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         Straightpoint Recognizes             This (last) year’s winners are spread   versus the Americas, so be it. We look for
         Top 2019 Distributors              across the globe with a plaque custom-  the efficiency with which companies deal

           Straightpoint (SP), a Crosby Group   ized for each winner being sent to re-  with enquiries, the ideas they’ve shared,
         company, has recognized the outstand-  cipients  in  the  Americas;  Asia-Pacific   the extent to which they’ve supported
         ing  achievement of  12 regional  dis-  (APAC); and Europe, the Middle East   our promotional campaigns by sharing
         tributors. The awards, given annually,   and Africa (EMEA).           photos and case studies, and so on.”
         reflect  the  performance  and  merit  of   Ayling said: “We try to ensure that   Ayling recalled notable case studies
         global partners during 2019.       there is a spread of geographies repre-  throughout the year, including Ontario-
           In each case, SP named a company   sented but, again, we don’t want to de-  based Equipment Corps Inc.’s use of a
         and stated how it had pioneered success   tract from the essence of the award. If   dozen wireless load cells to raise a pair of
         in a particular region. David Ayling,   more people win it in APAC one year           continued on next page
         Global Business Development Direc-
         tor for load monitoring solutions at SP,
         stressed  that  financial  performance  is
         only a secondary judging criteria, which
         is largely overlooked in favor of a wider
         commitment to SP values.
           Ayling said: “We have been distribut-
         ing the awards for a number of years.
         Importantly, this isn’t a revenue com-
         petition; they might be 20th on the list
         in  financial  terms  but  in  our  ‘top  five’
         based on the criteria we deem of greater
         significance as they pertain to this con-
         cept. We reward distributors and part-
         ners that have dedicated themselves to
         the partnership and adopted the ethos
         that we live by here at SP. Winners
         must have excelled in representing our
         product  range  in  their  marketplace,
         while sharing the DNA that we look for
         in our own staff at UK headquarters.”  Canada’s Equipment Corps with the award.

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