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         Gauge cutting system and method
         Pat. 10,391,544 U.S. class 1/1 Int. class B21F 11/00
         Inventor: Michael J. Murphy, Marion, OH.
         Assignee: Michael J. Murphy, Marion, OH.
           A gauge cutting system and method are described in this
         patent. The gauge cutting system includes a cutting apparatus
         coupled to a track for cutting a wire and a movable measure-
         ment apparatus spaced from the cutting apparatus and cou-
         pled to the track. The measurement apparatus for measuring a
         length of wire extending from the cutting apparatus by looping
         said wire around said measurement apparatus and returning a
         cut end of the wire to the cutting apparatus, wherein a distance
         of the measurement apparatus from the cutting apparatus is   Figure 2: Top perspective view of a track of the gauge cutting system.
         proportional to the length of wire to be cut.
           As shown in figure 1, a gauge cutting system 100 is illus-  the cutting apparatus 300, the wire is then wound around a
         trated. The gauge cutting system comprises a track 200, a   hub 502 of the measurement apparatus 500. The wire 600 is
         cutting apparatus 300, a dispensing apparatus 400, and a   secured to a portion the cutting apparatus 300, and then cut.
         measurement apparatus 500. The dispensing apparatus 400   A fabricated wire 602 (e.g., a section of wire to be cut) is then
         supports a spool of wire 600, or other means of dispensing   separated from the spooled wire 600 at the desired length.
         wire. While wire is referred to herein generally, it should be   As  illustrated  in  figures  2-5,  the  track  200 comprises a
         appreciated that the “wire” includes braded wire, cable, sin-  base component 220 and a cover component 218, wherein
         gle gauge wire, rope, plastic, and the like. The measurement   the base component is coupled to the cover component. In
         apparatus 500 is slidably coupled to the track 200, and is   one example  embodiment,  the base component  220 is de-
         moved along said track until the measurement apparatus is   tachable from the cover component 218. The track 200 com-
         aligned with a desired length (e.g., as denoted by tick marks   prises a front side 208, a rear side 210, a left side 212, and
         203 indicating a length corresponding to the desired length   a right side 214. The terms “front side”, “rear side”, “right
         of  wire,  discussed  further  below,  the  tick  marked  being   side”, and “left side” are used only to provide clarity to the
         marked or embossed on the track, see figure 2). Once posi-  description of the gauge cutting system 100 and do not in
         tioned at a location corresponding to the desired length, the   any way add limitations to the gauge cutting system. The
         measurement apparatus 500 is frictionally secured in place   track 200 comprises one of plastic, metal, or a combination
         (e.g., the measurement apparatus is inhibited from sliding   thereof. The track has a track length 219 between about 5’ to
         along the track 200). Spooled wire 600 is unspooled from the   9’ (feet). The cover component 218 comprises sidewalls 218a,
         dispensing apparatus 400 and passes through a portion of   218b, 218c, and 218d that extend one of transversely or per-
                                                              pendicularly from a top surface 224 of the cover component.
                                                              In one example  embodiment,  the cover component  218 is
                                                              coupled to the base component 220 via the sidewalls 218a,
                                                              218b, 218c, and 218d. In another example embodiment, an
                                                              internal track area is defined by a bottom surface 217 of the
                                                              cover component 218, the sidewalls 218a, 218b, 218c, and
                                                              218d, an a top surface (not shown) of the base component
                                                              220.  It would  be  understood  by  a  person  having  ordinary
                                                              skill in the art that a unibody track or other configurations
                                                              to form the track 200 are contemplated.
                                                               In one example embodiment, the track  200 comprises a
                                                              central slot 202 formed in the cover component 218 having
                                                              a first end 204 and a second end 206. The slot 202 runs par-
                                                              allel to the track 200 in a longitudinal direction, forming a
         Figure 1: Perspective view of a gauge cutting system.  longitudinal axis “LA.” As in  the illustrated example em-

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