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         Accu-Tech                 The Coordinated Companies  Lexco Cable Manufacturing  Sandin Mfg.
         Ac� on Tie-Down Div; M.M.A. Inc.  The Crosby Group  Li� -All Co., Inc.        Saturn Industries
         All Line, Inc.            Cu�  ng Edge Machining Solu� ons  Li� ex Corpora� on  SG Consul� ng
         All Material Handling Inc. (AMH)  Doleco USA Inc.   Li� ing Technologies, LLC  Sheave Source
         Allied Power Products Inc.  Downs Crane & Hoist Co., Inc.  Li� -It Manufacturing Co., Inc.  Sheaves, Inc.
         ALP Industries, Inc.      DSM Dyneema               Loos & Co., Inc.          S&J Hans Corp. DBA SH Wire Corp.
         Alpha Workholding Solu� ons LLC  DSR Corp/ DSR Wire Rope  Marine & Industrial  Skookum
         Alps Wire Rope Corp.      Durabilt by Durbin Inc.   Masto Wire-Service A/S    Slingmax Rigging Solu� ons
         American Fabrica� ng Inc.  Elite Sales, Inc.        Mazzella Companies        SpanSet Inc.
         Andromeda Industries      Engineered Li� ing Technologies  McMillan Design, Inc.  Stainless Products Inc.
         ASC Industries/Python America  Erin Rope Corpora� on  M & G Industries, Inc.  Strider~Resource
         Associated Wire Rope Fabricators  ESCO Corpora� on  Mill Valley Splicing, Inc.  Suncor Stainless, Inc.
         Associated Wire Rope & Rigging, Inc.  Esmet, Inc.   Miller Li� ing Products   Talurit AB
         Atlan� c Cordage          ETCHED | The Nameplate Company  MMI Wire and Steel, Inc.  Tandemloc, Inc.
         Bairstow Li� ing Products Co.  E� fl ex Corp.        Moore Industrial Hardware  Taylor Chain
         BC Wire Rope and Rigging  FIRST® Sling Technology      Teufelberger Fiber Rope Corpora� on
         Bear Equipment Inc.       Fortune Rope & Metal Co.  Morse-Starre�  Products Co.  Teufelberger Seil Ges.m.b.H
         Bell-Memphis, Inc.        Franklin Off shore Americas, Inc.  M.S.M. Tags       Tyler Madison, Inc.
         Ben-Mor Inc.              Green Pin® (Van Beest)    Murdock Webbing Co.       Ulven Forging
         Bilco Wire Rope & Supply Corp.  Gunnebo Industries, Inc.  My-te Products Inc.  Unirope Limited
         Bishop Li� ing Products, Inc.  Gustav Wolf Steel Wire Ropes for Elevators  Na� onal Associa� on of Chain Manufacturers United Rigging, Inc.
         Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group  Hanes Supply, Inc.      Nicopress Products        Usha Mar� n Limited
         Brown and Perkins         Harrington Hoists, Inc.   One Press® Swaging System  Vanguard Steel Ltd.
         Buccaneer Rope Co.        Hercules SLR (US) Inc.    C. S. Osborne & Co.       Verope USA
         Buff alo Li� ing & Tes� ng, Inc.  Hercules SLR (US) Inc. Marine  Paralux Cable Systems  Visco Inc.
         Builtrite Reels           Hit Tools USA             Peck & Hale, L.L.C.       Washington Wire Rope
         Bushman Equipment, Inc.   HK Chain USA              Peerless Industrial Group  Web Sling & Tie Down Associa� on
         The Caldwell Group, Inc.  Houston Structures        Pell Cable Cu� er Company  Weisner Steel Products
         Campbell/Apex Tool Group  Integricert, LLC          Pellow Engineering Services, Inc.  West Coast Wire Rope & Rigging, Inc.
         Cargo Systems, Inc.       ITI Bookstore             Pewag Inc. USA            Whitelaw Rigging & Fab. A WiscoLi�  Co.
         Carlton Industries        Jergens, Inc.             Pfeifer Wire Rope & Li� ing Technology  Wilkof Industrial Supply Co.
         The Carpenter Group, Inc.  C. Sherman Johnson Co., Inc.  Premier Wire Rope    Will Ryer & Son, Inc.
         Cert-A-Hoist              Katradis VEP SA           U.S. Product Mechaniza� on Co. (PROMEC)  Windy Ridge Corpora� on
         Cer� fi ed Slings & Supply™  Ken Forging             ProofCert, LLC            WireCo WorldGroup
         Chant Engineering Co. Inc.  Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrica� on Systems  Rasmussen Wire Rope & Rigging Co.  Wirerope Works, Inc.
         Charlestons Rigging & Marine Hardware  D. Koronakis S.A.  J. C. Renfroe & Sons  Wirop Americas, LLC
         Chicago Hardware & Fixture Co.  Kulkoni Inc.        Roberts Calibra� on, Inc.  Wirop Industrial Co., LTD.
         Cleveland City Forge      KWS, Inc.                 Rockford Rigging Inc.     Wiscoli�  Inc.
         Columbus McKinnon Corpora� on  Laclede Chain Mfg. Co.  Sahm Splice GmbH       WR Sheave Gauges Ltd. Canada
         Components Company, Inc.  Landmann Wire Rope Products, Inc.  Sailing Services  Yale Cordage
         Con� nental Cable, LLC    Lebus Interna� onal Inc.  Samco Sales, Inc.         Yoke Industrial Corp.

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