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       GRAB IT... HOLD IT... LIFT IT...

                                                                       Grapple arms                 Grapple arms
                                                                       shown open                   shown closed for
                                                                       to receive the               a secure lift
                                                                       next load

         With Caldwell’s new Multi-Grapple lifting system.

         The Caldwell Group, founded in 1954 continues to introduce new and cost saving lifting solutions providing the highest
         value while also meeting (or exceeding) ASME standards.
         Our new Multi-Grapple lifting system has three arms that are designed to lift wood, rock & stone, metal shavings & scrap
         and provide a stable lift of irregularly shaped heavy debris. The 3-point design provides for a quick, secure lift that creates a
         safe and easy way to move large objects using a single operator.
         The Multi-Grappler arms automatically and securely grab on to irregular shapes and the center mounted actuator
         automatically locks open the grappler arms for the next lift providing for quicker load cycles for complete load control
         from load grip to load release. Can be used with any of your on-site moving equipment with the proper rated lifting capacity.
         • 3-point design.
         • Automatic latching.
         • Lifts irregular shaped objects or debris.
         • Quick load cycles.
         • Standard model capacities are from 3,000 to 12,000 pounds.              Scan to watch the Multi-Grappler video.
         • Custom designed grappler arms are available to meet your needs.         Or go to
         • Caldwell’s Multi-Grappler quickly turns a difficult project into a quick,
            safe and easy lift and load solution. .
         • Meets ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standards


            The Caldwell Group • 4080 Logistics Parkway Rockford, IL 61109 • 815.229.5667 •
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