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April 2016 Edition

Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

April Wire Rope News

Note from the Editor

This issue marks the 3rd year since the passing of our founder Ed Bluvias, so in dedication I chose a cover photo that surely he would’ve picked. Instead of the grand landmark pictures we’ve been using lately, he liked to get down to the roots of wire rope and lifting technology. Ed, this cover goes out to you, my friend!

There’s also a dedication to Ed Bluvias in the latest edition of the book “Bleichert’s Wire Ropeways” by Peter von Bleichert. See the advert on page 36 and add it to your library!

If you are new to our magazine, or you’ve somehow missed our previous issue, you can always go to our website and download a PDF version. Just point your browser to www.wireropenews.com ... there’s a link toward the bottom of the home page. It’s not the same as kicking back in your favorite arm chair or relaxing in a backyard hammock (with your beverage of choice) and flipping through the actual printed copy ... but at least you can see what you missed!

The online store which will carry WRN&ST items like coffee mugs, glasses (for that previously mentioned beverage), t-shirts and sweatshirts is still in the construction phase ... hopefully by summer! Thank you for being a part of Wire Rope News & Sling Technology!


The Tow Truck’s 100th Anniversary

By Victor Mendez. A tow truck museum in Chattanooga is a tribute to the history of this unique and specific use of wire rope. ...read the story online

The Great Morph: Part Three Riding the Second Wave

By Don Sayenga. The third installment of the author’s exposé of misconceptions surrounding the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. ... read part 3

Trio of Brothers with Over 100 Combined Years in the Industry - The Joost Brothers

By Peter Hildebrandt. The Joost Brothers adapt to advances in technology and stay on top of changes in the industry.

Wire Rope Amid the Trees Really Takes Off

By Henry Vere. When extraordinary measures are needed for everything from ziplines to suspension bridges, Bonsai Design is called in to take control.



Caldwell’s Adjustable Lifting Grab (ALG). The ALG at Florida’s Orlando International Airport.

Crosby Easy-Loc V2™ New Crosby Easy-Loc V2 Shackle Bolt Securement System

Tele-Mast. Air Technical Industries announces: Tele-Mast learns to drive by GPS Straddle crane is slim, self-propelled, diesel engine powered.

Green Pin® ROV Green Pin® ROV Release and Retrieve Shackles with tapered pin from Van Beest Van Beest expands the range.

LKA 28-PS LKA 28-PS automatic wire rope cutting machine from Talurit

Gator-Laid® Gator-Laid® High Capacity Wire Rope Slings from Bishop Lifting Products

TIGRIP TIGRIP announces a “Safer” Plate Lifting Clamp - TBL Series

Reversible Boom Crane Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces that the Reversible Boom Crane loses weight. New telescopic base feature reduces weight, adds versatility.


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