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                                                                               Berard Utilizes HT300
                                                                               from Hydra-Slide Fleet for
                                                                               Riverside Cabin Project

                                                                                 Heavy transport and rigging com-
                                                                               pany  Berard  chose  its  300-ton  ca-
                                                                               pacity HT300 heavy track hydraulic
                                                                               skidding system to move a 60,000-lb.
                                                                               cabin onto foundations on the banks
                                                                               of the Mississippi in Baton Rouge,
                                                                                 Berard’s client wanted to convert an
                                                                               old tugboat cabin into an office and in-
                                                                               teractive learning center for students.
                                                                               The wheelhouse  will eventually be
                                                                               outfitted  with  controls  and  screens  so
                                                                               participants can visualize working as a
                                                                               captain on the vessel. The lower levels
                                                                               of the cabin will serve as an office and
                                                                               operational space for the customer.
                                                                                 The 30 ft.-long, 18 ft.-wide structure
                                                                               was lifted by a 600-ton capacity floating
                                                                               crane but had to be moved a further 80
         Milwaukee Crane & Equipment overhead crane at Papé Machinery. The top running double   ft. from beneath the hook to its final po-
         girder crane with an underhung nested trolley was supplied with a foot-mounted, four-part   sition. The client had originally planned
         single-reeved wire rope hoist.                                        to use the crane to set the cabin onto
         continued from previous page       Deere  combine  harvester  engines  to   a base frame,  but  Brett  Berard, Vice
         possible. We were involved from early   excavators. Cranes are integral to our   President of Operations at Berard, ex-
         in the building’s design process so we   business so the Milwaukee partnership   plained  that  falling  river  levels  at  the
         requested 30 in. of headroom. When   is, and will continue to be, of tremen-  time of the project rendered the reach
         it was apparent that the runway con-  dous value.”                    out of the lifting machine’s capacity.
         struction was altered somewhat we    Structure supported overhead cranes   He added: “A larger crane could have
         had to use our ingenuity to provide a   continue to be the top solution for ma-  completed the task, but it would have
         solution at what had become a short   terial handling in most facilities.  been far more expensive and time con-
         lead-time. R&M was able to accom-    For  more  informaton  about R&M   suming than using  the Hydra-Slide
         modate our custom requests and the   Materials Handling Inc. go to their   HT300. Further, a quick turnaround
         equipment was delivered to us ready   website at     was required as the client  was un-
         to install within six weeks of placing
         the order. Our engineer Bem Walker,
         with  over  40  years  of  experience  in
         material handling, accepted the chal-
         lenge and designed a system to meet
           The crane, which has been operation-
         al since  January 2018, incorporates
         custom  lasered  girder  connection  side
         plates and an enclosed track conductor
         bar, which permitted only 9 in. of hori-
         zontal cope in the beam. It is the only
         crane in the building and it serves the
         three northern bays (four, five, and six)
         of the workshop. This floor coverage in-
         creased the value of the crane and low-
         ered the initial cost owing to a shorter
         length runway system.
           Closson said: “We took a lot of faith
         from the custom requirements  of the
         earlier  Portland  project  so  when  it
         was apparent that Dylan and his team
         would have to deviate from Plan A,
         we weren’t anxious, but it was a relief
         when they confirmed they could meet
         our capacity requirements even with
         the  restricted  headroom.  The  crane   Berard Utilizes Hydra-Slide for Riverside Cabin Project. The floating crane could only lift the
         has performed without fault for two   60,000-lb. cabin so far. But once it was set down, the 30 ft.-long, 18 ft.-wide structure was
         months, lifting everything from John   moved with ease by the HT300 heavy track hydraulic skidding system.

         48     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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