Page 54 - Wire Rope News & Sling Technology - February 2020
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         continued from previous page         Recently Bohl  Crane completed a   ment over the past six years in  their
         PO booth F100911 in the Festival Hall.  third major custom engineered over-  engineering  and design plans to as-
           For more information, visit their   head lifting equipment installation   sist TH Plastics to incorporate several
         website at        at TH Plastics,  Inc’s  Bowling  Green,   new overhead lifting systems into their
                                            Ohio plant location. TH Plastics is an   manufacturing process.
         Bohl Continues History             injection molding company that manu-  The Application
         of R&M Installations at            factures  decorative solutions  for  the   In 2013, Bohl Crane developed a spe-
         Plastics Firm                      appliance, automotive, industrial and   cialized lifting solution for the manufac-
           Bohl Crane has been an R&M Mate-  consumer products industries. Part of   turing  floor  at  TH  Plastics  by  install-
         rials  Handling Master Distributor  for   TH Plastics’ mission statement is to   ing a custom-built 15-ton double girder
         over 20 years, and in that time, they   provide quality products at a competi-  bridge crane. Since that time, they have
         have used R&M’s crane components to   tive price  using  the  newest  technolo-  provided two additional customized 15-
         partner with  thousands  of companies   gies and world class quality systems all   ton double girder bridge cranes, a 200
         to provide custom solutions  for over-  in a safe working  environment. Bohl   ft extension to the runway and conduc-
         head lifting challenges and projects.   Crane has mirrored that mission state-  tor  electrification  system,  and  most

                                   Bohl Crane custom engineered overhead lifting equipment installations.
         54     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2020
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