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         ing was previously not an option to ac-  tended audience;             supported submission from LEEA. The
         cess a range of studies.             • Take-up and enrollment  that met   LEEA Academy is a first class example
           Since the Academy’s  introduction,   or exceeded objectives;        of a development program with truly
         over 1000 qualifications have been is-  • Wider  benefits  to  the  industry  of   international reach and the dedication
         sued to LEEA members worldwide.    the program;                       of the LEEA team that delivers it de-
           The  Association  Excellence  Awards   • High loyalty retention and referral   serves the highest praise.”
         judges were looking for a professional   rates;                         Andrew Wright, LEEA’s Deputy CEO,
         learning and development programme   • Further  advancement of the  asso-  commented: “We are very proud to have
         established by a trade association that   ciation’s aims.             received this award against strong com-
         responds to the needs of its members   In announcing LEEA as the winner   petition and I would like to thank the
         and/or  a  wider  circulation.  Evidence   of the Bronze Award, the host of the   entire LEEA team who, through their
         was  sought  of innovation,  expertise   Association  Excellence  Awards  2019,   engagement, commitment and support
         and success in all areas including:  author  and  broadcaster Dominic  Hol-  for the LEEA Academy, are helping to
           • Strong communication of the pro-  land, stated: “The Awards judges were   raise engineering standards and safety
         gram’s  USP  and  benefits  to  the  in-  impressed by an  excellent  and well   at sites across the world.”
                                                                                 For  more information about LEEA
                                                                               visit their website at
                                                                               CIS Sponsors In-House
                                                                               Accredited Training &
                                                                                 As an NCCER sponsoring organiza-
                                                                               tion, Crane Industry Services,  LLC
                                                                               (CIS) can help companies benefit from
                                                                               accreditation. In addition to sponsor-
                                                                               ing other crane  and rigging training
                                                                               providers, CIS now  sponsors  Graycor
                                                                               Southern Inc. (GSI), a heavy industrial
                                                                               contractor based in Atlanta, GA.
                                                                                 “Sponsorship was important to us,”
                                                                               says John Paul White, Graycor South-
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