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            The RSM PRO ~ High Speed Production Roundsling Machinery by Strider~Resource

              The RSM PRO is the industries most efÞcient roundsling fabrication system. Combining two innovative,
           labor saving machines loaded with features conceived from years of hands on experience, the RSM PRO by
                           Strider~Resource delivers unmatched power, production and performance.

            Complete turn key system - Including onsite installation, commissioning and hands on fabrication training.
             Strider~Resource provides you with everything you need to know on how to fabricate the highest quality
             roundslings in the most efÞcient manner. Every detail is covered in our training, system guides and after
               sales support, so that you and your staff have full conÞdence in your procedures and our machinery.
                 Explore our advanced lifting industry solutions, including The One Press¨ Swaging System,
              Universalª Swagers, Modern Forward Compatibleª Test Machines, Calibration Services, Wirelock¨,
                    Sahm-Splice Annealers, and Gigasense Overload and Anti-Collision Protection Systems.

                   In stock for Immediate Delivery. Tour our Interactive Demonstration Facilities.

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         tential game-changing for the lifting   and regional partners.          Milwaukee and R&M had to impro-
         industry and I’m looking forward to   Lead-time,  equipment  reliabil-  vise  during  the  latter stages of  the
         delivering the Glow slings initially to   ity, after sales support, cost, and re-  building’s construction project, as it be-
         my tunnels contacts but then further   nowned quality of service presented   came apparent that the runway dimen-
         afield in due course.”             Milwaukee’s  R&M  package  as  the   sions, direction of travel, and coverage
           Steve Hutin, Managing Director at   standout solution.              area of the crane were altered versus
         RSS, said: “Credit to Tony for thinking   Milwaukee conducted extensive dia-  the original plan.
         outside the box and challenging one of   log with Papé to get an overview of the   Dylan  Howard, Sales  Manager
         the  industry’s  leading manufacturers   demands the crane would be subjected   at Milwaukee,  explained that this
         to explore the breadth of the reflective   to. Information gathered included how   amounted to the building corbels be-
         yarn. I expect the product to be warmly   many lifts would be completed per   ing raised by 6 in. Instead of 30+ in.
         received at LiftEx; we’re honoured  to   hour  and how  close  they  would  be  to   of headroom for the crane, only 23 in.
         be exclusively partnering with Miller   the crane’s rated load capacity. Crane   was available, minus 3 in. to conform
         Weblift as we deliver it to market.”  professionals call this the “duty cycle”.   to OSHA requirements.
           For more information about Rope   It was  determined that a two-speed   Howard has a long-standing relation-
         and Sling Specialists Ltd. go to www.  hoist would be adequate and an invert-  ship with Quinn Closson, senior project                er-driven (VFD) trolley / bridge was a   manager at Papé Machinery,  and in-
                                            welcome addition. After the crane was   stalled a previous custom crane system
         R&M Overhead Crane                 installed Milwaukee  adjusted its set-  at another  Papé  facility in  Portland,
         Solution for Forestry              tings to give the end user a faster re-  Oregon. There, Milwaukee removed an
         Equipment Dealership               sponse time when ramping up to speed   existing 5-ton capacity crane and run-
           Milwaukee Crane & Equipment has   and braking.                      way system and replaced it with a new
         installed a custom,  10-ton capacity   The top running double girder crane   freestanding runway with a 55-ft. span,
         overhead crane at Papé Machinery’s   with an underhung nested trolley was   10-ton crane. Howard said: “Quinn was
         new  construction  and forestry equip-  supplied with a foot-mounted, four-  very pleased with that system, and
         ment dealership in Ponderay, Idaho.  part single-reeved wire rope hoist   when he asked if we wanted to tackle
           The  lifting  equipment,  manufac-  that had to offer at least 20 ft. of hook   an  out-of-state project,  we  welcomed
         tured  by  R&M  Materials  Handling   height, a further John Deere stipula-  the opportunity.”
         Inc., had to accommodate extremely   tion. RTN25-32 end trucks, RU13-23   “For the Ponderay site,” Howard
         low  headroom  and  satisfy  the  speci-  underhung end trucks, and a three-  said, “we started with the intent of
         fications  that  manufacturing  giant   in-one  control  panel  completed  the   replicating the earlier job as closely as
         John Deere requires of its distributors   crane package.                              continued on next page

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