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         ments, seismic nodes 2 may be stored
         and/or handled by a plurality of grab-
         bers,  grippers,  manipulators,  or  other
         single node handling devices (includ-
         ing conveyors, trays, and other seismic
         transfer mechanisms),  which  may be
         located  within  and/or  coupled  to  skid
         115. Thus, a wide variety of ROVs may
         be used with the docking system of the
         present disclosure.
           Subsea  equipment  101 may be low-
         ered from surface vessel 101 via cable/
         line  103.  Subsea  equipment  101  may
         be a cage, basket, skid or any other
         transfer  device  capable of  holding  a
         plurality  of  payload units,  such  as  a
         plurality of ocean bottom autonomous
         seismic nodes 2 in a body of water and
         transferring those nodes to an external
         device, such as an ROV. Thus, in one
         embodiment, subsea  device  101 is  a
         node transfer device. At various opera-
         tional stages node transfer device 101
         may be located near the water surface,
         at a subsea position between the sea-
         bed and the surface, near the seabed,
         or on the seabed. In one embodiment,
         the  ROV  and/or  node  transfer  device
         may be moving in the body of water
         with a speed based on movement of the
         subsea structure, movement of the ves-
         sel,  and/or  current  movement.  Thus,
         ROV 111 and subsea basket 101 may
         mate and/or couple at a position above
         the  seabed while  one  or  both  devices
         are  moving. In  one  embodiment, the
         ROV and the node transfer device each                    Dave Frieder:
         comprise acoustic modems  that are
         configured  to  communicate  with  each       The Magnificent Bridges
         other via acoustic communications.
           While various ROVs and other subsea
         devices may be used with the embodi-                 of New York City
         ments presented in this disclosure, the
         present disclosure is not limited to any
         particular ROV,  underwater  vehicle,   “New York’s Bridges, As You’ve Never Seen Them Before!”
         subsea  transfer  device,  or  configura-
         tion thereof to deploy the autonomous
         seismic nodes on the seabed. Similarly,
         while  one  application  of  the  present
         disclosure is directed to ROVs and sub-
         sea baskets used for seismic node de-
         ployment in  a  body of  water  (such  as
         ocean bottom seismic nodes placed on
         the  seabed), the  present  disclosure  is
         not  limited to such  an  application or
         subsea transfer device, and is generally
         useful for any docking arrangement be-
         tween a first subsea device and a sec-
         ond subsea device and for the transfer
         of one or more payload devices between
         the first and second subsea devices.
           As mentioned above, existing prior
         art subsea transfer systems for seismic                 Available on
         nodes have difficulty effectively and ef-    or directly from his website:
         ficiently transferring seismic nodes be-
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