparatus for preparing coated cable
         for a cable conveyor system is designated generally by the
         reference  numeral  10. The  apparatus  10 includes  a cable
         coating stripping die 20, a barrel swaging die 40, and a spac-
         ing fixture 60. The stripping die 2, swaging die 4, and spac-
                                                                   PULLEYS & SHEA
         ing fixture 60 are spaced from each other at a predetermined   PULLEYS & SHEAVESVES
         interval 7 (figure 6) that corresponds to the spacing interval
         between discs 80 in a cable conveyor system.
           The apparatus 10 facilitates the practice of the method of
         the  present  invention  which  is  illustrated  in  figures  7-10,
         and includes the steps of stripping a section 11 of coating 12
         from a coated cable 13 leaving a bare section of wire cable,

                                                                   Military Specification Pulleys
         Figure 7: Perspective view illustrating the step of cutting the coating   & Commercial Sheaves.
         from a section of the coated cable.
         and securing a metal barrel 16 to the bare cable 14. Also,   Loos & Co., Inc. is proud to off er a
         figure 9 shows that the end portions of the barrel 16 extend
         over  portions  15  of  the  coated cable  13  adjacent the  bare   wide variety of military specifi cation
         wire cable 14. As shown in figure 11, the barrel 16 acts as an   and commercial pulleys and sheaves.
         attachment base between the coated cable 13 and a disc 80   These products are the perfect
         that is molded on the coated cable 13.                    compliment to the specialized wire
           The discs 80 are molded after all the barrels 16 are swaged,
         and this would be true on short lengths of cable. About 20   and wire ropes used in the markets
         feet of cable has barrels 16 attached prior to the cable reach-  that we have supported for years.

                                                                   Pair these products with our wide
                                                                   range of wire rope and cable products
                                                                   and you’ll get the performance you
                                                                   need, when you need it.

         Figure 8: Perspective view showing the coating removed.   Call 800-533-5667 or email
                                                          for a quote today.
         ing the molding machine. If the cable is 20 feet or shorter, it
         would all be swaged and then ran through the disc molding
         machine. If it is longer than 20 feet, which is the case 95%
         of the time, they are done together. The swaging process is
         much faster so lengths of cable can be swaged ahead, but the
         whole cable is not swaged and run through the disc molding
         machine separately.                                        
           The coated cable 13 is fed into the apparatus 10 from left
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