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Crosby / SP’s Orsak                of lifting equipment in today’s market.  CIS Talks Simulator Train-
         Presents at Offshore Safe          We  looked  at  our  products—the  Load-  ing During Safety Tech
         Lifting Conference                 link plus and Radiolink plus, for exam-  Trek Tour at ICUEE
           Force measurement equipment manu-  ple—but it wasn’t a commercial presen-  Crane Industry Services, LLC (CIS)
         facturer Straightpoint (SP), part of The   tation and we wanted to represent the   joined  CM  Labs  Simulations  at the
         Crosby  Group,  was  among  presenters   technology beyond our own brand.”  International Construction  & Utility
         at  the  API  Offshore  Safe  Lifting  Con-  The conference—endorsed by leading   Equipment Expo (ICUEE),  in Louis-
         ference & Expo, which took place last   organizations  such  as  the  Center  for   ville, KY, in October.
         month (September) in Houston, Texas.  Offshore Safety, International Associa-  Crane Industry Services  deploys
           The event, held at the Westin Hous-  tion  of  Drilling  Contractors,  National   Vortex simulators at its Centered on
         ton Memorial City, welcomed decision   Ocean Industries Association, and Off-  Safety training center for crane op-
         makers from the U.S. offshore oil and   shore Operators Committee—attracted   erator  training  and  qualification.  The
         natural gas industry, in addition  to   a high-level,  authoritative delegation   company has  found  that it  is  a  more
         representatives of regulatory agencies   that  was  concerned  specifically  with   affordable option for operators. Opera-
         and thought leaders from the energy   lifting as it relates to offshore activity.  tors are able to transfer skills learned
         marketplace.  Aaron  Orsak,  Business   Orsak said: “Other offshore confer-  from a simulator to machine operation.
         Development Manager at SP, delivered   ences  offer a scattered approach to   During the show, Debbie Dickinson,
         a multifaceted paper titled, “Advance-  operations, but this event is hyper-fo-  CEO of CIS, spoke to attendees par-
         ments in  Load Monitoring”,  which   cused on making offshore lifting opera-
         explored the progression  away from   tions safer. That makes it an important
         mechanical dial scales and shone a   concept  with  which  to associate our
         spotlight  on  ATEX  /  IECEx  products.   products and thought leadership con-
         He  explained that ATEX and IECEx   tent. We want to engage upper man-
         cover the use of equipment in explosive   agement, engineers, project managers,
         or potentially explosive atmospheres;   and  site  lifting  coordinators—all  of
         the former is a European directive   whom were in attendance.”
         while IECEx is applicable in the Amer-  SP also displayed its wares at Cros-
         icas and globally.                 by’s product exhibit, where Orsak was
           Orsak said: “My intent was to walk   on hand to take questions  and show-
         the audience through a journey from the   case  the  equipment alluded to in  his
         early days of analog pressure load indi-  presentation,  which  he  believes  was
         cating systems to cutting-edge, wireless   listened to by up to 150 delegates. The
         technology and, importantly, explain   two-pronged approach gave SP unprec-
         how its application can benefit their use   edented exposure at an event where it
                                                       had only previously been
                                                       represented by regional
                                                       distributors and dealers.
                                                         Orsak  added:  “It  is a
                                                       small product fair con-
                                                       sisting of 20-25 exhibitors
                                                       but attendance is focused
                                                       and strong. I had several   Debbie Dickinson speaks to ICUEE attend-
                                                                               ees who participated in the Safety Tech Trek
                                                       [visitors] stop by after my   field classroom.
                                                       presentation to ask about
                                                       different applications or   ticipating in ICUEE Field Classrooms.
                                                       to  clarify  the  specifica-  Dickinson  explained  the importance
                                                       tions and features of the   of simulator training for heavy equip-
                                                       products we offer. Some   ment operation used in utility work.
                                                       were surprised by the ca-  “Traditional training requires  seat
                                                       pabilities of the wireless   time that incurs costs associated with
                                                       range,  battery life,  and   equipment, fuel,  supervisors,  and rig-
                                                       ATEX  /  IECEx-approved   gers. Simulation training helps opera-
                                                       load cells.  We’ll certain   tors reach a reliable skill level without
                                                       return to the event; may-  those costs, as well as an opportunity
                                                       be next time we’ll use a   to learn in a risk-free  environment,”
                                                       greater volume of case   she said. The next step CIS takes is to
                                                       studies  to demonstrate   transition  the  operators  from  simula-
                                                       more lifting-related ap-  tion to actual machines, where opera-
                                                       plications in this de-  tors learn to control loads, place loads
                                                       manding sector.”        on targets, and react wisely to certain
                                                         For   more   informa-  conditions.  Then,  Dickinson  explains,
         Aaron Orsak (center) with Crosby’s Zachery Hayes (left), dis-
         trict sales manager—Texas Gulf Coast; and Ryan Clark, busi-  tion about Straightpoint:   “We often return from the crane to the
         ness development manager—oil and gas.                   continued on page 34
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