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                                                                               from the 7,811,745 net tons shipped in
                                                                               September 2018. Shipments year-to-
                                                                               date in 2019 are 72,577,746 net tons, a
                                                                               1.6 percent increase vs. 2018 shipments
                                                                               of 71,468,627 net tons for nine months.
                                                                                 A  comparison  of  September  ship-
                                                                               ments to the previous month of August
                                                                               shows the following changes: cold rolled
                                                                               sheets, down 5 percent, hot dipped gal-
                                                                               vanized sheets and strip, down 9 percent
                                                                               and hot rolled sheets, down 10 percent.
                                                                                 Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
                                                                               Steel Institute,

                                                                               Van Beest USA moves to
                                                                               larger office and distribution
                                                                               center in Houston
                                                                                 Van Beest has moved to a new office
         Charts courtesy of AISI. For more news about steel and its applications, go to their website at
                                                                               and distribution center in Houston in
                                                                               July 2019 to support the industry lead-
                                                                               ing availability, quality and introducing
                                                                               new products to the North American
                                                                               markets. “The new office and distribu-
                                                                               tion center allows Van Beest to stock
                                                                               five times the amount of inventory than
                                                                               the previous location which translates
                                                                               to an even better service and availability
                                                                               level than ever before.’’ said Chris Kef-
                                                                               fer, President of Van Beest USA “Van
                                                                               Beest USA is committed to the custom-
                                                                               er, therefore, this was a necessary step
                                                                               to support the continuous growth in the
                                                                               North American Markets.”
                                                                                 Van Beest is the leading manufactur-
                                                                               er and supplier of high-quality accesso-
                                                                               ries for lifting chain and steel wire rope
                                                                               such as Green Pin® shackles, hooks and
         News continued from page 36        were from South Korea (157,000  NT,   Green Pin Tycan® Fiber Chain. Van
                                            down  40%  from  August  final),  Ja-  Beest has branches in The Netherlands,
         Steel Imports Down 14%             pan (71,000 NT,  down 47%), Germa-  Germany, France and USA, and 900
         Year-To-Date through               ny (64,000 NT, down 15%), Taiwan   stock holding distributors in more than
                                            (61,000 NT,  no  change)  and Vietnam
         September                          (51,000 NT, up 9%). For the first nine   100 countries worldwide. For more in-
         Finished Import Market Share       months of 2019, the largest offshore   formation, visit
         YTD at 20%                         suppliers were South Korea (2,050,000              More News on page 40
           Based on  preliminary  Census  Bu-  NT, down 11% vs. the same period in
         reau data, the American Iron and Steel   2018), Japan (1,016,000 NT, down 5%),
         Institute (AISI) reported that the U.S.   Germany (831,000 NT,  down  16%),
         imported a total of 1,896,000 net tons   Taiwan  (729,000 NT,  down  14%)  and
         (NT) of steel in September 2019, includ-  Vietnam (594,000 NT, down 23%).
         ing 1,528,000 net tons (NT) of finished   Above are charts on estimated steel
         steel (down 6.2% and 14.8%, respective-  import market share in recent months
         ly, vs. August final data). Through the   and on finished steel imports from off-
         first nine months of 2019, total and fin-  shore by country.
         ished steel imports are 22,587,000 and   Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
         16,860,000 net tons (NT), down 13.7%   Steel Institute,
         and 16.1%, respectively, vs. the same
         period in  2018. Annualized  total and  Year-to-Date Steel
         finished steel imports in 2019 would be  Shipments Increase by 1.6
         30.1 and 22.5 million NT, down 10.7%  Percent
         and 12.5%, respectively, vs. 2018. Fin-  The  American  Iron  and  Steel  Insti-
         ished  steel  import market  share  was   tute (AISI) reported that for the month
         an  estimated 18% in  September and   of  September 2019,  U.S.  steel  mills
         is estimated at 20% over the first nine   shipped 7,767,310 net tons, a 8.3 per-
         months of 2019.                    cent decrease from the 8,472,088 net
           In September the largest volumes   tons shipped in the previous month, Au-  Van Beest USA moves to larger office and
         of finished steel imports from offshore   gust  2019,  and a  0.6  percent decrease   distribution center in Houston.

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