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         continued from previous page       LTM mobile cranes, while event part-  cate programs at technical or vocational
         rigging  and  transportation  business   ners will round out the event with rig-  schools. There are six grant application
         unique. But it’s also about practical,   ging, transportation, logistics and engi-  deadlines per year, as well as funding
         safety-focused education. One new ac-  neering stations.              for  training  through  SC&R  Founda-
         tivity that BOSS Crane & Rigging and   Education and training grants provid-  tion’s Partners in Education—Associat-
         Bennett International Group showcased   ed by SC&R Foundation are available   ed Training Services, Crane Inspection
         was a blind spot demonstration using a   for  students  pursuing  skills  or  certifi-  & Certification Bureau, Morrow Equip-
         tractor-trailer. The station objective is to                          ment Company, National Commission
         communicate the importance of safety                                  for the Certification of Crane Operators,
         in transporting loads, as well as create                              and Industrial Training International.
         awareness for the general public about                                Learn more at
         how vehicles on the road can disappear
         from the truck driver’s view. “Customers                              LEEA Academy receives
         expect their freight to arrive at a destina-                          prestigious recognition
         tion without damages – and the motor-                                   LEEA - the Lifting Equipment Engi-
         ing public expects trucks to be safe out                              neers Association – received a Bronze
         on the roads – even when cars aren’t al-                              Award in the ‘Best Learning and Pro-
         ways,” said Kris Rzepkowski, Executive                                fessional Development’ category at the
         Director of Marketing for Bennett Inter-                              Association  Excellence  Awards  2019,
         national Group.                                                       which took place recently in London.
           Meanwhile, as a manufacturer,                                         The Award recognizes the success of
         Liebherr will have an opportunity                                     the LEEA Academy which was launched
         to  demonstrate the role  service and                                 in 2016 and offers a range of courses de-
         technical  support  plays  in  the  indus-                            signed to raise standards in the exami-
         try.  Stations  include  instruction  on                              nation and inspection of in-service lift-
         hydraulic and electronic troubleshoot-                                ing equipment across the world.
         ing. The company’s training centers                                     Courses are delivered  either online,
         turn out service personnel equipped to                                at a member’s premises or at LEEA’s
         help owners get the best performance                                  national training school  in Hunting-
         and safety out of their equipment.                                    don. In addition, combined training
           Liebherr will showcase Liebherr tow-  Students got an opportunity to sit at the con-  events have been developed  to allow
                                            trols of small cranes during the May 2019 event
         er  cranes,  LRT rough-terrain  cranes,   hosted by Boulter Industrial Contractors, Inc.  members for whom face-to-face learn-
         50     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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