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         is  a responsibility of New  York  City’s
         Department of Transportation working
         in collaboration with State and Federal
         Agencies.  Information about work-in-
         progress  is  posted on-line  at several
         websites.  The  2017 condition  report
         published by DoT’s Commissioner Pol-
         ly Trottenberg states:
           “The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New
         York City’s most popular tourist desti-
         nations, as well as a major transporta-
         tion corridor. The existing promenade,
         shared by pedestrians and cyclists,  is
         narrow and heavily crowded with tour-
         ists and mobile vendors vying for space
         with commuters and recreational us-
         ers.”  From 2008 to 2015, pedestrian
         volumes increased 275% on weekends
         and cyclists increased 104%. The prom-
         enade, which was part of the original
         bridge, narrows to just 10 feet across in
         places from 17 feet at its widest point.
         In August 2016, the Agency’s Transpor-
         tation Planning and Management Di-
         vision began a seven-month $370,000
         engineering study to assess how much
         weight the bridge can carry and con-
         sider options for expansion, such as the
         structural  feasibility of constructing
         additional space above the roadways
         on the existing truss system. The goals
         of the study are to relieve overcrowd-
         ing, enhance the visitor experience and
         improve safety, and to greatly reduce
         conflicts between cyclists, pedestrians,
         and visitors on the promenade.
           Commissioner Trottenberg’s report
         has alerted motorists to be aware the
         last days of the Brooklyn Bridge may
         be notable because it will become the   The bizarre European addiction for padlocks adorning bridges has become an added affliction
         world’s largest pedestrian bridge soon-  of the Brooklyn Bridge. The threat of a fine may deter some of it but the people who do it
         er or later. Before this ever happens,   don’t seem to view it as a crime. Photo © Spinel_S | iStockphoto
         DoT will confront the big unimagi-  roughly two years and is part of regu-  zation that didn’t exist in 1883. (Both
         nable task of getting a look inside the   lar bridge upkeep. If the cable analysis   are actually federal crimes because of
         main cables:                       shows an expansion to be feasible, and   the 1964 designation of the bridge’s
           “The study’s analysis showed that   taking into account other bridge needs,   status  as  a  USA  National  Historic
         while  the expanded  promenade itself   the promenade will be widened when   Landmark.)  The aerosol  spray can
         would add additional weight, the great-  entire deck is raised to girder height as   has provided a simple tool for quickly
         est increase  would come from added   part of an upcoming contract.”  and easily adorning any bridge (and
         pedestrian volume and live loads re-  Along with the never-ending task   other public structures) with free-
         lated to their presence. Results of the   of painting the steelwork, New York   form graffiti. Because the defacing is
         study recommended an inspection  of   City’s DoT also contends with some   always done secretly, it creates a nui-
         the  cables  before  considering  a deck   dual  maintenance  problems  arising   sance for public maintenance employ-
         expansion. This inspection will take   from two aspects of our modern civili-  ees in New York City and everywhere
                                                                               in America.
                                                                                 The Brooklyn Bridge presents a huge
                                                                               target  for  those  who  get  gratification
                                                                               out  of  throwing  up  lettering  etc.  with
                                                                               a spray can. By periodically removing
                                                                               it with high pressure water hoses and
                                                                               strong solvents, the clean-up has a neg-
         The Brady Splice. The Brooklyn Bridge was the only bridge ever built with these little couplings.   ative impact on the Rosendale cement
         The main cables contain more than 60,000 of them but few people have ever seen one. Ac-  which was used for the brick and stone
         cording to Wilhelm Hildenbrand there is a screw thread of ½-inch on the ends of each length
         of wire. After the ends were secured in the coupling, the attachment was dipped in molten zinc   work of the bridge. That kind of cement
         and painted with red lead. The connection was good enough to give 95% of the wire strength.  continued on page 78

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