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         continued from previous page       other as a representative of the associ-
         over 260 guests at a gala event staged   ation. The integrity of the awards must
         on the first night of last week’s LiftEx   be absolute. Beyond that, with regards
         trade show in Milton Keynes, UK.   to the Safety Award, it can’t be subjec-
           Sponsored  by lifting  and rigging   tive; there are objective measurements.
         equipment provider Rigging Services,   A single nominee wouldn’t guarantee a
         it was one of eight trophies to be given   winner, nor would the judges have be-
         out on the evening as LEEA, the lead-  stowed the honour upon the best of a
         ing authority in the industry, used   bad bunch. Thus, it must have been the
         its flagship event to make a definitive   opinion of the panel [comprising senior
         move to recognize  member companies   LEEA management and  honorary  life
         and individual representatives for   members] that SP were truly deserv-  Fig.1: The prior austenite grain boundary of
         their  success  against  specific  judging   ing—and that warrants sincere  com-  YOKE 8625M steel.
         criteria.                          mendation.”
           SP  was also  shortlisted  in  the  Ap-  In a statement prepared for media,
         prentice of the Year, Innovative Prod-  Dr. Ross Moloney, CEO at LEEA, said:
         uct of the Year, Sustainable Solution   “The LEEA Awards is all about recog-
         of the Year, and Unsung Hero catego-  nising  the excellence  of our  members
         ries. Customer Service, Manager of the   and showcasing it to the global lifting
         Year, and the Kevin Holmes Award (a   industry and to end user markets. The
         memorial accolade developed to reward   response has been overwhelmingly
         companies, teams, and individuals who   positive—from the high  number and
         display excellence  in  people develop-  impressive  standard of  entries  to  an
         ment) completed the list of honours.  outstanding turnout for an incredible
           Doug  Price,  Technical  Manager  at   evening.  I thank  all those companies
         Rigging Services,  presented David   and individuals that took the time to   Fig.2. The Jominy curves for YOKE 8625M
         Ayling, Director at SP, with the hefty   enter. Congratulations to all the final-  steel and SAE 8620 steel.
         piece of silverware.  Celebrity guest   ists and, of course,  the winners  and   al. The raw materials for lifting chains
         speaker  Matt Dawson,  a retired Eng-  special thanks to our sponsors for their   and fittings are high strength low alloy
         land rugby union player and now a   outstanding support.”             (HSLA) steels, especially the Nickel-
         familiar  face  on  UK  television,  joined   For more information about Straight-
         them on  stage. The  evening  was  also   point visit
         notable for raising  over £2,000 for
         Great Ormond Street Hospital.      YOKE 8625M Steel-
           Ayling said: “The concept generally  an Advanced High
         was well received and from a member’s  Performance Alloy Steel
         perspective the evening was a great   Developed for Grade 100
         success,  befitting  of  an  excellent  Lif-  Lifting Chain Fittings
         tEx in totality. To emerge victorious in   YOKE 8625M steel, newly developed
         the safety category was overwhelming   by YOKE  Industrial  Corporation,  be-
         given LEEA’s stature in  the industry   longs to an advanced high strength low
         and the extent to which  safety is in   alloy steel. By appropriate addition of
         our  company’s DNA.  We underscore   Mn,  Cr, Mo, Ni elements, the YOKE
         our work with the mantra ‘making the   8625M alloy steel can exhibit excellent
         lifting industry a safer place’ and what   mechanical strength, toughness  and
         stronger endorsement could there be
         that we’re meeting that objective?”  hardenability. This alloy steel has been
           Safety as priority               used for several high quality products
           Paul Fulcher,  Director  at Rigging   of lifting components, which need high
         Services, said: “Safety has always been   strength and low-temperature tough-
         a number  one  priority at our  compa-  ness. Here we will discuss the effects of
         ny; for employees, that’s inculcated in   heat treatment on YOKE 8625M steel,
         them from their first day. Sponsorship   including the microstructure,  harden-
         of  this  award  was  therefore  natural   ability, mechanical strength and im-
         in that it encapsulates our own ethos   pact  toughness.  The  450°C  tempering
         and we would likely find ourselves kin-  of  YOKE  8625M steel  quenched  from
         dred spirits with the eventual winners.   870°C  can  exhibit  an  excellent  over-
         We’re  honoured  to  be associated with   all performance, including mechanical
         LEEA; the awards concept, which de-  strength and impact toughness.
         fines its work; and the safety-centricity   Research and Development
         of this particularly category.”    of Grade 100 Safety Lifting
           Fulcher, who is also halfway through   Accessories
         a two-year tenure as LEEA chairman,   The  lifting  chains  and  fittings  have
         added: “I had two reasons for offering   been used widely in the fields of archi-
         my congratulations to David and SP—  tecture, construction, transportation,
         one with my company hat on and the   petro-chemistry, mining and fishing, et

         52     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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