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NEWS > DEC 2016

New Design of the Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc

The Crosby Group

SUPPLIER NEWS - The Crosby Group announces a new design of the Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc

DLM load cells

The innovative new design of the Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc™ provides excitingSL150_2016_v09.png features not found on standard eye bolts – features that are sure to make your next lift faster and easier than ever before! The increased efficiency is evident, as the Slide-Loc™ seamlessly transitions from secure installation and swivel positioning to a reliable lift without the use of any tools.

One of the most noticeable design elements of the SL-150 Slide-Loc™ is the patent pending integrated locking mechanism. Simply slide the mechanism into one of two positions: against the bolt to lock into the Installation/Removal Position, or away from the bolt to enable the Lifting Position. A red QUIC-Check® mark is visible when the Installation Position is engaged, indicating that the bolt is ready to be installed and not ready for lifting. Once properly installed, simply slide the locking mechanism to conceal the QUIC-Check® mark and the Crosby Slide-Loc™ is ready for lifting. The whole process is achieved by hand – no tools are required, making your job easier and faster than ever before.

Another important difference between the Crosby Slide-Loc™ and traditional eye bolts is the generous eye opening. This feature allows for easy rigging access and a firm grip when installing. The bail also swivels 360° to keep the load properly aligned with the sling leg. The best part of this feature? It maintains full Working Load Limit at any angle! Gone are the days of downgrading due to angular lifting, as is required when using traditional eye bolts. The Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc™ is rated at 100% whether in line with the load or at a 45° or 90° angle.

Find out more about the new Crosby Slide-Loc™ on The Crosby Group at www.TheCrosbyGroup.com.

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