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Sims Crane Announces
                                                                               Launch of ‘Sims U’
                                                                               A 16-Week, Paid Training Course
                                                                               for Crane Operators
                                                                                 Sims Crane, Florida’s premier crane
                                                                               rental and rigging service company,
                                                                               has announced the formation of Sims
                                                                               U,  a paid, hands-on  crane  operator
                                                                               training school  based in Tampa. Ac-
                                                                               cording to Sims management, the goal
                                                                               of the program is to jump start a stu-
                                                                               dent into a lucrative career.
                                                                                 Opening on Jan. 7, the Sims U pro-
                                                                               gram is  a four-month/16-week  paid
                                                                               training course for pre-apprentice
                                                                               trainees that combines classroom,
                                                                               hands-on and on-the-job training.
                                                                               Classroom sessions,  with an estab-
                                                                               lished curriculum,  will be held three
                                                                               days per week  (Monday, Wednesday
                                                                               and Friday) for eight hours per day; on
         Giving the award is Mark Enouchs (on right), Industrial Wastes Committee Chair for CSWEA   Tuesday and Thursday students will
         Minnesota. Accepting the  award is: Eden  Wilcox, City of Winona Industrial Pretreatment   work in the Tampa shop and yard facil-
         Coordinator and Ryan Kowalski, Production Operations Manager Peerless Industrial Group.  ities. Sims plans to recruit 6-12 train-
         Peerless Industrial Group          George Kosidowski, President of Peer-  ees per session and hold three sessions
         receives 2018 Industrial           less Industrial Group.             annually; however, the initial session
         Water Quality Achievement            Peerless  Industrial Group,  Inc.,  has   starting in January will be limited.
         Award                              been innovating successful products for   “With this  year’s crane  operator
           Peerless Industrial Group, Inc.,   over 100 years. Today, as a worldwide   turnover rate at 26 percent and a five
         worldwide  leader in  lifting  solutions   provider of lifting solutions,  utilizing   percent  decline  in  the  crane  operator
         and the largest chain manufacturer in   exceptional design, engineering, manu-  labor force, there is a critical need for
         North America is pleased to announce   facturing, and quality teams, Peerless   qualified  operators  in  our  industry,”
         that they have been selected as winner   continues  to develop crucial  products   said Dean  Sims  II, Sims  Crane  Vice
         of the 2018  Industrial Water Quality   for  the  wide  variety of  markets  they   President  of  Marketing.  “As  Florida’s
         Achievement Award from the Minneso-  serve. Peerless is part of KITO Corpo-  leading crane company, Sims Crane is
         ta section of the Central States Water   ration’s  global network  providing our   launching Sims U to train a sustainable
         Environment Association (CSWEA).   customers  access to overhead lifting,   workforce of future crane operators to
           Peerless  was nominated for  this   below-the-hook and material handling,   meet our skilled labor demands.”
         award in recognition  of outstanding   cargo  control,  hardware,  marine  and   Sims management  has put consid-
         contributions  to waste  minimization,   traction products.           erable thought and research into de-
         pollution prevention, environmental   For  more information  visit www.  signing  a curriculum  that will  create
         compliance  and environmental  stew-                               continued on page 38
         ardship by Eden Willcox,  the City of
         Winona Industrial Pretreatment Coor-
         dinator. The nomination demonstrates
         the consistent decline of bio solids in
         the waste water system from 1982  –
         2017. Waste water treatment is an im-
         portant process of Peerless’s operation
         and it is critical to comply with regula-
         tion when discharging it.
           The  CSWEA presented Peerless  an
         award at the Conference on the Envi-
         ronment (COE) on November 7, 2018,
         at the Minneapolis Convention Center,
         and Peerless will be nominated to the
         overall Central States organization to
         compete against the state section win-
         ners from Illinois and Wisconsin.
           “This is an incredible recognition of
         the waste water treatment program
         and the partnership between the City
         of Winona and Peerless  Team,” said   Sims Crane Announces Launch of ‘Sims U’
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