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WRN Oct 2016 Issue

Crossword - October 2016 Edition

Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

This crossword was created by Myles Mellor for the October 2016 issue of the Wire Rope News & Sling Technology magazine. Try the crossword below. You can either print this page or download the PDF. You can find the answer - here.

August Wire Rope News crossword


1 Peruvian region where people camp in pods hung from the cliff with wire rope, 2 words (see WRN June 2016)
8 Details of a product
10 Hauling or lifting device
11 Compass point
13 Million, for short
15 Gadget
17 Cut in two
19 Type of welder
21 Fastener
23 Br. Isles
24 Author of the upcoming book “The Chief Engineer” detailing the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, Erica
27 Wooden pin
29 Computer department, for short
30 Connected
32 Series of connected metal links, plural
33 Exist
34 Metal bands strengthening joints
36 Nut’s partner
39 Drop slightly
40 Have it down ____
41 Set-up ____ (for setting up work on planers, etc.)


1 Welded chain ____
2 Enclosures
3 ____ nuts
4 Clamping devices
5 Weather system often bringing rain
6 Very long time
7 Anchor or “D” shaped devices with a pin
9 Distance measurement, abbr.
12 Nickel symbol
14 Distance between objects
16 Have legal possession of
18 Side to side measurement
20 Regret
22 Disapproval word
25 Cape in Mass.
26 Completion
28 Author of the 1984 book, “Silent Builder,” Dr. Marilyn ____
29 Freezes (with “over”)
30 Hoists
31 Outfit
33 Part of a harness
35 Set up in a specified way
37 Connect
38 Bug maker, abbr.


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Answers for Crossword


Caldwell Lifting Solutions
Suncor Stainless
The Crosby Group
Yoke Industrial Corp.
Wirop Americas
SlingMax Rigging Solutions
Campbell Chain & Fittings
Chant Engineering
Ken Forging - industrial hardware
Maskell Rigging
Loos wire rope, cable and fittings products
Associated Wire Rope & Rigging
All Material Handling
Landmann Wire Rope Products

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