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                                              The crane is made from a composite   tions  for  the  month  of  October  totaled
                                            material, for which OZ holds a patent on   2,560,000 net tons (NT). This was a
                                            the design. Practically, this means the   29.2% increase from the 1,982,000 per-
                                            product does not rust, while the steel   mit tons recorded in September and a
                                            components are zinc plated. In this case,   34.6% increase from the September fi-
                                            the crane is mounted on a socket base—  nal imports total of 1,902,000. Import
                                            model OZSOC1—that was covered with   permit tonnage for finished steel in Oc-
                                            sheet metal. The total weight of the   tober was 1,519,000, down 0.9% from
                                            crane is just 80 lbs., with the heaviest   the  final  imports  total  of  1,532,000  in
                                            component weighing in at only 43 lbs.  September. For the first ten months of
                                              “Actually,”  said Steve Napieralski,   2019 (including October SIMA permits
                                            President at OZ Lifting, “Socket bases   and September final imports), total and
                                            are used mainly in the back of trucks   finished steel imports were 25,152,000
                                            or in an area where the installer would   NT and 18,384,000 NT, down 14.6%
         continued from previous page       pour cement around the base to keep   and 16.8%, respectively, from the same
         (E&E).  DSM’s  strategy,  named  Vision
         provement of working  at height best   the surface area flat. Most of the time   period in 2018. The estimated finished
         2010  -  Building  on  Strengths,  focuses
         practices at the site and ensure compli-  our  OZPED1  pedestal base would  be   steel import market share in October
         on  accelerating  profitable  and  innova-
         ance with OSHA and other standards.  used on rooftops, but this is another   was 17% and is 20% year-to-date (YTD).
         tive  growth  of  the  company’s  specialties
           The hospital is an ACS verified Level
         portfolio. Market-driven growth,   example of the diversity and flexibility   Finished steel imports with large in-
         I Trauma Center for both children and   of our product and the install options.”  creases in October permits vs. the Sep-
         innovation  and  increased  presence  in
         adults,  and  was  Minnesota’s  first  pe-  He added: “Because the crane is so   tember  final  imports  included  light
         emerging  economies  are  key  drivers  of
         diatric trauma center to gain that sta-  lightweight  many  of  our  sales  are  for   shapes bars (up 81%), black plate (up
         this strategy. The group has annual
         tus. The facility will use the crane on a   multiple bases with one crane; the us-  44%), wire rods (up 35%), sheets and
         sales  of  over  EUR  8  billion  and  employs
                                            Wooden  bridge  at  River  Camp  by  St.  Joe  in  Panama  City,  Florida  using  stainless  steel  cable.
         regular (monthly) basis as contractors   ers just mount the base where they need   strip hot dipped galvanized (up 20%),
         some 22,000 people worldwide. DSM
         and third parties perform preventa-  to make a lift and move the crane from   mechanical tubing (up 19%), tin plate
         ranks among the global leaders in
                                            driven markets, such as automotive,
                                                                               Bridges  of  Tallahassee,  Florida  are  the
         tive maintenance on  equipment, such   base to base. Additionally, we provide   (up 17%) and hot rolled bars (up 14%).
         many of its fields. The company is
                                            energy, electronics and industrial
                                                                               recipients of the Ultra-tec Cable
         as changing filters on rooftop units, air   a drill drive adaptor with every crane,   Products with significant year-to date
         headquartered in the Netherlands,
                                                                               Railing Design Award, according to
                                            filtration. The company operates in
         conditioning, fans, and condensers.  equipped with a hand winch. This al-  (YTD)  increases  vs.  the  same  period
         with  locations  in  Europe,  Asia,  Africa
                                                                               Raymond Kechely, vice president of
                                            more  than  45  facilities  worldwide  with
           Debra Hilmerson, President and
         and  the  Americas.                lows the operator to use a battery pow-  in 2018 include black plate (up 109%),
                                            headquarters in Newark, Delaware,
                                                                               The Cable Connection the manufac-
         About  W.L.  Gore  &  Associates,  Inc.  ered drill to raise the load as an option.”  steel piling (up 44%) and tin free steel
         CEO at Hilmerson, said: “The OZ unit
                                            USA. For more information, visit
                                                                                                   cable railing
                                                                               turer of Ultra-tec
                                              • For more information on OZ Lifting
         is one component in an overall, ongo-         (up 25%).
           W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., a
         ing roof access safety and maintenance   Products:  In October, the largest finished steel
         technology solutions provider with
                                                                                 The  award  was  given  for  the  design
                                              Dyneema is  a  registered  trademark
                                              • For more information on Sharrow:
         project. It  is a user-friendly, easy-to-  of  Royal  DSM  N.V.       import permit applications for  off-
         nearly  $2  billion  in  sales  and  more  than
                                                                               and  fabrication  of  a  wooden  bridge  at
         install solution for a valued customer.”     shore  countries were  for South Korea
         7,000 associates, specializes in
                                                                               River  Camp  by  St.  Joe  in  Panama  City,
                                              All other trademarks are the
                                              • For more information on Hilmerson
           John Quinn, CEO at Sharrow, said:
         fluoropolymer innovations that     property  of  their  respective  owners.  (186,000 NT, up 18% from September
                                                                               Florida.  The  bridge  was  built  in  2005
         “We are proud of our long association   Safety:  final), Germany (86,000 NT, up 33%),
         improve  the  quality  of  life.  Over  its  47-
                                                                               using stainless steel cable as the
         with  Hilmerson.  While  the  crane  was   Cable  Railing  Design     Japan  (82,000  NT, up 15%), Brazil
         year history, Gore has applied its
                                                                               railing  in-fill.
         installed  as  a  permanent  fixture,  the  AISI Releases October SIMA   (67,000 NT, up 74%) and The Nether-
                                            Award  announced
         world-renowned expertise with
                                                                                 According  to  Kechely,  the  award  is
         end user enjoys the luxury of being able  Imports Data                lands (54,000 NT,  up 38%). Through
         membranes, fibers and laminates to
                                                                               given  for  the  design  of  the  railing  in
                                              Goddard Specialty Construction of
         to remove it for storage away from the   Peachtree City, Florida and Nature  the first ten months of 2019, the larg-
                                              Based on the Commerce Department’s
         thousands  of  products  in  performance-
                                                                               relation to its setting and for the
         elements. The crane was fitted towards   most recent Steel Import Monitoring   est offshore suppliers were South Ko-
                                                                               appearance  and  quality  of  fabrication
         the corner of the rooftop, where it can   and Analysis (SIMA) data, the Ameri-  rea (2,235,000 NT, down 10% from
                                                                               of the  railing. The  Cable  Connection
         add the most material handling capa-  can Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) re-  the same period last year), Japan
                                                                               supplied  the  tensioners  and  mounting
         bility and coverage to the user.”  ported that steel import permit applica-  (1,098,000 NT, down 6%) and Germany
                                                                               devices  for  the  cable.  Nature  Bridges
                                                                               (917,000 NT, down 17%).
                                                                               built the bridge. Goddard Specialty
                                                                                 Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
                                                                               Construction  installed  the  cables.
                                                                               Steel Institute,
                                                                                 “Thin,  yet  strong  stainless  steel  cable
                                                                               In a Company, it is
                                                                               was  the  perfect  choice  for  this  project,”
                                                                               Everybody’s Responsibility
                                                                               explained Brian Fischer of Goddard
                                                                               Specialty Construction. “You hardly
                                                                               to Protect the Environment
                                                                               see the cable, so the view is unim-
                                                                               LIFTEUROP has been implementing
                                                                               paired.”  Brian's  partner,  Don  Goddard,
                                                                               an internal environmental policy
                                                                               added,  “The  Cable  Connection  had  all
                                                                               for several years. The company has
                                                                               the  right  stainless  steel  tensioners  and
                                                                               implemented a series of measures to
                                                                               fittings  that  enabled  us  to  install  the
                                                                               encourage its employees to adopt an
                                                                               cable  quickly  and  at  a  very  reasonable
                                                                               eco-responsible approach.
                                                                               cost.  We  are  proud  of  this  project  and
                                                                                 “In  corporate  terms,  Sustainable  De-
                                                                               thrilled  to  receive  the  design  award.
                                                                               velopment means being profitable in or-
                                                                               der to exist in the future. Good corporate
                                                                               NEMA  calls  for  Vietnam
                                                                               management very often leads to positive
                                                                               admission  into  the  WTO
                                                                               environmental behavior: in our case, the
                                                                               as  soon  as  possible
                                                                               recovery of steel reduces the use of raw
                                                                                 NEMA, the National Electrical
                                                                               materials. Organizing the workplace dif-
                                                                               ferently in a way that takes new ways of
         The 1,200-lb. capacity OZ1200DAV davit crane is an integral part of the hospital’s overarching   Manufacturers  Association,  has  hailed
                                                                               working into account (such as part-time,
         height safety program, overseen by Hilmerson Safety.                  the  recent conclusion of negotiations
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