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Company Spotlight
Promote your business here in our Company Spotlight and take advantage of the many benefits that go along with it. Not only is the price lower than our normal rates for this Half Page advertising space, but you get to write your content in the form of a press release, a mission statement, a promotional brochure, or any other way you want to highlight your products and/or services.
Adding a photo of your facility, staff, array of products, or any other type of logo or illustration acts to further attract attention to this one-of-a-kind promotional “billboard”.
The best part of it is: We will use the content you provide to build an exact replica as a web page on our website. This added bonus allows regular visitors, as well as potential customers who are directed to our site, to view your new spotlight, and then link them directly to your own website. The web page stays on our site for the duration of the issue you are printed in, but then we archive your spotlight so it stays on our site indefinitely to take advantage of our aggressive Search Engine Optimization program.
It’s a cost effective “win-win” for everyone!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Company Spotlight, please email us info@wireropenews.com
call (732) 602-4006
website: www.wirerope.news
Get noticed and stand out among the rest!

To find out how you can have your company in the Spotlight
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Caldwell Lifting Solutions
Suncor Stainless
All Material Handling
Yoke Industrial Corp.
Loos wire rope, cable and fittings products
SlingMax Rigging Solutions
Campbell Chain & Fittings
Landmann Wire Rope Products
Alpha Premium Magnetic Lifters
Chant Engineering
Ken Forging - industrial hardware

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