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                                                                               judges noted the product’s ability to
                                                                               send reports from the same device that
                                                                               captures data that is already on their
                                                                               person—such as a mobile or cell phone.
                                                                                 Andy Connor,  Partnered Services
                                                                               and Supply Chain Director at Speedy,
                                                                               said: “Our  winning  products were  all
                                                                               commended for their innovation, safe-
                                                                               ty, and performance. We have been
                                                                               staging the Speedy Expo for nearly 10
                                                                               years but the concept was a lot smaller
                                                                               when it was first conceived. As well as
                                                                               bringing  our  suppliers  together with
                                                                               our employees, over the last three
                                                                               years we have increased customer par-
                                                                               ticipation to showcase the breadth of
                                                                               innovation in terms of the products and
                                                                               services that we offer.”
                                                                                 David Ayling, Director at SP, said:
                                                                               “The rental sector places unique de-
                                                                               mands on lifting equipment and
                                                                               Speedy’s community is acutely at-
                                                                               tuned to the extent to which innova-
                                                                               tion and performance can lead to en-
                                                                               hanced safety and productivity at the
         David Ayling, Director at Straightpoint, accepts the award from Speedy’s Chief Executive,
         Russell Down.                                                         coalface.  As  such,  plaudits  from  this
                                                                               esteemed judging panel represent a
         continued from page 55             cently updated its Bluetooth capabil-  major milestone in our implementa-
         modules needed to be set into place. He   ity  and  launched  an  enhanced  version   tion of Bluetooth technology in force
         concluded: “Modulift has been outstand-  of its popular app. Load cells now use   measurement  applications.  We’re
         ing, both in their efforts to help our proj-  wireless technology for exchanging data   grateful for the accolade and under-
         ect and in the quality of their work.”  over short distances to communicate   stand the responsibility that comes
                                            with  up  to  eight  devices,  carrying  the   with such high-profile recognition.”
         SP Wins Lifting Product of         information up to 100m (328 ft.) away.  Ayling collected the award from
         the Year Award at Speedy             Collected data can be sent onto oth-  Speedy’s chief executive, Russell Down.
         Expo 2018                          er  recipients  in  the  form  of  an  Excel   For more information about Straight-
           Straightpoint’s (SP)  Bluetooth-en-  spreadsheet or  PDF  report.  Speedy   point visit n
         abled Radiolink plus load cell and ac-
         companying HHP app  were named
         Lifting Product of the Year at the larg-
         est Speedy Expo ever, which took place   Note from the Editor
         at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool.
           Speedy has  a  specialist  lifting  divi-  We’ve been honored to have prominent
         sion that offers an abundance of equip-  people in our industry offer their thoughts
         ment for material handling and other    on how things have changed over the last 40
         applications. The  rental company in-   years. In this issue we continue this feature with
         vites personnel  and customers  to an   words by Peter von Bleichert, the great-great-grandson of one
         annual  event,  which  this  year  gave   of the most notable names in the pioneering of wire rope (see
         450 suppliers an opportunity to display
         their wares on 130 exhibition stands to   page 34). This feature will continue throughout all six issues of
         over 1,000 attendees, including region-  our 40th year of publishing.
         al and national customers.               On page 8, we tackle the subject of the Brooklyn Bridge once
           The Lifting Product of the Year       again, but this time Don Sayenga takes on the controversial
         Award was judged on the principle cri-  topic of the 140-year-old main cables and their unprecedented
         teria of  innovation  and performance,   longevity.
         with a  judging panel of senior  sup-
         ply chain personnel bestowing the        Wire Rope News & Sling Technology wishes all our readers
         honour on SP’s landmark technology,     and advertisers the best of the holidays and a happy and
         which was also demonstrated on the      healthy New Year!
         company’s exhibition stand. The 2018     As always, go to our website at to
         Speedy Expo took place on October
         31 and November 1, with the awards      read the current issue and click on
         evening being held on the first night of   the links that will take you to many
         the exhibition.                         of our advertisers’ websites.
           As  outlined  to  the  event’s  delega-
         tion—and  evident  to  judges—SP  re-

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