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         News continued from previous page  with the safe working load (SWL).   with the battery  cover plate  missing,
                                              PT.  Dalaz  Teknik  Utama, which   making the dynamometer suitable for
         Straightpoint and Crosby           delivered thorough reports to the cus-  use in the harshest environments. It is
         Combine on FPSO Project            tomer using SP’s latest technology, is   SP’s best-selling product. In this case,
           PT. Dalaz Teknik Utama used a 12t   a specialist provider of inspection and   measurements  were  taken  on  a wire-
         capacity Radiolink plus Straightpoint   certification services, chiefly to the oil   less Hand Held plus.
         (SP) load cell and a Crosby shackle of   and gas market. Founded in  2014, it
         the same capacity to complete a series   primarily focusses  on lifting activi-  Northwest Crane Service
         of  tests during  fabrication  of  a power   ties and non-destructive testing. Force   Uses Hydra-Slide System
         generator module at a Wasco  Energy   measurement  technologies  are  a  key   for Transformer Project
         fabrication yard in Indonesia.     component of day-to-day activities.  Oklahoma, U.S.-based Northwest
           PT. Dalaz Teknik  Utama overcame   Dovi Suprayetno, Country Manager   Crane Service, LLC (Northwest) uti-
         limited access and a tight time sched-  at Siaptek Indonesia, an SP distributor,   lized a 500-ton capacity Hydra-Slide
         ule to complete over 200 force measure-  said: “The demands placed upon a test-  HT500 heavy track hydraulic skidding
         ment tasks primarily related to lifting   ing company by the oil and gas sector   system to install  a 118,607-lb. trans-
         equipment, padeyes  and monorails.   are widespread. Not only do we have to   former at a live power station  in  its
         The mechanical handling test and cer-  deliver  our  work  in  a  hazardous  envi-  home state recently (September).
         tification-based scope of work was de-  ronment, but we’re often put under in-  Northwest put the HT500 at the heart
         livered to the project as a floating pro-  creased pressure by access offshore, con-  of a successful tender, awarded by a ma-
         duction storage and offloading (FPSO)   fined spaces and generally fitting in with   jor U.S. freight forwarder. The principle
         unit is prepared for work in the North   the scheduling of a fast-moving sector.”  challenges in sliding the  22.9  ft.-long,
         Sea’s Kraken Oil Field.              Suprayetno explained that SP, a   8.7 ft.-wide,  12.6  ft.-high transformer
           Each component of the main engine   Crosby company, is pioneering contin-  were created by limited site access, a
         had to be weighed, including the turbo-  ued progression away from mechanical   significant slope, and a live substation
         charger (3,575kg), air cooler (610kg),   dial scales and the latest ATEX / IECEx   environment with energized electrical
         cylinder head (1,250kg), piston (255kg)   products are perfectly suited to applica-  equipment in close proximity to the sur-
         and camshaft gear wheel (685kg). The   tions in the oil and gas market. The Ra-  rounding work area and overhead.
         wide-ranging project also included   diolink plus, he said, boasts a separate   The HT500 is frequently chosen as
         painting of monorails,  padeyes and   internal sealed enclosure providing the   the  most cost-effective  and accurate
         the engine  room gantry crane,  while   load cell’s  electronic  components with   tool for moving, loading or unload-
         all lifting equipment had to be marked   IP67 environmental  protection even   ing all types of heavy loads, including
                                                                               transformers, generators, compressors,
                                                                               pressure  vessels  and other machines
                                                                               where  a rigid,  load carrying  track  is
                                                                               required.  In this instance,  Northwest
                                                                               also employed  Hydra-Slide’s Hydra-
                                                                               Pac synchronous hydraulic power unit,
                                                                               oak timber mats, jacks, and rigging
                                                                               gear to complete the project.
                                                                                 Jimmy McClung, Project Manager
                                                                               at Northwest, said: “The site provided
                                                                               very limited access for the work  and
                                                                               was  sloped  significantly.  As  such,  we
                                                                               had to account for the variation in
                                                                               height in our slide track support plans.
                                                                               However, as always, we had to execute
                                                                               each stage of the job one step at a time;
                                                                               our first task was to receive the trans-
                                                                               former at the site on third-party truck-
                                                                               ing equipment.”
                                                                                 He continued: “We had to jack it up
                                                                               from the trailer, install the slide track,
                                                                               slide it 50 ft. to align with the pad, jack
                                                                               it up to remove the slide track equip-
                                                                               ment,  and jack  the  transformer  down
                                                                               onto the pad—with a maximum ¼-in.
                                                                               tolerance to the center-lines. We were
                                                                               also tasked with the unload of three
                                                                               loads of accessories by forklift truck.”
                                                                                 The 20 ft. by 4 ft. by 12 in. oak timber
                                                                               mats supported the track,  which  was
                                                                               used in 20 ft. and 10 ft. sections, at a
                                                                               height of 5 ft. at its highest point. Chain
                                                                               slings were used to remove those track
         The Straightpoint and Crosby products were used where confined space and limited access   sections from beneath the transformer,
         were just two problems to overcome.                                   once it was over the final installation

         54     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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