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         gram, and every candidate has to com-  tified  rigging  inspection  and  training.   in the market and allows our team to
         plete  registration  and  application.  We   Effective immediately,  Denver Wire   continue to provide excellent service
         manage that process all the way to the   Rope &  Supply will  operate as  Maz-  and products to our  valued customer
         cards in their wallet. We also track their   zella / Denver Wire Rope. Terms of the   base and expand our  offering,”  says
         individual credentials,” said Dickinson.  transaction are not being disclosed.  Ken  Gubanich,  President  of Denver
           In addition to NCCER  sponsorship   “Denver  Wire  Rope  &  Supply  will   Wire Rope & Supply.
         services and custom training develop-  complement the wide range of products   “Over the years, we have had numer-
         ment, CIS also offers open enrollment   and services that Mazzella Companies   ous  companies show  interest in pur-
         classes for Mobile Crane Operator, Ba-  offers. We are dedicated to being a sin-  chasing  Denver  Wire  Rope & Supply,
         sic Rigger, and Advanced Rigger.   gle-source provider for rigging products,   none seemed to be the right fit. We are
           For more information about Crane   overhead cranes, rigging inspections,   looking forward to becoming a part of
         Industry Services, LLC go to their web-  and rigging training. Both companies   an aggressive, passionate, and progres-
         site:  commit  to  a  customer-first  mentality,   sive organization. As a family business
                                            providing the highest-quality products,   for over 36 years,  it is important to
         Mazzella Companies                 and leading by example when it comes   us  that  our  customers/friends,  suppli-
         Acquires Denver Wire Rope          to safety and sharing our expertise with   ers, and team members continue to be
         & Supply                           customers and the market,” says Tony   treated  with  first-class  service,  prod-
           Mazzella Lifting Technologies, a Maz-  Mazzella, CEO of Mazzella Companies.  ucts,  and employment opportunities.
                                                                               Again, we are very enthusiastic about
         zella Company,  is  pleased  to announce   This acquisition will provide Mazzel-  our future and look forward to being a
         the acquisition of Denver Wire Rope &   la Lifting Technologies with a western   quality supplier for your crane, safety
         Supply. This acquisition will strengthen   U.S. location that will allow them to   training, rigging, and hoisting needs
         Mazzella’s footprint west of the Missis-  grow and expand their reach past the   for years to come,” says Gubanich.
         sippi River and reinforce Mazzella’s com-  Oklahoma City market.        “We wish  Ed and Carol Gubanich
         mitment to be a one-stop resource for   “Our team and family are excited to   all the best in their retirement. We
         lifting and rigging services and solutions.  be part of the Mazzella Companies.   welcome  Ken  and the other second
           Denver Wire Rope & Supply has been   This acquisition strengthens our place   and third-generation Gubanich family
         in business  since  1983 and services  a                              members, as well as the entire Denver
         variety of industries out of their loca-                              Wire Rope Team, into the Mazzella or-
         tion in Denver, CO. Denver Wire Rope                                  ganization,” says Mazzella.
         & Supply is a leading supplier of rig-                                  For more information visit their web-
         ging products, crane and hoist service,                               site:
         below-the-hook lifting devices, and cer-                                             More News on next page
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