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                                        Tapering and Annealing Machines
                                        • 3 models for maximum wire rope diameter 26, 36, and 44mm.
                                        • Easy Operation! Tension the wire rope and step on the foot pedal to
                                         watch the annealing process begin. As the rope heats, slowly turn
                                         the large hand wheel to twist and taper the rope until cut in half.
                                        • Allows annealing and tapering different sizes of wire rope by
                                         adjusting the distance between the machine chucks.

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         measure service for customers.     Events                             in applicants for hands on jobs such as
           Short delivery times               Lift  &  Move  USA,  featuring  career   technicians, operators and riggers. It is
           LIFTEUROP’s short delivery times   paths for specialized transportation,   our pleasure to host Lift & Move USA to
         are  another  way  in  which  they set   crane, rigging, and machinery moving   inspire the next generation of workers
         themselves apart from the competi-  operations, came to Texas.        to come to our industry,” said Jim Laar-
         tion. Respect for the customer means   “Lift & Move USA engages students   hoven, National Key Account Customer
         respecting agreed-upon deadlines. “We   and educators in learning about the skills   Service Manager for Liebherr USA Co.,
         always try to respect deadlines. It’s tru-  needed and careers available in this high-  Mobile and Crawler Cranes Division.
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         nical sales adviser Ferry PLATTES.  manufacturing, power gen, petro-chem,   community has turned out in full force to
           When company takes care of its cus-  highway, and related industries,” said   support these two upcoming events,” said
         tomers, they show  their appreciation   Tracy Bennett, Director of Lift & Move   Bennett. Equipment and subject matter
         in return. “Our sales are constantly on   USA. Entry level jobs have career trajec-  experts such as Bishop Lifting Products,
         the rise!” Michèle Detaille tells us.  tories that can lead to well-paying, chal-  The Crosby Group, and Lifting Gear Hire
           Founded in 2010 in Wiltz, LIFTEU-  lenging, and rewarding positions. Lift &   will manage rigging stations. Simulation
         ROP produces and distributes high-  Move USA is organized by the Specialized   stations provided by CM Labs Simula-
         quality material and lifting accessories   Carriers & Rigging Association, SC&R   tions and Lincoln Electric are also popu-
         with  the STAS brand’s own  design.   Foundation, the National Commission for   lar. (A full list of sponsors and event part-
         STAS is the flagship of the French lift-  the Certification of Crane Operators, and   ners can be found on the respective Lift &
         ing  industry,  ensuring  the safety of   KHL, publisher of American Cranes &   Move USA event pages.)
         goods and people since 1953. Certified   Transport magazine.            “Simulators are a great introduction
         in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO   October 16, host companies BOSS   to students about the world of crane op-
         14001 and with  a CSR policy,  LIFT-  Crane & Rigging and Bennett Interna-  eration; they are also one of the biggest
         EUROP is part of the lifting division of   tional Group, promoted career opportu-  influences  on  how  training  is  delivered
         the ALIPA Group, a Luxembourg pack-  nities to more than 400 students from   today. With simulators, the operator
         aging and industrial lifting specialist   nearly 20 high schools and colleges at   training experience becomes measurably
         with approximately 130 employees.  BOSS’s facility in Longview, Texas.  more productive,” said Drew Carruthers,
           More information about LIFTEU-     This  event  was  followed  by  one  in   CM Labs Director of Product Innovation.
         ROP can be found on their website:   Houston, hosted by Liebherr USA, at   Lift & Move USA showcases the tools                 which more than 700 students attend-  and technology that make the crane,
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