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                                                                When it comes to rigging, lifting, or hoisting,
                                                                quality speaks for itself.  At Alps  we’ve been
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                                                                efficient wire rope since 1968.  Quality rings true
                                                                in our products and people – making your job
                                                                easier.  That’s why Alps is...

                                                               “ T he P innacle of Q ualit y ”

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         tem will lift up to 300t.          the horizon; the lift was a success and  Straightpoint Wins Rigging
           John Ball, Business Development   the lifting frame concept was perfect   Services-Sponsored LEEA
         Manager at LGH, said: “We presented   for the job in hand.”           Safety Award
         MCS with the frame option versus the   MCS provides national coverage with   Load cell manufacturer Straightpoint
         alternative, which was a one-over-two   a diverse fleet of cranes ranging in ca-  (SP) won the inaugural Lifting Equip-
         lift. Conveniently, the bell tower was   pacity from 25t to 1,000t.   ment  Engineers  Association  (LEEA)
         contained within a scaffold, on top of a   For more information about Modulift   Safety Award,  presented  in  front  of
         skid that provided the lifting points. It   go to                   continued on next page
         had a perfect centre of gravity, and the
         crane rental company provided us with
         all the necessary dimensions and specs
         about the load to prescribe the below-
         the-hook solution.”
           Matthew Ferns, Business Develop-
         ment  Manager  at  MCS,  which  also
         supplied the slings and accompanying
         rigging gear, said: “[The LTM 1100-5.1]
         was the smallest crane we could get to
         do the job in hand. We also had to deal
         with the fact that this was a grade two-
         listed building and the gate we had to get
         through limited us to a smaller selection
         of cranes due to width restrictions. The
         height of the building was 14m but we
         needed to achieve 17m of reach with the
         crane to get the tower onto the building;
         the crane stand-off was 11m.”
           He added:  “The frame enabled  us
         to complete the lift with no problems.
         This  was  our  first  time  working  with
         both Conlon and LGH, but I am sure   (left to right): Dr. Ross Moloney, CEO at LEEA; David Ayling, director at SP; Doug Price, technical
         there are more such collaborations on   manager at Rigging Services; and Matt Dawson.

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