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         Bishop Lifting Products has
         Finalized the Acquisition
         of Louisiana Crane &
         Electrical Services, Inc.
           Bishop Lifting Products is proud to an-
         nounce the completed acquisition of Lou-
         isiana Crane & Electrical Services, Inc.,
         headquartered in Broussard, Louisiana.
           Louisiana Crane & Electrical Services
         Inc. is a major regional manufacturer of
         overhead cranes and mechanical han-
         dling solutions. Louisiana Crane sup-
         plies, installs, services and maintains
         cranes and hoists throughout Louisiana,
         Arkansas, Texas and beyond. Started
         over 20 years ago, Louisiana Crane &
         Electrical Services was founded on the
         principle that proper fabrication is the
         most important part of the crane system
         allowing  them  to  be  the  leading  crane
         fabricator in the Southeast.       LES Provides GIS Hoists for Production Workshop Facility. The heart of the building, beneath
           Harold  King,  President  of  Bishop   the beams, is a central area for assembling large props and scenery. © Glyndebourne Produc-
                                            tions Ltd. Photo: Graham Carlow
         Lifting Products,  said “Louisiana
         Crane  significantly  expands  and  di-  within Louisiana, going to market as   of Glyndebourne’s  1,200-seat opera
         versifies the crane fabrication and ser-  Delta Rigging & Tools, Morgan City   house. In order to continue to meet de-
         vice divisions within our Company. LA   Rentals, Matex, and Bishop Lifting   mand for elaborate scenery and props,
         Crane will be a strong addition to our   Products. More information can be ob-  and to take more performance-related
         footprint in Louisiana.”           tained at         construction work in-house, the venue
           “We are certainly excited to become                                 invested millions of pounds in a new
         part of the Bishop Lifting Products  LES Provides GIS Hoists          building—with the hoists center stage.
         team,” said Anthony  Comeaux, Presi-  for Production Workshop           The building was constructed on simi-
         dent of Louisiana Crane. “This acqui-  Facility                       lar  principles  to  a  traditional  Sussex
         sition provides for a great opportunity,   Lifting Equipment Store (LES) sup-  barn. A steel frame was erected on a
         not only for Louisiana Crane & Electri-  plied four 500kg capacity D8+ GIS   concrete slab to provide the internal and
         cal Services, Inc., but for our many and   electric chain hoists for installation on   external  load-bearing  structure.  The
         loyal customers. This will allow us the   two identical beams installed in a new   heart of the building is a central area
         opportunity to expand our product line   production workshop facility in Lewes,   for assembling large props and scenery.
         and provide services to a greater region   East Sussex, UK.           It is two stories high (approx. 12m to the
         of the country.”                     The so-called Production Hub is con-  ridge of the roof) and approx. 11m wide
           Bishop Lifting operates 7 locations   veniently  located near  the  stage door   by 17m long, with a margin all round
                                                                               overhung  by  the  first  floor.  Above  are
                                                                               the two beams, spanning approx. 10m.
                                                                                 Paul Brown, head of props at Glynde-
                                                                               bourne, said: “On a recent build we were
                                                                               making giant puppets and the hoists
                                                                               were in use every day. The puppets were
                                                                               permanently hung from the beams while
                                                                               we were working on them, lowered in by
                                                                               the hoists to be worked on and then tak-
                                                                               en back up again. In the old workshop,
                                                                               when we used to have large pieces like
                                                                               that to work on, we’d have lifted them
                                                                               manually with a block and tackle. It
                                                                               would have been a rope through a pul-
                                                                               ley and two or three people pulling on the
                                                                               other end, which is far from ideal. That’s
                                                                               why one of the things we specified for the
                                                                               Production Hub was to get some hoists in
                                                                               so we could lift safely—it was one of the
                                                                               first things down on the piece of paper.”
                                                                                 The  assembly area gives  access  to
                                                                               a series of enclosed workshops which
                                                                               provide facilities for working in wood,
         Bishop Lifting Products has Finalized the Acquisition of Louisiana Crane & Electrical Services, Inc.   continued on page 45
         40     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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