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         continued from previous page       to do that training for our accredita-  ject Matter Experts (SMEs). The NC-
         ern’s director of safety. CIS’s expertise   tion. You can’t ask for any better expe-  CER programs are endorsed by the Na-
         in training and qualifying trainers   rience,” said White.            tional Craft Professionals Association.
         was important to White. “Not only did   Under  CIS’s NCCER sponsorship,   NCCER’s crane operator certifications
         they ensure we comply with NCCER,   companies have access to training and   are ANSI accredited and OSHA recog-
         but they also showed us the right way   assessments  backed by teams of Sub-  nized, which meets current compliance
                                                                                 As a sponsoring organization, CIS of-
                                                                               fers its clients cost savings and a long
                                                                               list  of  administrative  benefits.  Com-
                                                                               panies may train and assess their em-
                                                                               ployees in more than 70 different craft
                                                                               and construction  management areas.
                                                                               The process  makes  sense  for contrac-
                                                                               tors that specialize in building power
                                                                               plants, commercial buildings and gov-
                                                                               ernment facilities.
                                                                                 Managing credentials can be quite
                                                                               labor intensive. “We handle their appli-
                                                                               cation  for  assessment,  the  reporting  of
                                                                               assessment results, the processing of as-
                                                                               sessments, and verification of individual
                                                                               credentials for every person in their or-
                                                                               ganization,” explains Debbie Dickinson,
                                                                               CEO of CIS. CIS also manages the audit-
                                                                               ing process, conducting an inventory of
                                                                               exams every 30 days and maintaining all
                                                                               records necessary for audit completion.
                                                                                 As a part of its NCCER sponsorship
                                                                               services, CIS works with the organiza-
                                                                               tion to train its in-house instructors. “We
         CIS Sponsors In-House Accredited Training & Assessment.               conduct  an instructor  certification  pro-
         52     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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