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June 2015 Edition

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June Wire Rope News

Note from the Editor

As I mentioned last issue, our website has been undergoing a complete redesign and, for the most part, the new changes are online and fully functional.

One noticeable feature on the new site is the much improved online version of the bi-monthly magazine. You can still download the pdf file of the entire magazine for your offline reading, but the new website interface allows you to browse the pages much smoother than before.

The new Suppliers Directory database is also updated for buyers to take full advantage of the search function. This feature will be given an even better upgrade in the coming months to include a more powerful and intuitive method for customers to find your products. A search engine optimization overhaul will bring in an even larger number of potential buyers ... good for us and good for all our advertisers who are listed in the Directory!

We’re proud of how the site is tuning out, and we welcome you to point your browsers to www.wireropenews.com and check it out!



Wire Rope on Aircraft Carriers: Making Safe Landings Possible

Article by By Peter Hildebrandt. Arresting gear systems: Steel wire rope cables placed across the sweep of a flight deck are the life lines that pilots count on for every landing.

Cement Shoes: What Happened to the Bridge in Angers?

Article by Don Sayenga. Investigating the cause of the the worst suspension bridge accident of all time in Angers, France.

The Roebling Museum: Honoring a Wire Rope Pioneer

NJ Hamlet and Wire Rope Manufacturer now the Site of a Unique Museum. By Peter Hildebrandt. The museum that bears the name of John Roebling stands as a tribute to his life’s work.

Keeping Your Safety Meetings Effective, Interesting and Beneficial

Article by Victor Mendez. Tips on how to prevent your safety meetings from getting unorganized, uninteresting, and a complete waste of time.

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