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             Harrington Hoists, Inc.                 There is no questioning the superior quality of Harrington’s RY Series
                                                     ultra-low headroom wire rope trolley hoists. Designed specifi cally for
             Defi ning Power and Reliability          safety, reliability and performance, these H4 rated hoists are loaded with
                                                     revolutionary features for high demand applications and come standard
                                                     with dual speed VFD controls on both hoist and trolley for ultimate lifting
                                                     and lowering accuracy. A no load high speed function allows for hoist
                                                     operation at 1.5 times the rated speed with a load less than 25% of rated
                                                     capacity to increase productivity. RY ultra-low headroom rope trolley hoists
                                                     will deliver quality beyond expectations for any heavy duty lifting demand.

                                                     • VFD dual speed control for hoist and trolley - Standard
                                                     • No load high speed function - Standard
                                                     • Premium wire rope (IWRC coated core) - Standard
                                                     • Externally adjustable upper/lower limit switches - Standard
                                                     •   High performance Pull-Rotor motor brake with 5 Year Warranty - Standard
                                                     • Full 360° rope guide - Standard
                                                     • Standard confi gurations are certifi ed and listed to UL 1340 - Standard

                             Toll Free: 800-233-3010      Phone: 717-665-2000

         home-working, etc.) also allows us to cre-  commute to work.          encourage the use of modern means of
         ate buildings that are the optimal size”,   Other measures have been intro-  communication  to reduce  travel”, ex-
         says Michèle Detaille, Managing Direc-  duced to reduce staff travel. “Because   plains Michèle Detaille.
         tor of the ALIPA Group.            of the long distances travelled by staff   In fact,  sales  representatives regu-
         Reducing greenhouse gas emissions  who come from the German-speaking   larly hold video-conference meetings
           Like the ALIPA Group, LIFTEUROP   region of Belgium, we have rented of-  and when they do travel their journeys
         is considering transport solutions that   fices  in  Weiswampach  that  we  make   and meetings are optimized so that
         are  less  harmful  to  the  environment.   available to these employees one day   they meet a maximum number of cli-
         For  example, that is  why  the staff is   a week. Where legally permitted, we   ents while keeping the distances trav-
         encouraged to carpool on their daily   allow home-working,  and we strongly   elled to a minimum.
                                                                               Electronic invoicing
                                                                                 LIFTEUROP has also adopted  elec-
                                                                               tronic invoicing. A way of limiting the
                                                                               costs related to consumables and paper
                                                                               as well as reducing shipping costs, in-
                                                                               voice processing time and also the eco-
                                                                               logical footprint.
                                                                                 Founded in 2010 in Wiltz, LIFTEU-
                                                                               ROP produces and distributes high-
                                                                               quality material and lifting accessories
                                                                               with  the STAS brand’s own  design.
                                                                               STAS is the flagship of the French lift-
                                                                               ing  industry,  ensuring  the  safety of
                                                                               goods and people since 1953. Certified
                                                                               in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO
                                                                               14001 and with  a CSR policy,  LIFT-
                                                                               EUROP is part of the lifting division of
                                                                               the ALIPA Group, a Luxembourg pack-
                                                                               aging and industrial lifting specialist
                                                                               with approximately 150 employees.
                                                                                 For more information visit their web-
          LIFTEUROP takes measures to encourage its employees to adopt an eco-responsible approach.  site at n

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