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One Company Proud of its Roots
and Confident of its Future

American Webbing & Fittings

American Webbing & Fittings, a family owned company, remains one of the leading webbing manufacturers in the United States. This 35 year old company traces its roots to a leading synthetic web sling manufacturer in the mid-west. With that experience they decided to venture into their own manufacture of nylon and polyester sling/ tie down webbing.

By Karen Schroeder

Published in Rope News & Sling Technology February 2016

All photographs courtesy of American Webbing & Fittings.

Weaver  Wanda  Boyles  with  over  30  years  of  experience  gives  constant  attention  to  our  quality webbing.

In 1958 John Norton began sewing slings for his father Roy Norton owner of Wear-Flex Slings in Milwaukee, WI. With the background and experience of the nylon sling industry John concentrated on establishing to manufacture his own webbing. In the early 1980’s he began weaving nylon and polyester with 6 looms, a used dye range, a testing machine, and hired 7 employees to get his company under way. By the late 80’s he was producing webbing with 15 looms running and 17 employees.

American Webbing & Fittings has come a long way as a family business since opening their doors in Winston- Salem, NC in 1981. “Our mission is committed to our employees and customers to remain a world-class manufacturer of the highest quality products while maintaining a workplace environment that is safe, secure, and employee-friendly,” explains Steve Schroeder, owner. “We also supply top quality webbing for the leading nylon sling manufacturers.”

In 1991 John Norton passed away and his business was kept up by his wife Marlene Norton and her son Steve Schroeder. Steve had the momentum to move forward to continue to make American Webbing one of the top webbing manufactures in the United States.

“All of our products are manufactured in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, from yarns made in the U.S.,” explains American Webbing’s Schroeder. “The webbings that we produce are now woven on high speed needle looms of the highest tenacity industrial grade nylon and polyester fibers.”

55 ft. long, 250 ton test bed delivered and operational late 2015.

In 2005 Marlene Norton died in a tragic car accident leaving the family business to her son. Steve continues to keep John’s values alive by focusing on providing quality sling/tie-down webbing to manufacturers that pride in their finished product. Even though he knew how important it was to stay competitive in the industry he would never give up on quality. Since then American Webbing has expanded with the capacity and capability to produce high-tech specialized webbing products, and has diversified into more specialty widths.

Since 2007 American Webbing has put over 2.5 million into capital improvements, including more wide looms, new warping and twisting equipment, a test bed, and one of the largest dye ranges in the United States. With all of this accomplished, production has become more cost efficient, and has made quality better than ever. “The dye range was one of American Webbing’s best investments ever” Steve says. It is 17' tall and 68' long Infra Red range that at the time it was purchased was the largest in the world.

For instance, in replacing older equipment with newer has also made a world of difference for the safety of our equipment and with employee morale. Steve Schroeder has continued to strive being involved extensively to maintain efficiencies and utilize the latest technologies throughout the company, working side by side with his engineers Eddie Rich and his assistant Donnie Hill to design a strategy to compete and maintain their connection with the next generation of nylon/polyester webbing manufacturers.

American Webbing and Fittings

“Our company has been built on and relies on our great relationships of our customers,” adds Schroeder. “While we continued to update and modernize we have not forgotten the importance of the personal touch. Rita Goins, our inside sales manager has been with American Webbing, since 1983 and is always available to assist with any questions that customers may have.”

In 2011 American Webbing experienced a considerable amount of growth. They expanded from 40,000 to 90,000 square feet to facilitate more stock and quicker delivery. Throughout the years, American Webbing has been a loyal member of both A.W.R.F. and Web Sling and tie-down associations. Schroeder was a six term director, three term Web Sling Technical committee chairman and a two time Tie-Down technical committee chairman. It is always important to keep up with all of the webbing and sling standards.

At present, American Webbing has 32 high speed needle looms fashioning webbings from one inch in width to twelve inches wide and up to 13,000 pounds per inch in strength. They have two test beds, critical to assuring that standards are being met. One bed is an Esco 100 ton and the other is a new Chant 250 ton machine.

Their standard nylon and polyester webbings are available in strengths various from 4000 lbs to 13,000 lbs, 7000 lbs per inch width (1"-6") and 9800 lbs per inch width (1"-12"). Webbing can be ordered in 300 ft rolls or in bulk.

The company’s texturized nylon jacketed sling webbing is available in two strengths 7000 lbs per inch width (1"- 6") and 13000 lbs per inch width (1"- 4"). The load bearing yarns are totally encapsulated with texturized nylon offering significantly better abrasion resistance. Available only in rolls, these products also have the same chemical and stretch characteristics.

“We are always working on making enhancements to our existing looms to make our webbing faster, better, and more cost efficient,” says Schroeder. “Fabrics are constantly changing too."

American Webbing

“American Webbing has been the greatest opportunity for me since 1984. My interest is not to become the next company that is taken over by investors. My ambition is to continue to run this company with only the highest standards. When you grow up in a family business, I have found that I try to be skilled at doing everything and anything but most importantly is to do it with integrity and that’s what I want to pass down to my children to keep the American Webbing dream alive.”

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