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         continued from previous page       detailer,  suppliers,  and erector.  Often  LEEA congratulates its 2019
         between members of the steel industry   the detailer and erector are two of the   Awards winners
         in the construction process. In its 3rd   last parties to be brought into the proj-  The  Lifting  Equipment Engineers
         Edition of Detailing Guide:  For Steel   ect, yet their ability to deliver is central   Association  (LEEA)  congratulates
         Erector’s  Safety  and  Efficiency,  the   to the success of the project,” explained   the winners of the 2nd Annual LEEA
         Steel Erectors Association of America   Jack Metcalfe, one of the editors of   Awards 2019. Announced and present-
         and the National Institute of Steel De-  guide and a board member of both   ed with their awards during the presti-
         tailing have partnered to update its   SEAA and NISD. “No matter your role   gious LiftEx 2019 Awards Dinner, held
         practical guide for erection procedures.  in the construction  project, we each   on the evening of November 13 at the
           “Successful  steel  project  completion   have a responsibility for the safety of   Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Milton
         depends on the cooperative activities of   our peers. This manual is a contribu-  Keynes, the winners are as follows:
         many players—owner, architect, engi-  tion toward that goal,” he said.  • A Noble & Son won the Customer
         neer, controlling contractor, fabricator,   The  Detailing  Guide  includes  in-  Service  Award, sponsored  by Certex,
                                            formation  on  the  team,  pre-drafting,   for its Industry First Customer Prom-
                                            and offers checklists and more than   ise. This award recognizes organiza-
                                            50  sketches.  In  its  first  update  since   tions that are leading the way in deliv-
                                            2009, many of sketches were im-    ering exceptional service to customers
                                            proved, FEMA Seismic Criteria was   in the Lifting Industry.
                                            added, the Pre-Construction checklist   • Checkmate Lifting & Rigging won In-
                                            was updated, and all material was re-  novative Product of the Year, sponsored
                                            viewed in context of current standards   by Industrial Training International
                                            and regulations.                   (ITI), for its Infinity Lanyard. This award
                                              The Detailing Guide is available in   recognizes truly innovative products and
                                            both print and digital formats from both   services that contribute to improvement
                                            SEAA and NISD. Members of the asso-  of the Lifting Equipment Industry.
                                            ciations can purchase printed hard-cop-  • Street CraneXpress won the Kevin
                                            ies for $50 and download the digital ver-  Holmes Award for its SCX Academy.
                                            sion for free. The price for non-members   This award has been developed  to
                                            is $75 for the printed hard copy and $75   honor the memory of the late Kevin
                                            for the digital download. To purchase,   Holmes, previous chairman of LEEA’s
                                            visit SEAA’s Online Store under the Re-  Learning and Development Commit-
                                            sources tab at       tee.  This  award  recognizes  excellence

         46     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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