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                                            Modulift Spreader Frame            refurbishment. The bell tower was re-
                                            Lifts Iconic Bell Tower            moved after the fire and has since sat
                                              A modular spreader frame was key   outside the entrance enclosed within a
                                            to lifting the 4.2t bell tower back into   3.5m (11.5 ft.) by 3.5m scaffold. Upon
                                            place,  as  restoration  of  Manchester’s   renovation, it has finally been restored
                                            Wythenshawe  Hall  continues  follow-  to its rightful place.
                                            ing  a  devastating  fire  that  nearly  de-  Spreader frames are recommended
                                            stroyed the 16th Century mansion two   for  loads that have  more  than  two
                                            years ago.                         lifting  points;  they can  also  be used
                                              The 3m by 3m centrepiece of the re-  when headroom is limited. The CMOD
                                            build was contract lifted to its 14m-high   concept is designed to expand  the ca-
                                            position  atop  the  landmark  site  by a   pabilities  of the manufacturer’s exist-
                                            100t capacity Liebherr LTM 1100-5.1   ing product range; the struts from the
                                            telescopic boom crane, supplied by con-  beam are  combined  with  four  corner
                                            tract lifting company Mobile Crane Ser-  units  to complete the frame. Custom-
                                            vices (MCS). Beneath the hook, a Modu-  ers  that already have  Modulift  struts
                                            lift CMOD 24 spreader frame, provided   can reuse them with the corner units to
                                            by Lifting Gear Hire (LGH), was posi-  achieve four-point lifts.
                                            tioned above the load’s four pick points.  Individually, MOD 24 beams can lift
         LEEA CEO Ross Moloney at the LEEA Awards  MCS  worked  closely  with  Conlon   up to 24t at 5m (17 ft.) and up to 8m
                                            Construction, the main contractor on   (26 ft.) at a lower capacity. The frame
         continued from previous page       the project, to plan the lift, which was   concept is currently available from the
         of  William Hackett Lifting  Products   a  significant  milestone  in  the  hall’s   CMOD 6 up to the CMOD 250. The sys-
           Customer Service: Service Through
         Knowledge  – Ranger Lifting-Rigging-
           Innovative  Product of the Year
         (Sponsored  by  Andron  Handling):
         Industrial Training International (ITI)
         for its ITI VR Crane & Equipment
         Training Simulators.
           Manager of the Year: Oliver Aus-
         ton of Checkmate Lifting and Safety.
           Safety Award (Sponsored by Rig-
         ging Services): Straightpoint UK Ltd.
           Sustainable Solution of the Year
         (Sponsored by William Hackett Lift-
         ing Products Limited) -joint win-
         ners:  Certex UK and Lloyd’s British
         - A Speedy Business.
           Unsung  Hero  Sponsored  by  LHI
           Gerry Miller of Scotia Handling Ser-
         vices Limited.
           Kevin Holmes Award
           Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformance
           Dr.  Ross Moloney, CEO of the Lift-
         ing Engineers Equipment  Association
         (LEEA) said: “The LEEA  Awards is
         all about recognizing the excellence of
         our members and showcasing it to the
         global lifting industry and to end user
         markets. The response has been over-
         whelmingly  positive – from the  high
         number and impressive standard of
         entries to an outstanding turnout for
         an incredible evening. I thank all those
         companies  and individuals  that took
         the  time to enter.  Congratulations to
         all the finalists and, of course, the win-
         ners and special thanks to our sponsors
         for their outstanding support.”
           For more information about LEEA,
         visit             A 100t capacity Liebherr LTM 1100-5.1 telescopic boom crane raises the frame and the bell tower.

         50     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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