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         available on our website, but we real-
         ized that we could package this into an
         online  course  that was engaging and
         easy to share  with  others,”  says  Tom
         Horner,  Corporate Rigging Inspection
         Manager of Mazzella Companies.
           Other topics covered in each lesson,
         include: inspection frequencies, sling tag
         requirements, inspection criteria, dis-
         posal of damaged/failed slings, and best
         practices for sling use and maintenance.
           “Not only did we rely on information
         from industry standards, but also on
         the expertise and experience of our in-
         spectors and trainers. The video dem-
         onstrations  and real-world  examples
         of damaged slings set this course apart   Above:  The Syncrude Falcon Turnaround
                                            project centered  on a coker and associated
                                            process units. Right: Equipment Corps used
                                            four modernized Straightpoint wireless load
                                            shackles and four JD Neuhaus air hoists.
                                            ated process units. A large contingent
                                            of craft personnel was sourced to exe-
                                            cute a project of approximately 1.4 mil-
                                            lion work hours. Equipment Corps ac-
                                            cepted a scope of work from Edmonton
                                            Exchanger & Refinery Services, which
                                            provides on-site  plant maintenance
                                            services  for  the  petrochemical  indus-
                                            try, refineries and fertilizer plants.
         from  others  we’ve  seen,”  says  Mike   The company was tasked with low-
         Minissale,  Director of Marketing of   ering existing units and raising two
         Mazzella Companies.                new  exchangers  approximately  30  ft.   the demands of the project; all four load
           The Sling Inspections curriculum   (9.1m). The new exchangers measured   shackles  were  ordered  specifically  for
         includes:                          10 ft. (3m) wide and 30 ft. (9.1m) to 40   the task in hand. The company was also
           • Lesson 1: Wire Rope Sling Inspection  ft. (12.2m) long. The old units, of similar   contracted to provide onsite technical
           • Lesson 2: Synthetic Web Sling Inspection  dimensions, weighed 127,850 lbs. (58t),   support for the duration of the heavy lift
           • Lesson 3: Alloy Chain Sling Inspection  while the replacements were 166,000 lbs.   component  related  to  the  critical  path
           • Lesson 4: Synthetic Roundsling Inspection  (75t). Two hoists and two shackles were   equipment that was being lowered and
           • Lesson 5: High-Performance Roundsling   utilized  to  lower  /  lift  each  exchanger.   replaced. Other rigging was supplied
            Inspection                      The hoists, load cells and other rigging   by the client, which consisted of slings /
           • Lesson 6: Metal Mesh Sling Inspection  gear was delivered to site in mid-August   lugs and additional shackles.
           • Lesson 7: Synthetic Rope Sling Inspection  and works were completed on schedule   Kisel, who was onsite day and night
           • Lesson 8: Choosing a Third-Party   by the end of last month (September).  since  early September, was the ini-
            Inspection Company                Dave Kisel, Director of Sales at   tial point of contact for the client and
           Mazzella Companies will  continue   Equipment Corps, said: “Two ap-  served as project leader, principally
         to offer more online lifting and rigging   proaches were being investigated when   concerned with sourcing, detailing and
         courses in the future. To enroll in Lift-  we  were  contacted;  the  other  was  a   ensuring  equipment was suitable for
         ing  U™  and learn  more about their   winch configuration. The air hoist op-  the demands of the project.
         classroom  and job  site  training  pro-  tion was deemed the best once the com-  He said: “I worked with our vendors,
         grams, please visit  plete scope and design was understood.   including Straightpoint, to ensure
                                            In  addition,  it was  considered  critical   equipment met or  exceeded expecta-
         SP Load Shackles and               that the load capacities needed to be   tions, which included modifications to
         Air Hoists for Exchanger           known exactly, which dictated the use   meet the requirements of the lift. I was
         Installations at Refinery          of load monitoring technology.”    involved in coordinating a functionality
           Ontario-based  Equipment  Corps  Inc.   Kisel explained that each pair of load   test at our Stoney Creek location prior
         used four customized Straightpoint wire-  cells  was connected  to a Toughbook   to the lift, hosted by Equipment Corps,
         less load shackles and four JD Neuhaus   Notepad, utilizing the wireless connec-  and attended by the client  and their
         air hoists to install two new exchangers   tivity. Real time feedback provided the   representatives. I was also involved in
         at the Syncrude Refinery in Fort McMur-  operator with vital information relat-  all conference calls regarding the lower
         ray, Alberta, Canada during an overhaul   ing to the lift and also confirmed to the   / lift procedure and ultimately was con-
         at the site. The bobbins on the 125t ca-  engineers that the estimated capacity   tracted as part of the critical path team
         pacity load cells were modified to accept   of the exchangers was correct.  that executed the work.”
         the lower hook of the 60t capacity hoists.  Two  of  the  air  hoists  were  sourced   For more information about Straight-
           The Syncrude  Falcon Turnaround   from Equipment Corps’ stock with an   point:
         project centered on a coker and associ-  additional two being ordered to meet         More News on page 38
         36     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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