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         position. McClung explained that ongo-  cylinders enabled us to precisely posi-  customers have a need for the safe ex-
         ing collaboration with the Hydra-Slide   tion the transformer above its align-  ecution of such jack and slide projects,
         team was key to piecing the heavy rig-  ment marks, while  the synchronous   and the system allows us to complete
         ging puzzle together.              power  unit  allowed us  to safely syn-  these projects in a 100% safe manner.”
           He added: “It was the perfect solution   chronize all movements with the push   McClung led a team that included a
         for spanning the distance we had to   /  pull  cylinders,  as  well  as  all  move-  project manager, project engineer, su-
         slide the transformer. The push / pull   ments of our jacks.  A number of our   perintendent, power unit operator, and
                                                                               four  riggers.  Northwest,  which  origi-
                                                                               nally  purchased  the  Hydra-Slide sys-
                                                                               tem to meet a general need in its mar-
                                                                               ketplace for this type of project, also
                                                                               has  a 500-ton capacity Hydra-Slide
                                                                               turntable in its fleet.
                                                                               OZ Lifting Davit Crane
                                                                               Installed on Hospital
                                                                                 A davit  crane,  manufactured by OZ
                                                                               Lifting Products LLC, was installed
                                                                               by Hilmerson Safety on the rooftop of
                                                                               a major  regional  teaching  hospital lo-
                                                                               cated in Hastings, Minnesota recently.
                                                                                 The  1,200-lb. capacity OZ1200DAV,
                                                                               sourced  from OZ  distributor Sharrow
                                                                               Lifting Products, was the latest in a se-
                                                                               ries of products and services delivered
                                                                               to the facility by Hilmerson, which has
                                                                               provided rooftop fall protection solu-
                                                                               tions and training for the organization
                                                                               since 2011. Hilmerson has worked with
         Northwest  Crane Service Uses Hydra-Slide  System  for Transformer Project. The 18,607-lb.   its  partners  to pioneer  continued  im-
         transformer was installed in a live power station environment.                        continued on next page
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