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NEWS > APR 2019

Custom Wire Rope Assembly is Critical Part of Avalanche Airbag System Designed to Save Lives

New releases include full-team training capabilities and innovative application of augmented reality

AviPack Avalanche Airbag System

An avalanche airbag system allows skiers and snowboarders to ride down the most dangerous winter terrain with peace of mind. The material used for this equipment has to withstand extremely cold temperatures and some of the parts must be custom made.

Tyler Madison Inc., manufacturer of custom wire rope cable assemblies and push-pull controls, helped Wary engineers design a custom wire rope assembly for their AviPack avalanche airbag system.

A large avalanche in North America can trigger almost 300,000 cubic yards of snow. That’s the equivalent of 20 football fields covered in three feet of snow rushing down a mountain. On average, 28 people are killed annually by avalanches, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Winter athletes who push themselves through these rugged conditions need equipment that can stand-up to freezing temperatures and dangerous snowfall.

Tyler Madison helped the Wary engineers design a custom rip cord and 3/64” lined longitudinally braided conduit with black polypropylene cover. Polypropylene is used to coat the outer conduit to protect it from cracking. What makes this particular polymer special is its ability to hold up in a wide range of temperatures. Polypropylene coating, can withstand temperatures approximately 30 to 40 degrees below freezing. The longitudinal braiding prevents separation when bent over the shoulder of the user. John Bowker, the owner of the Wary, worked extensively with Calvin Hom, a sales engineer from Tyler Madison, to develop these custom pieces.

John said, “Working with Cal has been awesome, he was willing to sit down and really listen to what I wanted. Cal did extensive research on different materials, provided us with test reports and brought us information that would have better application towards the AviPack.” This relationship was a major factor in completing the lanyard to the right specifications. “The relationship and service along with proximity, being able to work one on one with Calvin was a huge factor in the design process,” said John.

About Tyler Madison

Tyler Madison can create custom cables to fit specific products that perform in severe conditions. They work closely with their clients to design custom cables specific to their needs, and assure their customers that Tyler Madison always keeps their best interest in mind. For more information go to www.tylermadison.com.

Tyler Madison is listed under “Assemblies: Design Services” and “Assemblies: Small Diameter” in the Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Suppliers Directory.

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