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continued from page 20             The sole way to do what I wanted     “Before that time, my knowledge re-
         monthly. “Every ten years they dis-  was to be on my own              garding wire rope was limited to that of
         mantle all the machinery for inspec-  Jean-Marc Teissier bought DEP En-  the field of cable cars and ropeway sys-
         tion and so on, and after the first 10   gineering in 1992. He was just 33 years   tems, i.e. almost nothing compared to
         years, in 2005, they computed that 85   old, but his business career had begun   what I learned when I entered the real
         million people had ridden the Space   in high school. An avid skier from the   world of wire rope and then the world
         Mountain train.”                   time he  was  10, Teissier  says  he  ap-  of fiber rope.”
           Another  issue  was  estimating the   plied for his first patent when he was   Following the success of Space Moun-
         wear of the winch drum. “The Ameri-  17. “I was on the national French rac-  tain, DEP did a variety of design and
         can team of engineers asked to have a   ing  team. I  invented  a  machine  for   engineering projects, including the in-
         removable lining  for  the  drum.  And I   waxing skis and sharpening the edge.”  clined lift of the Eiffel Tower and the
         said, ‘No, it’s not good for the rope. We     After receiving  a  mechanical  engi-  shaft sinking machine for an under-
         will provide the drum and you will face   neering degree at the University of   ground research laboratory.
         no problems with wear.’ Finally, they   Grenoble, France, Teissier worked first   Teissier says that the latter, which
         said OK.  But just in case, they pur-  for Gimar-SA, which specialized in cable   transported people to a 500-meter
         chased two spare drums. And it was re-  cars and ropeway systems. From 1988   depth, was the most difficult. “But the
         ally expensive. At the time it was more   to 1992 he worked for AKROS, another   moving  roof  of  the  Singapore  Sport
         than one million francs. And when we   engineering firm, specializing in hoist-  Hub is the most important” because
         dismantled the drum after 10 years, it   ing systems, cranes and inclined lifts for   of its unique design and tremendous
         was  like  brand  new.  So,  they  bought   transporting people. “I had a huge level   size. In fact, it’s the largest moving roof
         three instead of one.”             of responsibility because I was technical   structure in the world.
                                            manager for the company and we were
           A Glance into OIPEEC Today       involved in the people transportation.   This roof opens above a stadium
            by Jean-Marc Teissier, President  But I did not have all the tools or engi-  full of 50,000 fans
                                            neers I needed when I wanted to make   In  some  aspects,  says  Teissier,  “the
            Q:  What  is  the  mission  of  The
           International Organization for the   tests. I had to make do with the means   roof was really an easy job. It is big, but
           Study of Ropes (OIPEEC)?         given to me, not necessarily what I   it is much more difficult to make a very
            A: The aim of OIPEEC is to col-  needed. I wanted to be able to make the            continued on page 24
           lect, preserve and disseminate   final  decision.  And  the  sole  way  to  do
           knowledge about a wide range of   that was to be on my own.”
           applications related to wire and fi-  “And I was very lucky at the time be-
           ber rope and lifting.            cause at just about the same time we
            Q: What are your responsibilities   got involved in renovating a historical
           as President?                    monument, the transporter bridge in
            A: Essentially, [chuckling]  mak-  Martrou, on the west coast of France.
           ing the organization work.       And because of our involvement in the
            Q: Has OIPEEC changed since it   renovation of the Martrou bridge, we
           was created in 1963?             got the contract for the catapult  for
            A: Formerly all the research for   Space Mountain.  And this  is  the real
           wire  rope  was  financed  by  Euro-  significant  project  because  thanks  to
           pean public  funding.  Now  it is  a   this project I met Roland Verreet and
           volunteer organization funded by   Professor Oplatka and so on and so on.
           private business.  So,  it’s more dif-
           ficult to get people involved because
           someone who is volunteering for
           OIPEEC is losing time from work-
           ing on his or her own business. Also,
           more of the research is private.
            Q: What are your goals for the fu-
           ture of OIPEEC?
            A: Today we have about 100 mem-
           bers. We have to keep it on track. We
           are  now  involved  in  both  wire  and
           fiber rope. For the 2017 conference,
           more  than  30%  of  the  papers  were
           related to fiber ropes.
            Q: How can someone access infor-
            A: We just modified our website to
           make all the research papers acces-
           sible to our members. We’ve spent a
           lot of time doing that, but it’s more
           or less a moral obligation. I hope
           this  will  be  finished  by  the  end  of
           the  year.  We  have about 700 pub-
           lished papers. I think so far we have
           digitized almost 600 of them.    The monstrous Serapid machine, so-named because it uses Serapid “Rigid Chain Technology,”
                                            moves a platform in the Singapore Stadium with a vertical lift of more than 5,390T.
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