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                                                               Forged Industrial Hardware

                                                                     Carbon • Alloy • Stainless

                                                               Eyebolts • Nut Eyebolts
                                                                Turnbuckles & Fittings

                                                                • Rod Ends          • Set-Up Wedges
                                                                • Eye Nuts          • C-Clamps & Screws
                                                                • Pad Eyes          • D-Rings & Clips
                                                                • Strap Clamps      • Swivel Hoist Rings
                                                                • T-Slot Nuts       • Custom Forgings -
                                                                                      Up to 200 lbs.

                                                                                     Made in USA
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         and Japan (90,000 NT, down 11%). For   NT, down 14%), Germany (987,000 NT,   months  and  on  finished  steel  imports
         the first nine months of 2018, the larg-  down 2%), Turkey (973,000 NT, down   from offshore by country.
         est offshore suppliers were South Ko-  50%) and Taiwan  (845,000 NT,  down   Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
         rea (2,295,000  NT, down 22% vs. the   18%). Below are charts on estimated   Steel Institute,
         same period in 2017), Japan (1,064,000   steel import market share  in recent
                                                                               Modulift Beams Integral
                                                                               to Preserving Unique
                                                                               Southampton Heritage
                                                                                 Three Modulift spreader beams were
                                                                               used  in  a  one-over-two  configuration
                                                                               beneath the hook of a 350t capacity mo-
                                                                               bile crane to remove the historic Castle
                                                                               Way footbridge  in Southampton, UK
                                                                               this past September.
                                                                                 Lifting and height safety specialist
                                                                               TackleStore Ltd T/A SafetyLiftinGear.
                                                                               com supplied the beams—a MOD  70
                                                                               and two MOD  12s—alongside slings
                                                                               and shackles.  The company delivered
                                                                               the rigging equipment to King Lifting,
                                                                               who  regularly  work  with  SafetyLift-
                                                                     ,  for use with the rental
                                                                               firm’s six-axle Terex Demag AC 350-6.
                                                                               R&W  Group,  a provider  of  civil  engi-
                                                                               neering, traffic management, rail, envi-
                                                                               ronmental, and plant services, oversaw
                                                                               the  overnight  removal  of  the  historic
                                                                               bridge, which weighed just over 12t.
                                                                                 “Obviously,  when  an  overnight  clo-
                                                                               sure of a public highway is scheduled,
                                                                               it’s important that the rigging gear
         Modulift: The bridge was successfully removed during a 10pm to 6am road closure.      continued on next page
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