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         the best possible outcome. Sims U will
         include a traditional classroom setting
         with a text book and course calendar.
         Examples of classroom tools include:
           • Mobile Crane Training (Pearson
           • Mike’s Rigging and Crane Handbook
           • Heuristic  desktop training  kits  to
         demonstrate and practice skills
           • Virtual Reality (VR) Training
           • Access to VR Simulation Practice
         Tools – ITI
           Students’ on-the-job time will  be
         aimed at teaching equipment mainte-
         nance  and  care.  Subjects  covered  and
         resources offered include:
           • Mobile Cranes, Crawler Cranes,
         Tower Cranes, Trucks  and Trailers
         Care and Maintenance
           • Inspection, Lubrication, Deficiency
         Logs, Housekeeping
           • Setup, Assembly and Disassembly
           • Ground  Conditions,  Utilities  and
         Obstructions, Controlled Access, Basic
         A&D Procedures
           • CDL,  Rigging,  Signaling  and  Op-
           • Basic Rigger and Signalman Cer-
         tification, Class A Driving, Supervised
         Crane Operation
           • Rigging Kits
           • Dedicated Training Unit (Crane)
           • Trainees will take turns perform-  Charts courtesy of AISI. For more news about steel and its applications, go to their website at
         ing inspections and maintenance under   new crane operators is extremely high.  ported a total of 2,249,000 net tons (NT)
         supervision                          “Right now, it can take four years   of  steel  in  September  2018,  including
           • Hands-on practice for crane setup,   for one of our apprentices to complete   1,854,000 net tons (NT) of finished steel
         assembly and disassembly           training because they are taking class-  (down 25.9% and 8.6%, respectively, vs.
           Sims  U will  also host  a variety of   es  just  a few  times a month,”  Berry   August  final  data).  Year-todate  (YTD)
         industry  experts,  guest  speakers,  in-  said. “With Sims U’s intense education   through nine months of 2018, total and
         house experts and manufacturer repre-  and hands-on training, we are hoping   finished  steel  imports  are  26,158,000
         sentatives to add variety and enhance   to help launch  a lucrative career for   and  20,079,000  net  tons  (NT),  down
         the learning experience.           crane operators.”                  12.0% and 12.5%, respectively, vs. the
           Students will enjoy top-notch fa-  To recruit qualified students for Sims   same period in 2017. Annualized total
         cilities and ample resources including   U, Sims will reach out to the Interna-  and finished steel imports in 2018 would
         clean, furnished and well-appointed   tional Union of Operating Engineers and   be 34.9 and 26.8 million NT, down 8.5%
         classrooms, text books and train-  local vocational and technical schools, as   and 9.4%, respectively, vs. 2017. Fin-
         ing materials, ANSI books, OSHA    well as solicit referrals from current em-  ished steel import market share was an
         1926.1400  books,  third  party  crane   ployees. In addition, Sim will be utilizing   estimated 20% in September and is esti-
         guides, desktop rigging sets, full-sized   a variety of marketing tools such as so-  mated at 24% YTD.
         rigging  tools,  a  dedicated  teaching   cial media and advertising campaigns.  Key  finished  steel  products  with  a
         crane and training yard with practice   “We are looking to spread the word   significant import increase in Septem-
         scenarios, and top-of-the-line Virtual   that this is a paid education opportuni-  ber compared to August were standard
         Reality desktop simulators.        ty,” said Sims, “with a possible employ-  pipe (up 26%), hot rolled sheets (up
           “We are sparing no expense in mak-  ment guarantee for those who complete   25%), and sheets and strip all other
         ing Sims U the best training program   our requirements.”             metallic coatings (up 23%). Major
         for crane operators in the state of Flor-  For more information about Sims   products  with  significant  year-to-date
         ida,” Sims  explained. “We have even   Crane visit   (YTD) increases vs. the same period in
         purchased  five  additional  acres  next                              2017 include hot rolled sheets (up 21%)
         door to our headquarters in Tampa to  August to September Steel       and plates in coils (up 21%).
         create  a  training  yard  specifically  for   Imports Declined by 26%  In  September, the  largest volumes
         Sims U students.”                  Finished Import Market Share       of finished steel imports from offshore
           According to Bob Berry, Sims Crane’s   YTD at 24%                   were from South Korea (189,000 NT, up
         Safety Director, the current education   Based on preliminary Census Bureau   9% from August final), Turkey (133,000
         and training process for crane opera-  data, the American Iron and Steel Insti-  NT,  up  12%),  Germany  (117,000 NT,
         tors is challenging and the demand for   tute (AISI) reported that the U.S. im-  up 4%), Taiwan (105,000 NT, up 29%)

         38     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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