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         for  example,  was  recently  featured
         in a widely published case study,
         where it was employed on a rooftop
         for maintenance as contractors per-
         formed preventative maintenance on
         equipment,  such  as  changing  filters
         on rooftop units, air conditioning,
         fans,  and  condensers.  The  company
         will also exhibit lever hoists, chain
         hoists, clamps and trolleys.
           Napieralski said: “As a new  mem-
         ber of MHI, and based on the positive
         feedback we received at ProMat 2019,
         it will be a natural transition onto the
         MODEX show floor. We have continued
         to expand our product range and have
         found that they fit into many different
         markets and to a variety of customers,
         which aligns us with the demographic.
         It will be a great opportunity to con-
         nect with new and existing customers;
         we want to continue to give our brand
         exposure and raise awareness in the
         marketplace—and the event will  help
         us to do that.”
           He added: “The 0.25 ton to 3 ton
         capacity sector represents a good per-
         centage of our business but we do carry
         up to 30 ton [capacity] chain hoists and   ALT Raises the Bar on Boom Truck Sales and Service
         trolleys. Last year was positive for us;   ALT Raises the Bar on Boom   service  offering  is  their  exclusive
         we expect continued growth in 2020.   Truck Sales and Service         14-Point  Maintenance  Inspection.
         We  are  also  finalizing  other  products   ALT Sales Corp., the dedicated boom   The inspection is based on knowledge
         that we have been working on that will   truck  division  of the ALL Family of   gained from decades of service experi-
         continue to utilize the use of advanced   Companies, maintains a vast inventory   ence. During this careful examination
         materials and innovative designs.”  of boom trucks and manages this port-  of critical checkpoints  on the boom
           OZ  also participates in  the Water   folio across the company’s expansive   truck, every detail is tested, from setup
         Environment Federation Technical   North American footprint. Its expert   to operating functions.  ALT carefully
         Exhibition  &  Conference  (WEFTEC)   service in support of this fleet is broad-  details their checklist for inspection on
         and Associated Wire Rope Fabricators   ly recognized by manufacturers and, as   their website.
         (AWRF) Product Information Exhibi-  such, ALT is a dealer for Manitex and   ALT offers this 14-point inspection—
         tion (PIE). Visit OZ  Lifting Products   National, two major brands when it   and any other boom truck service—for
         at MODEX show Booth 7947. For more   comes to quality boom trucks.    any boom truck, no matter  where it
         information on OZ Lifting Products vis-  Highlighting ALT’s comprehensive   was  purchased.  With  a maintenance
         it                                         team consisting of factory-trained spe-
                                                                               cialists, ALT has deep understanding
                                                                               of the design, assembly, and repair of
                                                                               every brand, type, and style.
                                                                                 This  marriage  of  a dealer’s insider
                                                                               knowledge and a maintenance special-
                                                                               ist’s  expertise has  won  fans  through-
                                                                               out the industry. One of them is Mike
                                                                               Weaver, owner of the Ohio-based gen-
                                                                               eral contracting firm Summit Framing.
                                                                                 “When I call with a problem, often they
                                                                               can help us figure it out while the crane
                                                                               is still on the job,” said Weaver. “Avoid-
                                                                               ing downtime is crucial in my business,
                                                                               so I really appreciate their approach.”
                                                                                 With his company’s tight work sched-
                                                                               ule,  Weaver  can’t  sacrifice  equipment
                                                                               for a week at a time to make repairs.
                                                                               “When I call ALT, they always find a
                                                                               way to get us in and get the work done
                                                                               in  a  day  or  two,”  added Weaver.  “It’s
         The new Tele-Pro davit cranes will be the focal point of Booth 7947 at MODEX show.  quality work  at a reasonable price,

         40     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2020
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