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         keep the momentum going.”          recycled  by the  steel  industry  each   the American Iron and Steel Institute,
           “Recycling is  critical  component of   year, this process conserves enough   the  Steel  Manufacturers  Association,
         the  modern  steelmaking  process—  energy to electrically power one-fifth of   the Institute of Scrap Recycling Indus-
         meaning steel scrap has a mature, es-  all the homes in America.”     tries,  the  Automotive Recyclers  Asso-
         tablished market for  end-of-life steel   Gibson noted that the steel industry   ciation, End of Life Vehicle Solutions,
         products and an ongoing motivation to   also worked with EPA to extend the na-  Inc., Environmental Defense, the Ecol-
         improve recycling,” he said. “More than   tional vehicle mercury switch recovery   ogy Center (Ann Arbor), and represen-
         66 million tons of scrap is processed in   program, which facilitates the removal   tatives of the Environmental Council
         North America for recycling  both do-  of mercury switches from vehicles prior   of the States. The original 2006 agree-
         mestically and overseas. When multi-  to scrapping. This program is the result   ment was renewed in 2017 by members
         plied across the millions of tons of steel   of a collaborative effort involving EPA,   of the coalition and formally signed by
                                                                               EPA at the event.
         photo © hroe | iStockphoto                                            tal to the auto-scrap recycling infrastruc-
                                                                                 “Mercury contamination is  detrimen-
                                                Steel in scrapyard, ready for recycling.
                                                                               ture, and the environment, if not re-
                                                                               moved responsibly. It is imperative that
                                                                               we protect the steel recycling flow from
                                                                               contaminants. Since 2006, this program
                                                                               has facilitated the removal of millions of
                                                                               mercury switches that can be found in
                                                                               older model cars. We are pleased that
                                                                               EPA extended the program in signing
                                                                               this joint agreement,” said Gibson.
                                                                                 Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
                                                                               Steel Institute,
                                                                               New Criteria for Crane &
                                                                               Rigging Safety Awards
                                                                                 After appointing a task force to re-
                                                                               view language and requirements to
                                                                               level  the  playing  field  between  large
                                                                               and small companies, SC&RA’s Crane
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