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October 2015 Edition

Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

October Wire Rope News

Note from the Editor

October is always the first issue of a new volume, and with this in mind we thought it only right to add a few new features.

To start with, we're trying out a "Company Spotlight", in this issue on page 24. Ken Forging is taking the leap as the initial feature company. This spotlight, with it's brief, yet informative review and photo is a great accompaniment to any display ad, and serves to give "double exposure" for your company. A free highlight web page for the term of the bi-monthly issue is also a bonus with this new feature. Please contact us at info@wireopennews.com for further information and affordable pricing.

Another new feature is the wire rope-themed crossword puzzle on page 72. We hope you enjoy it as much as we look forward to presenting a new puzzle each issue.

As always, please visit our website: www.wireropenews.com for further information about these new features and more! Thank you for reading Wire Rope News and Sling Technology! Don Tywoniw



Giving Our Most Famous Monument a Second Chance

The 130 year old Washington obelisk undergoes reconstruction from earthquake damage.

Cement Shoes Part Three - The Litany of a Bad Idea

Article by Don Sayenga. Spanning the Mississippi River always caused engineering problems, but even more so when tragedy struck in 2007.

Providing an Industry Need through Invention and Patenting

Hildbrant. American Fabricating, LLC test strands can determine if an outfit's hoists are up to par.

Phone and Emial Etiquette in the Age of Instant Messaging

Article by Victor Mendez. Properly answering a call in a world of distracted, and often rude, telephone manners.

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Read about KEN FORGING - A Leader in the Eyebolt Industry


DSM Dyneema unveils Black Dyneema®. Dyneema®-branded ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is now available in black. Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber on a weight for weight basis and is already used in applications that range across sectors as diverse as sports & leisure, aquaculture, and protective apparel. read more in the December edition of Wire Rope News.

Petersen Stainless introduces new range of 316L Swing-Bolts to DIN444B Pattern Petersen Stainless has manufactured custom swing-bolts and eye-bolts for plant and process equipment for many years including for industry giants such as Alfa Laval. read more in the December edition of Wire Rope News.

Harrington Hoists, Inc. adds two new models to their line of TNER Series Theatrical Chain Hoists. Harrington Hoists, Inc. proudly introduces two new models of TNER Series Theatrical Chain Hoists that provide more speed options for the theatrical and entertainment markets. read more in the December edition of Wire Rope News.


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