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         recently a custom engineered 20-ton   was able to rise to those challenges   customized crane for the previously ex-
         double girder bridge crane as part of the   with the previously installed custom-  panded runway. They turned to R&M to
         overall solution to increase productivity   made 15-ton cranes and the 200 ft run-  assist in a custom solution to add the ad-
         and output by maximizing the exist-  way expansion project.           ditional crane while avoiding any major
         ing manufacturing space vertically and   However, as TH Plastics’ business con-  adjustments to the existing runways.
         horizontally. Each crane also needed to   tinued to grow through the years, the   Dave Haase, an Account Manager at
         be rated to Crane Manufacturers Asso-  manufacturing requirements grew as   Bohl Crane explained that like the 15-
         ciation of America (CMAA) Class C duty   well. The most recent lifting challenge to   ton cranes, the 20-ton crane would need
         which was required to meet the specific   resolve with an increased capacity up to   to be “stooled up” meaning that there
         challenges of the TH Plastics working   20-tons that would require an additional   would need to be a spacer added between
         environment.                       crane to be installed on the existing run-  the end truck and bridge girder to gain
           The Challenge                    way while maximizing the use of the al-  additional height of lift due to the low
           TH Plastics provided more than one   ready limited manufacturing space.   elevation of the existing runways in the
         challenge for Bohl Crane to contend   Not  only  was  the  additional weight   building. He also stated, “We do not do
         with over the past six years. Not only   from the 20-ton crane a challenge, but   many stooled bridge girder cranes, but
         were existing runways in the manu-  also limiting the allowable load of the   when we do, we note that the costs as-
         facturing area not utilizing the build-  new  crane  to sections  of runway  that   sociated with raising the entire runway
         ings full lifting capabilities, but some   were reinforced for a 20-ton load.  system are much higher than stooling
         of their custom machinery was taller   The Solution                   the crane itself.” However, this combi-
         than the runways  themselves which   In 2019, Bohl Crane provided the plas-  nation of stooling the crane with the in-
         posed major lifting issues. Bohl Crane   tics company with an additional 20-ton   creased capacity to 20-tons created addi-
                                                                               tional obstacles especially with the need
                                                                               to add the crane to the existing runway.
                                                                                 Haase stated that, “the 20-ton crane
                                                                               project required an engineering analy-
                                                                               sis of the existing building and runway
                                                                               systems.” He also added  that  due to
                                                                               the  analysis  results  “in  the  manufac-
                                                                               turing area, we completed  reinforce-
                                                                               ment of the existing runways and
                                                                               minimal  modifications  to  the  building
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