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              SAFE, MAGNETIC
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         Chromium-Molybdenum (Ni-Cr-Mo)     samples of components are tested at   satisfy the requirement for the Grade
         steels.  The  Grade  80  lifting  chain  fit-  1.5 times the working load limit for   100  safety lifting components, includ-
         tings have been the most popular prod-  20,000  cycles. (Caption: Some special   ing the mechanical  strength,  impact
         ucts in the lifting industry in the past   types have to be tested at low tempera-  toughness, fatigue property, etc. Mean-
         decades. All the Grade 80 products are   tures below -40°C. All samples have to   while, YOKE 8625M steel also exhibits
         tested in accordance with the Standards   be tempered at 400°C maintained for a   excellent properties of forging, welding,
         of ASTM A952/A952M-02 and EN1677-  period of 1 hour before various testing.)  and machining.
         1:2000. Their standard criteria are de-  In YOKE Industrial Corporation, the   Alloying Design and Material
         scribed below.                     SAE  8620 steels  (provided by  China   Analysis of YOKE 8625M Steel
           (1) The lifting components have to be   Steel  Corporation,  Taiwan)  are  used   It is well known that the HSLA steels
         formed by using forging a technique. All   as the raw materials for the Grade 80   can  improve their  various  properties
         the forging parts have also been detect-  safety  lifting components. These SAE   by addition of different alloy elements.
         ed by using the NDT tests of magnaflux   8620  steels can well-satisfy the re-  Ni element can increase  the impact
         crack,  eddy current  and/or ultrasonic   quirement for the Grade 80 safety lift-  toughness  and Mn,  Cr,  Mo  elements
         detections.  These  HSLA steels  must   ing components. Even after tempering   can  raise  the  hardenability.  By add-
         comprise at  least 2 elements among   at  temperatures  higher  than  400°C,   ing appropriate amounts of these alloy
         Ni, Cr and Mo elements. Their compo-  the SAE 8620 steels still exhibit well-  elements, the material properties can
         sition criteria are Ni ≥ 0.4%, Cr ≥ 0.4%,   satisfied  strength  for  Grade  80  safety   be  significantly  improved.  The  chemi-
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         Mo ≥ 0.15%, P ≤ 0.030%, S ≤ 0.030% and   lifting  components.  The  SAE 8620   cal compositions of YOKE 8625M steel
         Al ≥ 0.025%.                       steels also exhibit excellent properties   were properly designed to satisfy all
                                                                            related to wire rope and slings?
           (2) Grain size of Austenite: in ac-  of forging, welding, and machining.            continued on next page
         cordance with the standard of EN ISO   To upgrade the product’s performance
         643, the  grain  size  grade should  be   and safety, it is important to develop
         finer than 5.                      the HSLA steels with higher strength,
           (3) Mechanical property testing:   fracture toughness and hardenability.
         MPF, 2 × WLL (in accordance with   YOKE Industrial Corporation has been
         ASTM A952/A952M-02)  2.5 × WLL (in   energetically engaged in developing the
         accordance  with EN1677-1:2000);  BF,   Grade 100 HSLA steels for many years.
         4 × WLL. (MPF: Manufacturing  Proof   Consequently, YOKE 8625M steel has
         Force, WLL: Working Load Limit, BF:   been successfully  developed  for high-
         Breaking Force)                    grade lifting components. The products
           (4) Dynamic Fatigue Testing: Batch   made of YOKE 8625M steel can well-

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