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         continued from page 34                                                sional  Recognition  from  Texas  Con-
         1,347,000 net tons (NT) of finished steel                             gresswoman  Sheila Jackson  Lee. The
         (down 0.5% and up 1.2%, respectively,                                 certificate  was  presented  to  Daniel
         vs. November final data). For full year                               Pitzer, Managing Director of Liebherr
         2019  total  and  finished  steel  imports                            USA Co., by Ivory Mayhorn, CEO and
         are 27,905,000 and 21,042,000 net tons                                Founder of Launch  Point Community
         (NT), down 17.3% and 18.1%, respec-                                   Development Center. Liebherr was rec-
         tively, vs. 2018. Finished steel import                               ognized for its “commitment  to shape
         market share was an estimated 15% in                                  technological  advances in  construc-
         December and is estimated at 19% for                                  tion machinery.” In addition, Sylvester
         full year 2019. Key finished steel prod-                              Turner, Houston’s Mayor, spoke to stu-
         ucts with a significant import increase                               dents about the  career  opportunities
         in  December  compared  to  November                                  available to them by global employers
         are plates in coils (up 41%), hot rolled                              such as Liebherr.
         sheets (up 27%), cold rolled sheets (up                                 “In addition to showcasing operator
         22%) and cut lengths plates (up 18%).                                 and rigger occupations, as an OEM, Li-
           Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and   immediate needs.         ebherr also highlighted manufacturing
         Steel Institute,      Operations will continue under the   and equipment service jobs,” said Tracy
                                            brand  names  established  by  Sheaves,   Bennett, Director of Lift & Move USA.
         Loos & Co., Inc. Acquired          Inc. and through the existing websites   “For example, a human powered crane
         Sheaves, Inc.                      for the foreseeable future. Sales, custom-  from Fluid Power Institute was part of
         Product lines will remain;         er service, and manufacturing operations   a lesson on hydraulics safety. Likewise,
         Operations have moved to Naples, FL  have been moved to the Naples, FL loca-  multiple welding stations explained the
           Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware Division,   tion and shipments will be fulfilled from   complexity of skills needed for welding
         located in Naples, FL, is proud to an-  there. In addition to the current Sheaves   different  types  of  materials.  Lincoln
         nounce the purchase of Sheaves, Inc.,   Inc contacts, you can also send inquiries   Electric’s  welding  simulation  exercises
         a leading manufacturer and distributer   for products, request order and shipment   complemented those lessons,” she said.
         of pulleys and sheaves to the wire and   information, and send any other general   “Hands-on exploration is  one  of the
         wire rope industry. With the completion   inquiries directly to sales@loosnaples.  best ways to introduce students to ca-
         of the asset purchase transaction at the   com, or by calling 800-321-5667.  reers – especially ones that are critical
         end of December, 2019, Loos & Co., Inc.                               and in high demand but less visible to
         Cableware Division has broadened the   Houston Community Turns        the average student. Lift & Move is the
         solutions it can provide to customers.   Out to Support Career        type of event that can be a game chang-
           The  acquisition  of  Sheaves,  Inc.  uni-  Exploration             er  for  students,” said Susan  Moore,
         fies three brands known in the wire and   Lift & Move USA, hosted by Liebherr   Manager,  Communications,  Regional
         wire rope industry under the Loos & Co.,   USA in Houston, Texas, received one of   Workforce  Development, for  Greater
         Inc. product umbrella. All products from   the largest ever groups of students and   Houston Partnership.
         QSheaves (, long   educators on Nov. 7, 2019. Nearly 550   A dozen cranes were on display or used
         known for quick delivery on customiz-  high school juniors, seniors, technical col-  at learning stations, including a 900-ton
         able lifting sheaves, Process Sheaves   lege students, teachers and administra-  LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane, a 550-ton
         ( , industry   tors from 17 schools attended the event.  LR 1500 crawler crane, a 110-ton LRT
         source for pulleys used in wire and cable   An  outpouring  of  support from  the   1100-2.1 rough-terrain crane, and an 80-
         manufacturing,  and  ESheaves  (www.  Houston community included the pre-  ton LTM 1070-4.2 mobile crane operated, the source for both stock   sentation  of  a  Certificate  of  Congres-  continued on page 38
         and  custom  metal/plastic  sheaves,  are
         now available through the Loos & Co.,
         Inc. Cableware Division.
           “Bringing the product lines of Sheaves,
         Inc. on board with the cable and rope
         hardware we offer lets us offer more
         product to our existing customers, and
         better  serve  the  markets  we  currently
         call on,” according to Loos & Co, Inc.
         Director of Sales & Marketing Gerald
         Smolenski.  “The  products  have  a  long
         history of performance and Sheaves Inc
         has always focused on service and deliv-
         ery to offer value. We feel that fits with
         Loos & Co., Inc. very well.”
           Sheaves, Inc. has been an estab-
         lished industry name for over 15 years,
         sourcing, manufacturing, and stocking
         custom engineered wire  rope sheaves
         that meet the specific needs of industry
         applications. They also supply a large
         inventory of stock sheaves to meet your   Liebherr staff explained the differences between mobile, crawler, RT, and tower cranes to students.

         36     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2020
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