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         continued from page 32             on cranes or earthmoving machines.   Champion Award in 2016. All of us in
         simulator to practice skills that proved   “There is no faster, safer, more expedi-  the North American steel industry are
         to be challenging in the actual crane.”   ent way to train heavy equipment op-  deeply grateful for Pete Visclosky’s lead-
           The  ICUEE walking  tour  “Safety   erators,” said Dickinson.       ership. We will miss him in Congress,
         Tech  Trek”  highlighted  the  latest in                              and we wish him well.”
         construction  technology. Instructor  AISI Praises Pete Visclosky       Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
         Abby Ferri,  a  safety professional  and  Upon Announcement of His    Steel Institute,
         President  of  The  Ferri  Group,  show-  Retirement
         cased exhibitors,  which  apply safety   The  American  Iron  and Steel  Insti-  Mazzella Companies
         technology in the utility industry.   tute’s (AISI) president and CEO Thom-  Launches Online Sling
           ICUEE’s  Field  Classrooms  brought   as J. Gibson issued the following state-  Inspection Course
         education and learning to the show   ment in reaction to the announcement   Mazzella Companies recently launch-
         floor, with content geared to those new   by Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-IN) that he   ed a new online course to complement
         to the industry. “The Safety Tech Trek   will not seek re-election in 2020:  the Lifting U™ brand of classroom and
         was one of many subjects of impor-   “Pete Visclosky has always been a   online  training  programs. Sling  In-
         tance to attendees, including toolbox   champion of the steel industry and our   spections is the second addition to the
         and tailgate talks, disaster simula-  workers during his 35 years in Congress.   library  of  online  courses  available at
         tion and smart utility infrastructure.   As the former chairman of the Congres-
         The Field Classrooms were curated   sional  Steel  Caucus,  Pete  has  been  a   Mazzella’s Sling Inspections course
         by  experts  in  the  field,”  said  Brooke   leading advocate in Washington for the   consists  of eight lessons  and focuses
         Konopacki, Director of Educational   men and women working not only in In-  on OSHA 1910.184 Slings and ASME
         Programs for the Association of Equip-  diana’s steel mills but in mills all across   B30.9 Slings standards. Each lesson
         ment Manufacturers.                the country. He has led the fight for gov-  features  hands-on  video inspections,
           Participants on the Tech Trek Tour   ernment action to curb unfair foreign   performed by certified Mazzella Inspec-
         asked Dickinson  how  the simulator   trade  practices,  including  successfully   tors, to demonstrate proper inspection
         training time compared  to training   securing the passage and enactment   technique and identify ASME’s remov-
         on a crane. “On average, four hours of   of trade enforcement legislation which   al from service criteria.
         crane seat time equates to one hour of   made improvements to our antidump-  “All of the tagging, inspection, and re-
         practice on Vortex simulators from CM   ing and countervailing duty laws for the   moval from service criteria is from ap-
         Labs,” she said. Once a strong founda-  first time in over 20 years. For this work   plicable OSHA  and ASME standards.
         tion is established and skills are docu-  and his tireless dedication to our indus-  We had all of this information already
         mented, CIS trainers are able to train   try, AISI presented him with our Steel        continued on page 36

         34     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2019
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