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NEWS > JULY 2018

Yale Cordage Test Beds

Now One of the Largest Test Beds in the Eastern US

SUPPLIER NEWS - New-England-based Yale Cordage Acquires One of the Largest Test Beds in Eastern US

Yale Cordage Test Bed

Yale Cordage announced its acquisition of a Sahm Splice test bed, with capacity for destructive and non-destructive testing of synthetic rope, wire rope, shackles, chain, and slings up to 1,300,000 pounds in tensile and a low-range capacity of up to 250,000 pounds. With a maximum test sample length of 116 feet with a 15 foot stroke, it is one of the largest and most capable test beds in the eastern United States.

“We are very excited to bring this added test capability to Yale for our existing and future clients,” says Bill Putnam, President of Yale Cordage. “We're constantly striving to take the synthetic rope industry to new heights and test the limits of our engineering capacity, and this test bed is just the next step in helping us achieve that mission."

Yale was founded in 1950 by O. Sherman Yale, who early on recognized the value and cost-saving potential for synthetic fiber technology. Now, nearly 70 years later, Yale’s products span multiple industrial applications, and Yale rope, Fortis2 and LOUPS slings, cables, and other products are found on every continent - on the deep sea bed, in outer space, and under the arctic ice.

The machine includes built-in programs and customization available for load testing including cyclic, bend over sheave and proof load testing. All tests can be done wet or dry. Beyond serving to proof load Yale’s products, Yale is also making the test bed available to companies at large for the following services:

  • Destructive test for wire ropes according to ASTM A931, ISO 3108, or EN12385-1:2002
  • Destructive test for fiber ropes according to CI 1500 or EN2307
  • Basic Proof Load
  • Proof Load with Unload
  • Configurable Proof Load
  • Elongation according to CI 1500 or EN2307
  • Cyclic testing
  • Thousand Cycle Load Level test (TCLL)

Watch the Yale Cordage Splice Test Bed VIDEO

Yale Cordage Splice Test Bed VIDEO


click here for video

Schedule a load testing by calling Yale Cordage at (207) 282-3396.

About Yale Cordage

Since 1950, Yale has been known for its engineering innovation, quality rope construction, and leading-edge fiber technology. Yale Cordage has continuously developed unique custom and modified machinery to maintain its advantage in processing fibers to their fullest potential, and was the first manufacturer to incorporate them in rope and cable products. All products are proudly manufactured in the US. For more information, visit www.yalecordage.com. Or call (207) 282-3396 to schedule a load testing.

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