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                                            erating space for employees, all while   needed something to reduce the risk of
                                            minimizing expansion costs.        dropped objects, especially when passing
                                              Bohl Crane continues to provide in-  through the water interface, and provide
                                            spections and repairs for TH Plastics,   a user-friendly subsea solution. The al-
                                            Inc. and plans to assist in any future   ternative option would have been to use
                                            expansion projects as the innovative   a ROV shackle in place of a ROV hook.”
                                            company continues to grow.           The LBL Compatts  allow for de-
                                              For more information about R&M   tailed  acoustic positioning of subsea
                                            Materials Handling visit their website   assets by surface vessels and tracking
                                            at                    of the ROVs. Cheek explained that the
                                                                               frames hold the transponders upright
                                            RUD ROV Hooks for Subsea           subsea and off the seabed.
                                            Installations                        Ruben  Delgadillo,  Regional Sales
                                              Oceaneering  International,  Inc.  Manager  at LiftPull,  said:  “The  safe
         (E&E).  DSM’s  strategy,  named  Vision   (Oceaneering) used four 10-ton capac-  lifting and lowering  of loads on deck
         continued from previous page                                          and underwater up to depths of up to
         2010  -  Building  on  Strengths,  focuses   ity  remotely  operated vehicle  (ROV)
         steel.” With the help of R&M’s team,                                  10,000 ft.—coupled with ambient con-
         on  accelerating  profitable  and  innova-  hooks  from  RUD  to  fulfill  two  major
         the wheel loads were spread out along                                 ditions, unpredictable currents  and
         tive  growth  of  the  company’s  specialties   subsea contracts recently—both in
         the runway with a long wheelbase end                                  difficult  lighting—presents  enormous
         portfolio. Market-driven growth,   the Gulf of Mexico. The products were
         truck and extended trolley gauge.                                     challenges. Further, the sector is near-
         innovation  and  increased  presence  in   sourced from RUD distributor LiftPull.
           Bohl was able to limit the allowable
         emerging  economies  are  key  drivers  of   First, Oceaneering used the hooks to   ly always time pressured and precision
         load of  the new crane in  certain  sec-                              is always fundamental to safety.”
         this strategy. The group has annual  install  long  baseline  (LBL) transpon-
         tions by installing R&M’s advanced                                      He added: “The new RUD ROV hook
                                            Wooden  bridge  at  River  Camp  by  St.  Joe  in  Panama  City,  Florida  using  stainless  steel  cable.
         sales  of  over  EUR  8  billion  and  employs   der frames, weighing 2,000 lbs. each, at
         safety features of zone control and col-                              provides two efficient lifting solutions for
         some 22,000 people worldwide. DSM   specified subsea locations. Oceaneering
         lision  avoidance  technology.  This  solu-                           demanding marine and offshore applica-
         ranks among the global leaders in  was contracted by a major offshore oil   Bridges  of  Tallahassee,  Florida  are  the
                                            driven markets, such as automotive,
         tion  would  restrict  the  weight  allowed                           tions.  Its  innovative  safety  mechanism
         many of its fields. The company is  and gas company to deploy  six LBL   recipients of the Ultra-tec Cable
                                            energy, electronics and industrial
         in certain zones of the runway that had                               makes it impossible to accidentally open
         headquartered in the Netherlands,  array Compatt frames (a transponder   Railing Design Award, according to
                                            filtration. The company operates in
         not  been  reinforced  for  20-tons,  while                           the hook. We serve as a DNV GL-quali-
         with  locations  in  Europe,  Asia,  Africa   used  for  high  precision  survey and   Raymond Kechely, vice president of
                                            more  than  45  facilities  worldwide  with
         also keeping all cranes on the runway                                 fied partner for marine and offshore ap-
         and  the  Americas.                construction  operations) and populate   The Cable Connection the manufac-
                                            headquarters in Newark, Delaware,
         a specified distance apart to ensure that   the array in 7,200 fsw using the 257   plications with a comprehensive range of
         About  W.L.  Gore  &  Associates,  Inc.
         no single  section of  the  runway could   USA. For more information, visit  turer of Ultra-tec  cable railing
                                                                               sling and lashing solutions.”
                                            ft.-long multi-purpose support vessel
           W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., a
         be overloaded. Haase commented that,         products.
                                                                                 RUD also offers a higher capacity, 25-
         technology solutions provider with  (MSV), Connor Bordelon.             The  award  was  given  for  the  design
                                              Dyneema is  a  registered  trademark
         “Radio control was added to make it eas-                              ton version of the ROV hook. Cheek said:
                                              In  a  second  contract  for  another  ma-
         nearly  $2  billion  in  sales  and  more  than   of  Royal  DSM  N.V.  and  fabrication  of  a  wooden  bridge  at
         ier for the operator to move the cranes                               “We intend to use the 10-ton capacity
         7,000 associates, specializes in   jor oil and gas company, the ROV hooks   River  Camp  by  St.  Joe  in  Panama  City,
                                              All other trademarks are the
         around  the  equipment.  The  collision                               hook for upcoming contracts; it is espe-
         fluoropolymer innovations that     were again used to install a rigid M-  Florida.  The  bridge  was  built  in  2005
                                            property  of  their  respective  owners.
         avoidance was added to keep the cranes                                cially useful for deploying and recover-
         improve  the  quality  of  life.  Over  its  47-  shape jumper and associated subsea   using stainless steel cable as the
         apart to avoid overloading the runways   Cable  Railing  Design       ing the ancillary equipment and frames
         year history, Gore has applied its  distribution hardware. Here, the hooks   railing  in-fill.
         and building steel as they were only de-  Award  announced            required to complete many of our proj-
         world-renowned expertise with      were used to make several smaller lifts of   According  to  Kechely,  the  award  is
         signed for one crane per bay.”                                        ects. However, we are also excited about
         membranes, fibers and laminates to  ancillary equipment and frames, weigh-  given  for  the  design  of  the  railing  in
                                              Goddard Specialty Construction of
           The Results
         thousands  of  products  in  performance-  ing between 5,500 lbs. and 10,000 lbs., in   the 25-ton version and see potential use
                                                                               relation to its setting and for the
                                            Peachtree City, Florida and Nature
           Bohl Crane and R&M collaborated   support of the jumper installation using   for it on future assignments.”
         to provide a unique solution to the ma-  the 309 ft.-long MSV Cade Candies.   appearance  and  quality  of  fabrication
                                                                                 For approx. 18 months, The Caldwell
         terial  handling  demands of  the  ever-  Dan  Cheek,  Engineering  Manager,   of the  railing. The  Cable  Connection
                                                                               Group and the RUD Group have united
         evolving TH Plastics’ facility. A custom   Subsea Projects Group at Oceaneering,   supplied  the  tensioners  and  mounting
                                                                               their sales and marketing activities in
         solution was provided that maximized   said: “We were looking for a safe and   devices  for  the  cable.  Nature  Bridges
                                                                               North America for material handling
         the existing building layout, increased   time-efficient solution to connect and dis-  built the bridge. Goddard Specialty
                                                                               and lifting  devices  within  a common
         productivity, and provided a safe op-  connect loads subsea using a ROV. We   Construction  installed  the  cables.
                                                                                 “Thin,  yet  strong  stainless  steel  cable
                                                                               was  the  perfect  choice  for  this  project,”
                                                                               explained Brian Fischer of Goddard
                                                                               Specialty Construction. “You hardly
                                                                               see the cable, so the view is unim-
                                                                               paired.”  Brian's  partner,  Don  Goddard,
                                                                               added,  “The  Cable  Connection  had  all
                                                                               the  right  stainless  steel  tensioners  and
                                                                               fittings  that  enabled  us  to  install  the
                                                                               cable  quickly  and  at  a  very  reasonable
                                                                               cost.  We  are  proud  of  this  project  and
                                                                               thrilled  to  receive  the  design  award.
                                                                               NEMA  calls  for  Vietnam
                                                                               admission  into  the  WTO
                                                                               as  soon  as  possible
                                                                                 NEMA, the National Electrical
                                                                               Manufacturers  Association,  has  hailed
                                                                               the  recent conclusion of negotiations
         Recovery of a subsea basket after jumper installation.  Recovery of a jumper connector running tool after jumper installation.
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