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         continued from previous page       Rope and Sling to Provide
         &  Rigging  Group  Governing  Com-  Glow Sling Exclusively to
         mittee has approved new criteria for   UK Market
         the Crane & Rigging Group Safety     Lifting and rigging equipment sup-
         Awards. The current award criteria of   plier Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd.
         “Have there been any claims made or   (RSS) has secured exclusive distribu-
         property damage in excess of $50,000   tion rights in the UK for an innova-
         (per occurrence) that were job-related   tive range of slings featuring reflective
         whether property, automobile, spe-  strips, manufactured by Miller Web-
         cialty or general liability?” has been   lift. Exclusivity on the product, called
         replaced with “Property Damage Fre-  Glow,  has been granted to RSS until
         quency Rate of 1.0 or less”.       December 31, 2018.
           The change was recommended by the   The reflective Glow sling concept will
         task force after they unanimously agreed   be officially launched in the New Year
         the $50,000 damage per occurrence is ar-  but was seen at the LiftEx trade show,
         bitrary and could immediately eliminate   which took place on November 14-15 at
         larger companies from participating in   the MK Arena in Milton Keynes, where
         the contest. Additionally, the task force   both RSS and Miller Weblift exhibited.
         unanimously agreed that a “incident ex-  The first batch has already been manu-
         penses frequency rate” would be more   factured and was available to custom-
         accurate and allow all companies to par-  ers in advance of the event, organized
         ticipate on a level playing field. Detailed   by the  Lifting  Equipment Engineers
         criteria requirements will be included   Association (LEEA).
         with the 2019 awards program.        The slings, initially available  in 3t
           Reprinted from the Specialized Carriers &
         Rigging Association,  and 4t capacity, are produced with re-
                                            flective yarn, suited to use in low-light
         WireCo WorldGroup                  conditions,  prevalent in tunnels,  rail,   Three reflective stripes run the full length of
                                                                               the Glow sling.
         Opens New West Coast               oil  and gas,  and other  major  market-
         Distribution Center                places. In fact, it was onsite—indeed,   there was no reason why it couldn’t
           WireCo WorldGroup has announced   underground—at  a  major  London-  be done and, second, it wouldn’t con-
         the opening of a distribution center in   based  infrastructure  project that  the   flict  with  any  standards,  guidelines,
         Portland, Oregon.  The new facility is   product’s founder, Tony Teeder, major   or protocols that the lifting industry
         strategically located to handle the wire   account manager London and south at   must adhere to.”
         rope needs of their customers across   RSS, had the light bulb moment.  The origins of Glow are thusly in
         the  northwestern  United States.  The   Teeder, who is based at the compa-  the rescue harness, marketed as
         Portland center maintains inventory to   ny’s Heathrow depot, said: “I was with   RGH5 Glow by RidgeGear, a Miller
         improve availability and reduce deliv-  representatives of Miller Weblift and   Weblift sister company, in 2016.
         ery  time  throughout  the  service  area.   the  tunnels  project  where  we  were   Roger Hamilton-Smith, Area Sales
         Alisa Glazier is the Manager of this   working at the time and in my line of   Manager at Unitex UK Ltd, the firms’
         new  location.  She  previously  worked   sight were both a safety harness and   parent, said: “Slings are the natural
         for WireCo at their Beaverton, Oregon   a synthetic sling. I considered the   next phase to implement the glow ef-
         facility, and was the Assistant Manag-  benefits  of  replicating  the  reflective   fect and RSS represented the perfect
         er of the Houston Distribution Center.   stripes on the harness on slings for   platform from which to move forward
         For more information: www.wireco-  use in darkened areas. Upon further   with the project. Following a number                    investigation,  it  emerged  that,  first,   of extensive joint trials between the
                                                                               companies,  we  arrived  at  the  final
                                                                               product, which captures Tony’s vision
                                                                               while  delivering  on  the  quality  for
                                                                               which we are renowned.”
                                                                                 Three reflective stripes, which do not
                                                                               negatively impact the strength of the
                                                                               rigging product, run the full length of
                                                                               the  sling.  Hamilton-Smith  explained
                                                                               that  adding  the  reflective  yarn  gives
                                                                               the slings “a vivid glow property,” mak-
                                                                               ing them easily identifiable in low light
                                                                               conditions, leading to inherent safety
                                                                                 Teeder added: “I’ve never known
                                                                               anything like it in the marketplace be-
                                                                               fore. I’ve seen the finished product and
                                                                               was immediately impressed by the ap-
                                                                               pearance and functionality on projects
                                                                               that have to operate around the clock
           WireCo WorldGroup Opens New
           West Coast Distribution Center                                      or away from natural light. It’s po-

         46     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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