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         the requirements in YOKE’s products.
           The  steel’s  prior  austenite  grain
         boundary can be revealed after etching
         by picral solution. As shown in Figure
         1, the average grain size of prior aus-
         tenite in  YOKE 8625M steel is about
         15 μm, graded as fine grain (ASTM No.
         9). These fine grains also make an im-
         portant contribution  to the steel’s ex-
         cellent mechanical properties.
           For  more  information:  info@mail. &
         U.S. Construction Firm
         Lauds Versatility of
         Modulift Beams
           Modulift spreader beams combined
         with other rigging equipment in 19 dif-
         ferent configurations to complete over
         200 lifts during modular construction
         of the citizenM  Hotel in South  Lake
         Union, Seattle, Washington recently.
           citizenM  employed a construction   Versatility of Modulift Beams: Spreader beams were used in 19 different configurations in
         method that involved piecing together   200+ lifts. Photo: Mortenson
         modular parts that were manufac-   each time—and  228 in total through-  key modular building, which would
         tured by Modulift’s customer, Polcom,   out the project.              eventually boast meeting rooms, a liv-
         of  Poland.  The  seven-storey  building   Construction  firm  Mortenson,  which   ing room, bar area, and gym, in addition
         includes  six  floors  of  modular  units,   has built over 100 hotels across North   to the luxury bedrooms that represented
         each one requiring 19 unique lifts—the   America, accepted a scope of work as   the majority of the lifts by tower crane.
         beam and sling lengths were different   general contractor to assemble the 264   Jack  McCaskill,  project  engineer,

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