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                                 Still made in the USA!

                                                                                     POC 3500-94
                                                                                     3 /2" capacity, power-operated
                                                                                     Cuts 3 /2" wire rope in 40 seconds!
                                                                                     Also available in 2 /2", 1 /4", 1 /8"
                  Model 1                                                                    POC 2500-80
                  3 /4" capacity                                                             2 /2" capacity,
                                                                                             power operated
                                                   Model 1A
                                                   1 /16" capacity                             C-1750
                                                                                               1 /4" capacity
                         Model 2                                 POC 1125-80
                         1 /2" capacity                          1 /8" capacity, power-operated

                                                Morse-Starrett Products Company
                                                   184 NW 10th St, Meridian, Idaho 83642
                                   PH: (208) 888-7571  •  FAX: (208) 888-2092  •  sales@  •

         aware of a solution to move the cabin   range, and  a  400-ton  capacity  LP400   tion is not only the safest but the most
         from the crane radius to the founda-  low profile skidding system make up the   cost effective method of moving heavy
         tions. Upon discovery of the Berard /   fleet. It also owns self-propelled modu-  cargo in confined spaces.”
         Hydra-Slide solution,  we  mobilized in   lar transporters, highway transporters,   Berard is headquartered in  New
         only three days to avoid additional re-  and other heavy rigging equipment.  Iberia with a second Louisiana site in
         duction in river levels; we were onsite   Brett  Berard  said:  “We  first  pur-  Morgan  City and  additional facilities
         for one day.”                      chased the HT300 system due to the   in Houston, Texas and Theodore, Ala-
           Hydra-Slide’s heavy track  skidding   simple design and likely frequency  of   bama.
         systems are one  of the most cost-ef-  use; most cargo utilizing skid systems   For more information go to their web-
         fective, accurate, and safe methods for   is less than 600,000 lbs. However, the   site at
         moving, loading, or unloading all types   whole  fleet  has  helped  us  to  win  con-
         of heavy loads where a rigid, load car-  tracts  where  we  wouldn’t  have  been  And the Winners are:
         rying  track  is required.  In this  case,   successful  if  presenting  alternative   Lifting Equipment Engineers Asso-
         the HT300 combined with a hydraulic   technologies and methods as solutions.   ciation  (LEEA) members from  across
         jacking system, jacks, and cribbing to   The myriad of benefits we were able to   the sector were rewarded for their out-
         complete the slide.                offer the client in the old tugboat cabin   standing performance, professionalism
           The  unit  was  the  first  of  three  sys-  move are testament to that.”  and excellence at the inaugural LEEA
         tems from the Canadian manufacturer   He concluded: “Most clients are over-  Awards 2018.
         Berard has acquired—and it remains   thinking a solution—large cranes, the   Over 260 guests enjoyed the pres-
         the  flagship  product.  A  500-ton  capac-  infamous ‘mega heavy lift helicopter’—  tigious event, which took place at the
         ity HT500, also from the heavy track   when in reality the simplistic skid solu-  DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Milton
                                                                               Keynes on the evening of November 14.
                                                                               Hosted by celebrity and former  Eng-
                                                                               land Rugby star, Matt Dawson,  the
                                                                               occasion raised £1,153.50 for Great Or-
                                                                               mond Street Hospital.
                                                                                 A total of eight awards were present-
                                                                               ed and the winners were:
                                                                                 Apprentice of the Year - joint win-
                                                                               ners:  Laurence  James of  Calder  Lift-
                                                                               ing Services Limited and James Hume
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