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Curved in two directions, the Singapore Stadium roof moves with a hoisting system that must accommodate the shape of the structure, the
         weight of the roof and the wind load. This picture shows the roof closing for the first time on April 15, 2014. Photo by Stanley Cheah
         continued from page 24             on a crane,  which  typically has mul-  thur Koestler explains the logic of the
         dium on air skates, boosting the plat-  tiple sheaves. Also, different sections of   creative process.  He quotes Thomas
         forms up and down with ease. It is pow-  the rope can be tested simultaneously   Edison who said, ‘Genius is 1% inspira-
         ered by eight driven chains.       rather than with multiple test runs –   tion and 99% perspiration,’ and Picasso
           “Serapid is the sole manufacturer of   saving time and money while improv-  who said, ‘Creation is based on 10% in-
         this kind of chain,” says Teissier. “And   ing the accuracy.          spiration and 90% perspiration.’ Since
         we use this instead of rope because we   “For me it’s important because I re-  I  started  working  in  the  field  of  rope
         require it to handle compression force.   ally  want  this  company  to  move  from   in  1981, I have questioned experts in
         You cannot  compress wire  rope, and   only  providing  services  to  a  company   order to understand the functioning of
         normally you cannot compress chain.”  that  also  provides  products  related  to   a conical socket, and I never got fully
           The Serapid company promotes their   wire  and  fiber  ropes  and  to  machines   satisfactory answers. A few years ago I
         “rigid chain  technology,”  explaining   using these ropes. My aim in the begin-  asked one of DEP’s engineers to build a
         that the design is based on interlock-  ning was to do only design – no produc-  numerical model of such a system. We
         ing links. “When the chain is deployed   tion. And then in about 2001 we had to   have worked on improving the model in
         it behaves as a true rigid pushing bar   design safety components for elevators   order to get results in compliance with
         for the horizontal or vertical movement   and lifts. And in order to avoid being   my past experiences. Maybe I reached
         of heavy loads.” 3                 copied, we provided the full system.   the term of the 90% of perspiration, but
                                            So, we moved from being only a design   then came an idea… the patenting pro-
         On the horizon for DEP             company to a company that could pro-  cess is on the way…”
           Over the past  25 years, Teissier’s   vide safety components. And now we’ve   At 59, Teissier  is  already planning
         company has grown and changed. To-  made another step since 2011. We’ve in-  for retirement. “We want to be more
         day DEP employs seven engineers, four   vested a lot in the production of our own   a manufacturer of products than just
         technicians and an administrative as-  wire rope products – bending fatigue   a provider of engineering services,” he
         sistant, but always with the same aim:   systems, twist/torque systems. We de-  says.  “I want to ensure  the continua-
         “Not doing more, but doing even better   sign the machine, produce the machine,   tion of the company.”
         at what we already do well.”       and sell the machine to the customer.  And what will he do when he even-
           Says Teissier,  “When I bought this   “DEP is also developing a new kind   tually retires? Teissier says he is pas-
         company, I transferred it into an engi-  of  rope  termination  which  works  well   sionate about wire rope history and the
         neering  company. Then  we moved to-  with  both  wire  ropes  and  fiber  ropes.   lessons we can learn.
         ward production of safety components   The  story of this  development is  in-  “Right now, I don’t have the time to
         for lifts. And now we’re also producing   teresting because this is typically the   collect all the information, so I just
         a twist/torque test stand and a bending   implementation of  the  process  of  cre-  discuss it with Donald Sayenga (an
         fatigue test stand.”               ation as described in the book ‘The   expert  and  historian  of  wire  rope ).
           The latter, based on a concept by Ro-  Act of Creation,’ by Arthur Koestler.   I owe him so much. And when I am
         land Verreet, is unique. As Teissier and   In this book, that I read in 1981, Ar-  retired – which will happen eventu-
         Verreet explained at the 2011 OIPEEC                                  ally – I will research rope history and
         Conference,  the bending fatigue test   1 Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris was refurbished in   maybe write about it.
         stand has five separate sheaves, rath-  2015, and is now called Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.  “We have so much to learn from his-
                                             2 Roland Verreet was featured in our February 2018 issue.
         er than one. So, the rope is subjected   3            tory, from the work of our predecessors.
         to 10 bending cycles rather than two.   4 Donald Sayenga, known as “Mr. Wire Rope,” is a frequent   Their heritage is a very powerful tool.
         This has a couple of major advantages.   contributor to Wire Rope News & Sling Technology.  Using it, disseminating it, improving it
                                             Photos and illustrations courtesy of Jean-Marc Teissier,
         First,  the  machine  mimics  conditions   unless credited otherwise.  is our duty.” WRN
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