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         metal,  plastics,  fabric  and  paint—all
         equipped as necessary with tools, plus
         dust and fume extraction. Notably,
         the columns holding up the first floor
         are inset from the corners to facilitate
         maneuverability of larger pieces. The
         design team was appointed in January
         2017; work commenced 12 months lat-
         er. It was completed earlier this year—
         on time and on budget.
           Lift Turn Move Ltd. (LTM; LES’s go-
         to provider of specialist lifting solutions
         for entertainment and cleanroom in-
         stallations) delivered the LP500 hoists,
         manufactured in Switzerland. The big-
         gest challenge was in that the hoists
         were only sourced once the beams were
         installed in the completed building.
           Symon  Horton,  Sales  Manager  at
         LES,  said: “The brief  we received was
         for four single-speed chain hoists,
         mounted on a single-speed trolley, with
         chain falls of approx. 9-10m. They didn’t
         want trailing cable and preferred not
         to operate the equipment with pendant
         controls.  Moreover,  they  wanted  us  to
         arrange delivery and installation to the
         tight time schedule that was in place;
         we noted that the £6m-plus project was
         powered by fund raising endeavours.”
           Stuart Fraser, head of entertain-
         ment  products  at  LTM,  said:  “As  this
         is a workshop but on a theater site, we
         proposed an entertainment hoist, and
         always typically do. There are occasions
         where workshop technicians might walk
         close to or even under the load, so a hoist
         to D8+ [applicable standard] is ideal for
         the static suspension of the application—
         and a safe working environment.”
           He added: “We do a lot of work with
         permanent installations in venues and
         stage engineering  applications. Chain
         hoists  have always been an integral
         part of most theater installations, due
         to the robustness, ease of installation,
         and the ability to move them to a dif-
         ferent location, if required.”
           Fraser  said that the  control  option
         chosen  was a Guardian four-channel,
         wall-mounted system complete with re-
         mote handset, enabling operation of all   hoists to lift in a much more controlled   agement company.
         four hoists from one location. “Opera-  way. We’re lifting irregular loads—re-  Glyndebourne delivers performances
         tion is with a simple toggle switch hoist   ally unusual pieces sometimes—so the   to 150,000 people across a summer fes-
         directional selection, and then a push   flexibility of having four hoists allows   tival and an autumn tour.  The hoists
         to run the hoist,” he said. “This is an   us to look at different combinations of   are an important part of the back-stage
         extremely good value multi-hoist con-  lifts. We recently lifted an engine out of   process for every show.
         trol system for this purpose, and is in-  a car; we were able to lift the whole en-
         stalled in venues in multiple countries.   gine out and onto a pallet. That’s some-  SEAA and NISD Release 3rd
         The hoists can be used in conjunction   thing we wouldn’t have been able to do   Edition of Detailing Guide
         with each other to lift larger items.”  in-house before.”               The growing trend towards Design-
           Brown added:  “The hoists have     Installation of the hoists, festoon   Build and Fast-Track methods of con-
         been really useful to us. They’ve made   system and control panel was com-  struction have made it more important
         things safer because we’re no longer do-  pleted by BJ Designs, an independent   than  ever  for  there  to be cooperation
         ing manual lifts; we’re able to use the   engineering design and project  man-        continued on next page

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